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Monday Musings #4 – A desire for more pretties and more photos.

Monday Musings #4 – A desire for more pretties and more photos.

About two weeks ago I took some photos and make a post for the meme Lingerie Is For Everyone which I really enjoyed doing, and then the other day I was conversing on twitter about it and how I liked it.
From this I saw an image on instagram which wasn’t related but could have easily been and it got me thinking somewhat.

In the past I’ve never been one to like taking many pictures of myself, and while there is the odd pics i’ve taken that I like, I have shied away from being trigger happy with my phone camera.
Part of the reason is that I don’t have a lot of pretty clothing or even just nice casual clothing that suits being photographed, and well I don’t always have a positive view of my physical appearance either.

Having said that, my recent Lingerie Is For Everyone post and the instagram post I saw got me thinking that maybe I should invest in not only pretty clothing like more lingerie and related pretties, but also when I am buying casual things like undies and such that I go for the prettier variations where possible (I had some red rose boxers I liked in the past).

To add to this, I have a few tailed butt plugs which can make for good images, see my 1st Monday Musings HERE for a photo I took with a tail that came out really well when I wasn’t expecting it.

At the end of the day, even if I invest in more pretty things but don’t post, at least I can get enjoyment just by myself, and when I’m happy to post I can post.
I don’t want to sat I’m not confident to post images, as I have clearly done it in the past it’s more just being comfortable in saying “I like these pictures” and then posting.

Even as I write this my mind comes up with ideas of what I can do regarding this.

I don’t need to start right away, but I can plan in advanced the images I have or want to take, items I can buy to photo with and just have enough content to decide whether it’s a daily post, every other day or even weekly. Also I can decide whether I make it a blog thing, twitter thing or both.

Monday Musings #3 – [Photos] What treasures are hidden in my large wooden chest?

Monday Musings #3 – [Photos] What treasures are hidden in my large wooden chest?

As I’ve started reviewing a lot of toys over the last 2 months, my collection has increased greatly, and after receiving another batch of review toys this week it was perfect time to finally get to my post listing what is currently in my collection.

And yes I have a large wooden chest where I keep all my toys. I used to use a smaller IKEA white box but it got too small so I repurposed my chest from crap storage to toy storage. I have now as of may 21 moved some of the bigger toys to small cupoards under a side board unit in my office, and as many smaller toys into reuable food bags within my chest to make space for future items

So here is list of my current toys as of 25/10/2020. I’ve omitted lube and did a basic A-Z sorting with categories
In the future when I get more toys and expand my lube collection I will update this as and when.

*Update 1* 27/12/20 – Added couple toys
*Update 2* 19/01/21 – Added 3 toys
*Update 3* 01/03/21 – Added 3 toys
*Update 4* 07/05/21 – Added 6 toys and new category


Arcwave Ion
Bathmate – Power Rings (Barbarian, Gladiator, Spartan)
Bathmate – Penis ring x4 different kinds with vibes
Bathmate – Hydromax x30
Fuck me – Twerking style masturbator
Nature Skin – Pussy & Ass Masturbator
Rebel – Ultra soft vibrating silicone masturbator
Rebel – Masturbator with 2 functions
Rebel – Masturbator with 2 functions (F-spot stimulation and warming)
Rebel – Automatic Penis Pump
Rebel – The Surge (Rocks Off Ltd Edition)
Rebel – Cock and Ball ring
Satisfyer – Men One
Sweet Smile – Warming Masturbator
Tenga Cups x16
Tenga – FlipOrb Strong (Orange Crash)
Tenga – Flip ZERO EV (Black Strong Edition)
Tenga – Geo Aqua
Tenga – Spinner Brick
Tenga – Crysta Ball
The Handy
Vibrating Glans Sucker
You2Toys Power Rotation
You2Toys remote controlled cock ring
You2Toys vibrating multi pump and masturbator


Bad Kitty – Pet Play Plug & Ears (Cat tail)
Bathmate – Douche
Black velvets – Ring & Plug
Black Velvets – Vibrating Plug Medium
Colourful Joy – Bunny Tail Butt Plug
Bondara – Glass Tail Butt Plug
Dr Joel Kaplan – Power Probe Vibrating Prostate Massager
Frisky – Faux Fur Fox Tail Glass Butt Plug (Minus Tail)
Horny Pony – Pony Tail Butt Plug
Lelo – Hugo
Lelo – Loki
Lovehoney – Douche
Lovehoney – Booty Buddy Butt Plug
Lovehoney – Curve Bruiser
Rebel – Rechargeable Prostate Stimulator
Rebel – The Surge (Rocks Off Ltd Edition)
You2Toys – Push It
You2Toys – Silicone Butt Plug (Heart shaped gem on bottom)


Lovehoney – Lifelike Realistic 6 Inch Dildo
Xou xou vibrating cumshot rabbit vibe
You2Toys cumshot

BDSM Stuff

Bad Kitty collar and cuffs

Meo flogger

Meo ankle or wrist and thigh restraint

Meo gag

Meo paddle


You2Toys Rechargable Power Wand
Shake Magic – Magic Wand


Accessoire Bizarre – Vinyl Sheet