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[Sinful Sunday] The first attempt

[Sinful Sunday] The first attempt

A while back I took a couple of my photos and turned them into pencil drawings, one of which I posted for Sinful Sunday in October last year here.
These drawings sparked an idea in my head, what if I took a photo of myself which I then drew in pencil and combine them together.
The result would be part photo and part drawing which I felt would be a very creative thing to do, not only would I get joy from taking photos but also turning one into a drawing and then the fun of editing.
I took this idea and ran with it but for my first attempt I honestly feel like I could improve it so much but at the same time you have to start somewhere and well it’s a task for the future.

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[Revelations] – The seasons of joy

[Revelations] – The seasons of joy

If you suddenly and unexpectedly feel joy,
don’t hesitate. Give in to it. There are plenty
of lives and whole towns destroyed or about
to be. We are not wise, and not very often
kind. And much can never be redeemed.
Still, life has some possibility left. Perhaps this
is its way of fighting back, that sometimes
something happens better than all the riches
or power in the world. It could be anything,
but very likely you notice it in the instant
when love begins. Anyway, that’s often the
case. Anyway, whatever it is, don’t be afraid
of its plenty. Joy is not made to be a crumb.

Mary Oliver

The newest prompt for Revelations is Joy based on a poem called Don’t Hesitate by Mary Oliver, and it sparked many thoughts about joy in life, joy in my life and what it means to me.
Very recently though I’ve begun to notice again something that gives me joy, makes me feel happy and reminds me of love in many ways,

We are in spring and recently I’ve taken more notice of the sunshine coming my way. It’s this shift from winter to spring and even more so with the sunshine that has started to bring me joy.
Spring is a time of “rebirth, rejuvenation, renewal, resurrection and regrowth” along with flowers and trees starting to bloom into life.

As I’ve gotten older I’ve found an appreciation of nature and the beauty it can have, all the flowers starting to bloom and how they give beauty to parks, gardens and everywhere else they may be. The trees are also the same, the beauty in their leaves, the beauty they give to their surroundings.

I find joy in walking to or from work, walking around outside of working and seeing these flowers and trees. Winter is dark and cold and while it has its charm I can’t help but feel like my soul gets rejuvenated by all the beauty I start to see around me in the springtime.

The sunshine particularly on warmer days brightens up my mood, it gets me excited for summer and how for the last few years I’ve enjoyed being out and about in the sun. The joy of walking around town and seeing people go about their daily lives, maybe not wearing so many layers from winter and being able to sit outside more often in parks and such.
I am reminded of the joy I have in summer when I can get out on walks in the wooded areas, and enjoy nature as I wander alone in relative peace and quiet with only the sounds of nature in my ears and occasionally the chatter as other people are nearby.

I am reminded of times in the summer when I had joy, maybe it was many years ago when I had some of the best times ever with friends, maybe it was the joy I had only a couple of years ago with online friends being around as I was out in the sunshine, as I walk around wooded areas and tweeted about it, or just the fact I’m reminded of days I felt on top of the world, in the best moods ever as I went about my day as the sunshine beat down on me.

Don’t hesitate is the poem and I certainly don’t hesitate to embrace the change of season for the better, it fills me with instant love and joy for what’s in the present and what the future may hold.
Of course, I never know what life will be like in spring and come the summer but the seasons never change and so I embrace all they have to give.

[Revelations] – Daring

[Revelations] – Daring

Dare is the latest topic of revelations and I have been very daring in life in various ways which fit in with this very well.

Way back before my blog I took the chance to do a bungee jump despite my dislike of heights, it was an experience, to say the least. I wasn’t dared to do it but since my brother-in-law was doing it I decided to join him.
Standing on the edge of the platform underneath a bridge with nothing but my legs strapped to the bungee cord as I jumped without hesitation was the start of realising I was definitely adventurous and daring.

Now it wouldn’t be worth writing this blog post about the above experience on its own and in keeping with my blog I’ve had a few daring experiences, not only for the blog but also before I even started it.

First off is something most people know me for, and that’s nudes in the woods and the images I have taken. Now a good few of my shots in the woods aren’t exactly that daring to say the least but during one warm summer’s day I became very daring as I was out in my usual secluded spot.

Instead of shooting with say my trousers pulled down to my ankles and my top pulled up above my head, I got fully naked bar my boots and spent more than 10+ minutes taking multiple shots from various angles, in various poses and using my surroundings to my advantage.
While I was in a secluded area it wasn’t too far from the main path everyone from cyclists, runners, walkers and dog walkers used especially on a warm day and any curious individual could have taken a detour and seen me as I was naked shooting pictures.

Thankfully no one did and I was able to spend my whole time shooting in peace until I had as many photos as I needed where I re-dressed myself and continued on my walk passing people oblivious as to what I had just done.

