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[Sinful Sunday] Vintage nude

[Sinful Sunday] Vintage nude

I love vintage photos, they have a distinct look based on the era they were shot, the camera used and how they were developed.

When it comes to vintage nudes I love those that are a lot older, from an era in which
everything was different, especially body image and getting nude along with how they chose to photograph it.

Vintage photography is something I’d like to play around with more, firstly just in taking pictures in a vintage pose or style where I can then add various filters and effects to add that distinct vintage look.
Secondly would be to use a more vintage camera so I can get a real vintage look from a modern photo.

Thirdly might be to have someone photograph me in a vintage style, whether it’s wearing vintage clothes and posing nude/semi-nude, using a vintage camera or taking modern shots that can then be edited to appear more vintage, say for example an outdoor nude say in a wooded area where there would be nothing to give away the fact it was modern day.

In the absence of having any vintage shots already, I took a photo I don’t think I’ve shared out with Twitter and gave it a vintage look.

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[February PhotoFest 2023] – Off work and on a high

[February PhotoFest 2023] – Off work and on a high

I’m on a high, the memories of yesterday’s touch still linger fresh in my mind, the body to body contact and hands all over the place.
I want to go back but I can’t, I want to relive it all over again but I can’t.

So in order to occupy myself I wear some lingerie and have some fun.
Prior to this image being taken I had just finished a good session with my paddle, the marks not yet fully visible but maybe they will be for another photo that I can post at a later date, or maybe I need to go harder on myself.

I think of the next opportunity for touch I may get as I enjoy myself, how much I will enjoy the experience even more and how it may be an semi-regular ocurrence.