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[Lingerie Is For Everyone] The solo hotel getaway lingerie.

[Lingerie Is For Everyone] The solo hotel getaway lingerie.

I’m just back from 3 days away visiting another city and enjoying a few days of being on my own.
I took some lingerie with me as I’d had a conversation about lingerie a few days prior and felt like taking some shots in my hotel room

So here’s the 3 pairs of lingerie I took with me.
2 are not my size but one is more my size, but I like them regardless.

These are RAW unedited shots minus the watertmark of course.

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[Lingerie Is For Everyone] A Scotsman and his kilt.

When I decided to make a post for Lingerie Is For Everyone. I had no idea what to do, that was until I glanced over at the door in my office and realised I had something hanging off of it that be perfect to get pictures of.

A Scotsman’s Kilt

On my office door hung my kilt, not every single part that made up a kilt but just the kilt itself.
It had been hanging there for god knows how long as I very very rarely wore it, and not just because there wasn’t any occasions to wear it, but also because i’m not someone who enjoys wearing smart clothing like suits or in this case a kilt.

Fun Fact: I didn’t realise how difficult wearing the kilt would be. I know I’ve gained a little bit of weight, but oh boy did I have a hard time making it fit on me and it barely did.

Although I’m not one for smart clothing, in cases like this were I’m only taking photos, happen to be in the comfort of my own home and can be more casual with it then I might enjoy wearing a kilt a little more than usual.

What does a true Scotsman wear under his Kilt?

The above question has been asked the world over and usually the answer to it is that a “True Scotsman” wears nothing under his Kilt.

So if I’m a true Scotsman, born and raised, then what am I wearing under the Kilt I have on, well for the purposes of this post I’m wearing some undies.

Side note:

If Lingerie Is For Everyone has made me think about things the first is, I would like to add more lingerie and just sexy clothing to my collection, but the latter is still something i’ve yet to muster up the confidence and actually buy anything or even really look up things I may want but that’s for the future, and maybe when I do I can share either for a topic like this or just on its own.

The 2nd thinking it’s done is make me want to have a better setup for taking picture like above, even if it’s still just using my smartphone camera, just having a easier way to get nicer photos plus editing them a little.

Thanks to violetfawkes for hosting Lingerie Is For Everyone, click the image below to go to her page on the topic, and finally thanks for viewing this post.