The second daring experience was when I was still bi-curious and trying to understand who I was. Sitting in the car of someone I knew well enough but not too well as we headed down a small single-track road not too far from my own home.
We stopped at a passing point and he proceeded to play with me in the backseat which anyone could have driven past and seen what we were up to.
Living in what was a smallish village at the time meant there was more of a chance anyone driving past might recognise me, they may not know my name or whereabout I actually lived, but they could be someone I pass in the street often and say hi to even though we don’t know each other.

Being daring can be very hot but also fun.
Doing something adventurous that’s outside your comfort zone can provide a real rush of adrenaline like when I did a bungee jump which despite my dislike of heights was still fun.
I realised afterwards just how much I hated the height factor but just loved the experience of being adventurous, daring and being able to say I did it.

Taking nude photos in the woods particularly when I was fully naked was hotter than I thought.
I’d never been fully naked outside before let alone when I was somewhere that wasn’t a place I should be naked which made it hot. Knowing I could be seen but avoiding it was also hot as well as the fact that the photos I was taking would end up on my blog for others to see.

[February PhotoFest 2023] – February Recap and that ass

[February PhotoFest 2023] – February Recap and that ass

February started 2 days into a week I had booked off from work, and I was on a high from the naked massage I had got. The mutual touch had been good for me to de-stress from work and it was also fun to feel the touch of someone and get to touch them, there was no real sexual aspect to my touching but I didn’t care as it wasn’t something I was looking for out of things.

I also came into the month buoyed by my blogging efforts from January and ready to get into February PhotoFest 2023. I didn’t have any real plans, I spent too much time writing for my blog in January that I missed out on taking any photos so I decided to just go day by day as and when I was in the mood.

Early on in the month I also attended my first-ever munch, since I was on a high, and wanted to start exploring more while I had the confidence to do things, and when I was informed about a munch happening locally I decided to go along.
Attending would be good to break the ice, getting to be social and comfortable around new people while hopefully setting myself up to find out more and then maybe go to more in the future and see where it leads if anywhere,

February also was the month I got a second massage that was nice, but not as nice as the first. I’ve since realized that the reason it didn’t fulfill my needs, it felt more like a regular massage except both parties were naked and there was no mutual touching and the only body-to-body contact was while on my front.

The same week was when I took an even bigger step for me, I got to experience sex
for only the second time and the first with a woman as I wrote about here.
I did a lot of things for the first time from kissing and more all while having so much fun on a Sunday afternoon,

I posted for February PhotoFest 14 times including this post, which for not really planning is something I’m happy about. I find it hard to shoot photos in the moment and for same-day posting.
I’m not always in the mood, don’t always have time, and had not had a lot of ideas to really post more.

So to recap, February has seen me have the best time in many years.
I’ve done more than ever, and found the confidence to just do it and worry about it after which in my case has been something I’ve not done, everything has been awesome.

The month has really set up the rest of my year to be a good one.
I know I’m going to enjoy making more sex happen but other than that I don’t know exactly what will happen, maybe I will be able to go to kink munches more, meet a couple of friends later on in the year and maybe travel further than before. I already have a holiday booked in a couple of weeks’ time with my mum and some gigs/concerts as well next month so the immediate future is looking good.

And just in time for the last post of the year was a new pair of free undies to try out and see if I like them enough to get more. So you fine folks reading my blog can see my ass and maybe let me know what you think of these.

[Revelations/February PhotoFest 2023] – Loving myself, loving others and being loved

[Revelations/February PhotoFest 2023] – Loving myself, loving others and being loved

“One is loved because one is loved. No reason is needed for loving.”

~ Paulo Coelho

Instead of a usual prompt there is a quote this week for revelations coinciding with Valentines. I’ve already gone into detail about being addicted to love over a year ago but this year is different and for this post I am looking love from a different persepctive.

I am by nature a lover of all kinds whether it’s family, real life friendships, online friendshsips or even relationships I have.
Some people will be aware of this love I have if they and I chat more often, they will see me for who I am and just how much love I can give no matter who they are to me.

The one thing missing from this observation is the love I have for myself, in fact that’s the one area I have neglected over the years.
I often see myself as being flawed in many ways, I often see some of these flaws on a daily basis and I often associate them with many things wrong in my life and therefore I don’t find love within myself.

It’s funy that I am addicted to being in love and how good that is, but that I don’t give it to myself.

In 2023 I am realising that if I can love others no matter what then I can surely love myself, it’s no good to be filled with love for them, giving them all the nice words of love and support but then neglect to do the same for myself.
There is also the fact that if the love I give to others is reciprocated back to myself then surely there is lots to love about myself.

I am doing more for myself this year, trying to make all the things happen and so hopefully I will end up with more love for myself come the end of the year.
I also hope that this may lead to being love in more wasy than one.

