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[Sinful Sunday] Strength.

[Sinful Sunday] Strength.

Life is never easy and no matter how hard it gets I am reminded of the strength I have.
The strength to get through the tough times and the strength I need to make things fun, to be positive with not only myself but to be positive to others and even if it’s just a kind word.

The below image respresents strength in many ways, not only the fact I needed lots of strength for the multiples of photos I took during this shoot but the fact that I have this strength within me when I need it, even if it’s not physical strength to hold me up but mental strength.

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[Sinful Sunday] Pain of a different kind

[Sinful Sunday] Pain of a different kind

I feel a desire for pain, pain of a different kind.
The pain that will take all of lifes struggles out of my mind, that will calm me down and give me a certain pleasure.
I will allow others to leave marks on me using various implents to do so and then enjoying the visual results from their efforts

I will feel all the pain but it will be worth it, the marks will stay for some time a reminder of all that who left them and the trust in them I placed. I will feel free and happy, especially as I go to work others not knowing what has gone on but noticing the wry smile on my face, asking questions about how I am.

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[Sinful Sunday] Creativity

[Sinful Sunday] Creativity

I love when I get creative urges. The way an idea forms in my head and gets me excited to take photos, edit photos and ultimately share said photos for Sinful Sunday.

One such urge has been in the back of my mind for a year now. It was born from a day when I sat and drew one of my images with a pencil as shown below.

If I’m going to do it justice then it takes the right idea to pop up, planning said idea into something and taking the time to excecute said idea so that’s one reason it’s sat there along with the not having a desire to blog for a bit this year.

I’m being vague with my idea as I don’t want to spoil it, but below is the drawing which kicked it off.
Below that is also the original image this is taken from.

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[Sinful Sunday] Rapier in hand

[Sinful Sunday] Rapier in hand

Whenever I’m shooting photos I often take a good few of them.
A lot of these are to ensure I get the shot I want especially when it comes to being framed right and in focus.
Other times I often play with angles I shoot at, various poses I do and in some cases switch out what I’m wearing or swap props to see what’s what at the end of my shoot.

When I’m done I tend to bin a lot of stuff for good reason (Blurry, bad lighthing, off angles…etc) but do end up with one I use for say the blog and a few extras that just sit there for another time.

The below is such a photo from a shoot I did just under a year ago where I posted one of the images here.

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[Sinful Sunday] Week 600 and an ass grab to celebrate

[Sinful Sunday] Week 600 and an ass grab to celebrate

Huge congrats to Molly for reaching 600 weeks of Sinful Sunday, what a milestone that is and definitely one to proud of and celebrate.

My first ever post for Sinful Sunday on the blog just so happened to be for week 500, and 50+ photos later I find week 600 coincides with a belated 2 year anniversary of my blog. So what better way to mark both occasions by taking some photos.

The below photo combines a few out of many aspects Sinful Sunday has brought to me since I started posting for it on the blog. I’ve certainly come a long way in 2 years with the photos I take and they are now much better shot than when I first started, with editing and filters used where needed to enhance some of my shots.

Here’s to many more weeks of Sinful Sunday and hopefully I’ll still be around to celebrate week 700.

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[KOTW] – Cock! I love it and want it.

[KOTW] – Cock! I love it and want it.

I’ve only ever had one cock to play with outside of my own, but that one cock despite being on a man who did very little for me otherwise was enough to know that I loved cock.
I took him from fully clothed to fully naked with some playing through his clothing which in itself was a pleasure. On the other hand, taking his dick from flaccid to rock hard was even more pleasurable.

I love the feeling of a hard dick in my hand, I love to feel it throb as I move up and down the shaft and I love seeing it fully erect from the pleasure I give it.
Having it in my mouth too is even better as I get it all wet starting off by working the head before I take it all in and seeing how far I can go before I gag. There’s no better feeling than my lips wrapped around a hard wet dick.

I’m submissive so as much as I love the idea of having someone’s cock as I please, I also like them dictating things especially if they want to face fuck me and make me gag or even just dictate what I do and how they want me to do it.

The last guy I was with let me fuck him on our second meeting and being able to play with his rock-hard cock as I thrust in and out of him was one of the hottest things I have experienced so far.
Anal play is so much fun for me and as I fucked him I knew the pleasure he was having made playing with his cock that much better for him and by extension I too.

As I mentioned, the guy was not for me in the end but ever since that session I had with him I get days where I crave a cock and can’t help but just get so turned on by the thoughts of his cock and just having any cock in general.

There may be possibilities for cock in the future, I say there may be because I don’t want to get too far ahead of myself but I will say that it’s fun to share my own cock with someone via messages and get to see their cock alongside hot chatting interspersed among everyday conversations, or should it be the other way around?

In the absence of an IRL cock for now I do have a dildo to play with and take some hot pics just like this one.

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[5 Things] Brace for impact!

[5 Things] Brace for impact!

When I started exploring kink, Impact Play was one of those in the back of my mind that I brought forward and started to realise that it was something I liked, but for a while, that’s as far as I went with it.

It’s not until the last year or so that I’ve really gotten into playing with Impact Play solo, firstly as I am hoping to include fun play sessions into my life and including kink, while secondly I also had the option to get some kink toys for review which I did especially those for Impact Play use.

Being very submissive means I’m more likely to want to be the receiver of impact play, and if I’m being I don’t think I’d be a great giver, though if it were to be some light-hearted fun then I wouldn’t say no to giving and maybe even learning what works best based on who I am.

The two of several items I got for review as mentioned above were a paddle and a flogger, both useful for impact play and a great way to start playing with it on myself and really getting used to what I like and don’t like plus knowing roughly how much pain I can take.

For me, impact play is not something I have in my routine at the moment, it’s saved for when I’m in the mood for it and when I have the time to really play with it.
That’s not to say it couldn’t be added to my routine though that would likely be more for when I have a partner/play partner or someone I allow to indulge in impact play with me.

Marking is something I’ve found comes easy on me, with a little force several times I can start to show the first visible signs of any implements used on me, and after a while, they get even more visible until I’m fully bruised which is where a lot of the fun comes into play for me.
Yes I love the pain aspect which gives me lots of pleasure, and I’m sure when I have my first experiences in impact play with someone else that allows them control over this pain I’ll enjoy it even more, but the visual aspect during and particularly afterwards is what does it for me.

I’m not 100% sure how or when I’ll get this experience with someone else or when I’ll visit something like a kink market but I do know it’s something I want to happen sooner than later as I recently had some fantastic solo impact play that cemented it as a thing I wanted to do more than just on my own..

Here are a couple of images I took for February Photofest ’22 on my blog and show the 2 states of impact play on my butt.

This first one was right in the middle of a short session while I was in the mood and wanted to take some pics for my blog at the same time.
As you can see I was somewhat red with a little bruising starting to show on one of my cheeks.

The second image was a day or more afterwards where you can see how bruised I had got even though I hadn’t gone too hard on myself nor had I used the paddle on all of my ass cheek.
After this pic was taken I started playing with the left most cheek, though I didn’t take any pics as I was having too much fun.