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[KOTW] – Cock! I love it and want it.

[KOTW] – Cock! I love it and want it.

I’ve only ever had one cock to play with outside of my own, but that one cock despite being on a man who did very little for me otherwise was enough to know that I loved cock.
I took him from fully clothed to fully naked with some playing through his clothing which in itself was a pleasure. On the other hand, taking his dick from flaccid to rock hard was even more pleasurable.

I love the feeling of a hard dick in my hand, I love to feel it throb as I move up and down the shaft and I love seeing it fully erect from the pleasure I give it.
Having it in my mouth too is even better as I get it all wet starting off by working the head before I take it all in and seeing how far I can go before I gag. There’s no better feeling than my lips wrapped around a hard wet dick.

I’m submissive so as much as I love the idea of having someone’s cock as I please, I also like them dictating things especially if they want to face fuck me and make me gag or even just dictate what I do and how they want me to do it.

The last guy I was with let me fuck him on our second meeting and being able to play with his rock-hard cock as I thrust in and out of him was one of the hottest things I have experienced so far.
Anal play is so much fun for me and as I fucked him I knew the pleasure he was having made playing with his cock that much better for him and by extension I too.

As I mentioned, the guy was not for me in the end but ever since that session I had with him I get days where I crave a cock and can’t help but just get so turned on by the thoughts of his cock and just having any cock in general.

There may be possibilities for cock in the future, I say there may be because I don’t want to get too far ahead of myself but I will say that it’s fun to share my own cock with someone via messages and get to see their cock alongside hot chatting interspersed among everyday conversations, or should it be the other way around?

In the absence of an IRL cock for now I do have a dildo to play with and take some hot pics just like this one.

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[KOTW] – Amongst the trees.

[KOTW] – Amongst the trees.

If you’ve followed my blog or are a follower on Twitter then you will know how much I love getting out into nature, especially when the weather is good and this usually means I am amongst the trees.

For the most part, being surrounded by trees is not only a way for me to enjoy the nice weather but also de-stress and get away from whatever is happening in my life.
The birds chirping away, the sun shining through, and the sounds of a light breeze passing through. These all help calm me down and be at peace for a while.

On the other hand, I love getting to be naked and surrounded by trees. The warm sun is on my naked skin as I embrace trees of all shapes and sizes.
Most trees are great for just feeling the texture of bark against my skin as I lean or sit on them and just take in their beauty,

Naturally, when I get naked I am usually accompanied by the horn and this leads to lots and lots of picture taking. I have a few places I like to go to and each one is different from the others as is each tree within these places which inspires my creativity.
Some trees are small enough that I can climb up, others are big and imposing and some are just uniquely shaped giving me the options to pose in different ways or get various angles for my photos.

Being naked within the trees also adds a fun element of exhibitionism and the idea that at any moment I can be seen by someone. I don’t usually get naked in the more public areas for obvious reasons nor do I seek out the most hidden areas so it’s always on my mind that someone might be walking by just as I did.

It helps that there are places near me and also somewhere in town, where I can get out into the trees for a relaxing walk and to help my mental health or because I want to get naked and take pics.

Below are some pics I’ve taken previously.

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[KOTW] – Self Voyeurism

[KOTW] – Self Voyeurism

Over the last year and a half, I’ve come to realise that through the images I take there is a part of me that loves others getting to see these images, getting to see me naked. There is also a love for the thought that people IRL might see me getting naked outdoors for these pics, or just seeing me naked as I walk about my house and do regular everyday tasks or even as I shoot images.

When it comes to self voyeurism though I’m somewhat mixed in my feelings for a number of reasons.
On the whole, taking the types of images I do doesn’t immediately turn me on if at all when I look back at them. I am always more turned on by the act of being naked and doing the things that I capture with my phone camera, as well as being turned on by being naked outdoors and the potential for me to be seen.

As the act of taking photos was fun and hot that was the main reason I did them and while I enjoyed the end result from an aesthetic point of view that was mostly all that I got out of things

In 2020 though I had ended up in a situation where I had someone who liked and encouraged me to shoot some outdoor videos of self-pleasure as they virtually joined me on occasions messaging. Said person would then consent to having the videos sent to them for their viewing pleasure, and it was here where I found the only bit of self voyeurism creep in.

The fact I had spent 8-10 minutes outdoors having some seriously fun self-pleasure that I shot for someone was hot as was the ending in which I orgasmed more than I ever had. When I looked back on it I thought about who I’d sent the video to, how the hot conversations between us were, and that it had turned me on badly plus how it made that orgasm in a big way, and for once I enjoyed watching the video back for all these reasons.

Apart from the above video though, there has never been another time where I’ve looked back on videos or photos I’ve taken and been turned on.
Yes, I’ve taken images and thought that I looked good, had a nice ass or appreciated a good shot (Lighting, poses…etc) but then I just see myself and know that while someone else may be turned on I know myself too well to get turned on.

If anything I’d rather be a voyeur of other people and also let them watch me or see my images and make their own minds up as to how they feel, and if they happen to like things then that makes me happy enough.

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