The below image is an old one (Edited for this post) that has always been a favourite of mine simply because you can easily see the shape of a heart in my butt and I have to remind myself that it can show me that there ois love within myself and I must see it.

[February PhotoFest 2023] – Purple Lingerie

[February PhotoFest 2023] – Purple Lingerie

I love all manner of colours especially in regards to lingerie, but being bi does mean I have a preference to purple, though I liked it before I knew I was bi.

The prompt week for this Sinful Sunday then just so happens to be on the colour Purple and so what better way to celebrate my love of purple than wearing some purple lingerie.

Up close with what’s hiden underneath

Up close with what’s hiden underneath

I’m a lover of lingerie, not only lingerie on others but also wearing lingerie myself.
There is a small sexual element to this but for the most part I often just love the way it feels to wear and the way it looks when I do.

In everyday life though I usually don’t wear lingerie out and about instead wearing boxers, though I did wear lingerie the other day when out food shopping but that’s an exception.

Just like most people I see or know, I don’t tend to share what kind of underwear i’m wearing whether it’s lingerie or just an average pair of boxers and they don’t share it with me.
But the thing here is that if I happened to mention I had a funky a pair of boxers on or I had just bought them it wouldn’t be much of a thing. Maybe an “Oh cool” or whatever would be the response, and if it was a new purchase maybe someone would want to see them in the packagaing but they wouldn’t think twice.

If I on the other hand mentioned wearing some nice lingerie, maybe a bright pink or red pair with little details then I can imagine some people might be taken back, they might have certain views on I as a male wearing lingerie and the views certainly wouldn’t be the same as with me in boxers.

Of course some might be understanding more than others but even in 2023 I still hide the fact I have lingerie and wear it.
There is at least one person in my family that knows about my lingrie and maybe another who might know too but even at this I still keep my collection hidden away from my everyday boxers.

I try not to leave pieces out, I tend not to wear pieces when I’m going certain places and for now I don’t often get any new stuff because as much as I am comfortable in lingerie and I am of the option it’s OK for anyone to wear lingerie I still don’t feel comfortable in being open with it outside of blogging and related social media, where I can be open about it, and infact I’ve shared pics recently on my blog and with people on Discord.

I wish I didn’t have to hide wearing lingerie, I wish I knew that people in my life would be OK with the fact and that it’s not a sexual thing for me.

Sometimes I love being comfy in a nice new pair of boxers but other times I prefer to wear something like a colourful bit of lingerie that definitely looks so much nicer than boxers.
Wearing lingerie even makes taking pictures that much more fun and I find that some lingerie can do a good job at showing off my ass or other parts of me well,

[February PhotoFest 2023] – Throwback Flexability

[February PhotoFest 2023] – Throwback Flexability

I had planned to re-shoot an image I posted on my blog way back in July of 2021, seeing what I could come up with that kept the original idea but adding to it, and while I still plan to do that, I wanted to take the chance to re-edit the original as sort of throwback since it is Thursday afterall.

This was the orignal image, shot in a Manchester hotel during a few days off work in 2021. I loved the B&W edit I did for this, as although what I captured was a unique pose the actual unedited image was very plain and flat that really needed to be edited.

When re-editing it I decided to keep the colour of the unedited version but make it pop a bit more, I liked the idea of adding a bit of HDR to show off my back but most of all I loved the idea of using a lens blur and vignette
I wanted to focus the viewers attenton onto me, to have the surrounding areas blurred gaining a certain perspective while also using the vignette to further push the focus onto me and my flexibile pose while also hiding parts of the photo that don’t need to be visible.

If anything I do actually like this edit compared to my original edit and honestly I’m excited to try and improve on this shot when I get to taking a new version, assuming I can still be this flexible.

[February PhotoFest 2023] – Off work and on a high

[February PhotoFest 2023] – Off work and on a high

I’m on a high, the memories of yesterday’s touch still linger fresh in my mind, the body to body contact and hands all over the place.
I want to go back but I can’t, I want to relive it all over again but I can’t.

So in order to occupy myself I wear some lingerie and have some fun.
Prior to this image being taken I had just finished a good session with my paddle, the marks not yet fully visible but maybe they will be for another photo that I can post at a later date, or maybe I need to go harder on myself.

I think of the next opportunity for touch I may get as I enjoy myself, how much I will enjoy the experience even more and how it may be an semi-regular ocurrence.

[January Jumpstart 2023] – Touched all over

[January Jumpstart 2023] – Touched all over

So for the final day of January Jumpstart 2023 I end the month, the blog and for me personally on a high note.

I wrote about my love of touch here and said in it “In 2023 I would love to get more touch in my life”.
I also said “I’m not sure how this will work out but I can only hope it happens.”

When I wrote that post I really wasn’t sure when or how I’d get to satisfy my craving for touch, I wasn’t sure if I ever would any time soon but at the time of writing this post (31/01) I made this a reality.

I won’t go into details relating to the trials and tribulations of making it happen, but lets just say I got through my anxiety and confidence to try and make things happen, to keeping going when there was setbacks and to eventually make it a reality.

When it was time I stood outside her flat/appartment, sent a message to say I had arrived to get the exact door number so I could be buzzed in and make my way there.
As I go to the 4th floor I headed right as instructed and reached her door giving it a quick knock.

I was greeted with a hello at the door, let in and given a kiss.
She was wearing a sexy light nightwear piece covering most of her body but not leaving much to the imgaination.

She offered me a drink, the use of her shower and we exchanged some light conversation.
We then both undressed as I got her her figure that was under the nightweat she had on, I had seen various pictures of her but in the flesh she was even more gorgeous.

I lay face down on her bed a towel under me and two custions for my face, she explained what she was doing working on my legs first and then moving on from there.
As I lay there barely able to see what was happening I heard the sound from the bottle of oil being squeezed and then felt her relaxing hands work on the back of my legs.

She slowly worked from the bottom of my right leg upwards reaching my ass and working it too, then after a while she switched legs again working her way to my ass before working on that.
As she got more into it I got lost in the moment, I had no external thoughts or than what she was doing, what I could feel and the sounds I could hear and she massaged me.

She then reach my back and shoulders working on them before going all over down my back, massaging my ass and legs apply fresh oil every so often. Each touch, each stroke of her hands and each word she said to me gave me goosebumps, it relaxed me and made me feel at ease.
Then she whispered “This is the best bit of the massage” as I titled my head to just about see her using her whole body against mine.

When she was done she then asked if I’d like to massage her which I promptly agreed and she lay face down giving me free reign over her smooth body massaging her from the legs, up to her peachy ass and back making sure everything was good to which she replied “It’s just about the touch” and less about my massage skills.

Once I was done she flipped over and allowed me to work on her front and getting my first hands on expereince with her smaller but nicely formed breasts alongh with the rest of her within reason (No fingering or such which I obeyed). I was able to compliment her belly button peircing and tattoo which gave us a nice conversation on the subject of tattoos.

Her body was extra smooth, breasts nice and squeezable and all round she was perfectly formed as I explored all of her with my limited massage skills but a desire to make sure I gave her as much pleasure as she was giving me.

She then sat up, made me lay down as she then massaged all of my front, again starting from the legs upwards.
Her soft hands and the feel of the oil was evern more relaxing since I could now see all of her beauty and what she was doing.
I’m not sure how qualified at massaging she is, nor have I really had many massages but whatever she was doing was wonderful.

Things then progressed as she worked my cock a little before she sat on me and my hands couldn’t help but wander to her breasts and ass before out bodys became one. Her naked body on mine set me to the most relaxed confortable state I’ve ever been in for a while, I enjoyed touching all of her as she touch me and we both made lots of sounds to show our enjoyment.

Her working of my cock was termporary, a tease to get me hard, but then in what seemed like no time afterwards she began to stroke it, I could feel it getting harder as she got faster and slower moaning with pleasure every so often.

If I was worried about prematurely coming (I wasn’t) I certainly needn’t be, because I was able to enjoy and extended period of pleasure as she lubed me up and let her hands do all the work.
My moans eventually got louder the faster she went as I twiched at every pleausre sensation riding through me untill I couldn’t take it anymore.

Her final stoke sent me into a forceful orgasm, literally shooting a thick load the length of my body to my shoulder area. I had held of masturbation for the 2 days leading upto this, and the day prior I had go tso horny and teased myself with porn, but knowing I wanted to save myself for the happy ending to my massage I stopped myself from even having any play whatsoever.

As I orgasmsed, she played with me a little longer where I sometimes can be sensitive but because it was so good I ended up not feeling anything but pleasure.

Once I was done I showered to clean of the oil and from my orgasm while she stayed naked as I did and then as I got dressed giving me extra visual pleasre right until I got a goodbye kiss then left.

It arrived slowly but went by so qucikly, I had spent 7 years without getting any touch and when I finally did it was over in a flash but well worth it.

Looking back I am happy that I made it happen, I’m happy I got over my anxiousness and worked through all the trials and tribulations to make it happen.
I’m happy I took the time to do something relaxing and fun for myself having worked a lot, many months in fact having only my usual 2 days off each week and not spending any of them doing something like this.

I feel like it has set me up to make this happen again, maybe with the same lady if she’s ever in town when we are both available or if not with someone else.
Maybe I can work up to doing more, seeking out new pleasures and doing things that will bring me joy, that will help me forget about life, about work or about anything bad for an hour or more.
Maybe it’ll be helpful to meet new people, have these experiences and know that I can do even more.