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[February PhotoFest 2023] – February Recap and that ass

[February PhotoFest 2023] – February Recap and that ass

February started 2 days into a week I had booked off from work, and I was on a high from the naked massage I had got. The mutual touch had been good for me to de-stress from work and it was also fun to feel the touch of someone and get to touch them, there was no real sexual aspect to my touching but I didn’t care as it wasn’t something I was looking for out of things.

I also came into the month buoyed by my blogging efforts from January and ready to get into February PhotoFest 2023. I didn’t have any real plans, I spent too much time writing for my blog in January that I missed out on taking any photos so I decided to just go day by day as and when I was in the mood.

Early on in the month I also attended my first-ever munch, since I was on a high, and wanted to start exploring more while I had the confidence to do things, and when I was informed about a munch happening locally I decided to go along.
Attending would be good to break the ice, getting to be social and comfortable around new people while hopefully setting myself up to find out more and then maybe go to more in the future and see where it leads if anywhere,

February also was the month I got a second massage that was nice, but not as nice as the first. I’ve since realized that the reason it didn’t fulfill my needs, it felt more like a regular massage except both parties were naked and there was no mutual touching and the only body-to-body contact was while on my front.

The same week was when I took an even bigger step for me, I got to experience sex
for only the second time and the first with a woman as I wrote about here.
I did a lot of things for the first time from kissing and more all while having so much fun on a Sunday afternoon,

I posted for February PhotoFest 14 times including this post, which for not really planning is something I’m happy about. I find it hard to shoot photos in the moment and for same-day posting.
I’m not always in the mood, don’t always have time, and had not had a lot of ideas to really post more.

So to recap, February has seen me have the best time in many years.
I’ve done more than ever, and found the confidence to just do it and worry about it after which in my case has been something I’ve not done, everything has been awesome.

The month has really set up the rest of my year to be a good one.
I know I’m going to enjoy making more sex happen but other than that I don’t know exactly what will happen, maybe I will be able to go to kink munches more, meet a couple of friends later on in the year and maybe travel further than before. I already have a holiday booked in a couple of weeks’ time with my mum and some gigs/concerts as well next month so the immediate future is looking good.

And just in time for the last post of the year was a new pair of free undies to try out and see if I like them enough to get more. So you fine folks reading my blog can see my ass and maybe let me know what you think of these.

[KOTW/Revelations] – Plug In Baby.

[KOTW/Revelations] – Plug In Baby.

I wrote about how it’s been a decade since I started with sex toys and one area I played with early on was butt plugs.
I’ve owned a number of different plugs over the years, but the one kind I grew to love was tailed plugs.

My first ever tailed plug was a faux fox fur glass plug which I had seen when I was just starting to get into butt plugs beyond the basic/beginners types. I was lucky enough to picked to review said plug as it was a review item.
I had never used a glass plug before so I was curious as to how that would feel, and I had never had a tail either but from the pictures I saw I was immediately drawn to how it would feel and look having a tail sticking out my butt.

Having recieved said plug I couldn’t wait to unbox it, feel it in my hands and obviously wear it, but there was that pesky thing called everyday life to be getting on with so I knew I’d have to wait till later on in the evening before I could even unbox it.
All day the box sat semi-hidden in my bedroom alongside my other plugs and a bottle of lube ready for when I could use it.

As the evening rolled in and the only other occupant of the house was asleep I was able to finally take the plug out of the box, get a good feel of the glass and the faux fox tail attached it to it.
The glass was somewhat cold to the touch but very smooth and just the right size, there was also a weight to the plug as expected.
The tail was bushy but soft to the touch and had a length I knew would look good on me as I wore the plug.

As I slide the plug in me I could feel the smoothness of the glass, the sized filled me up well and I felt the soft caress of the tail on my legs.
Kneeling on my bed on all fours I looked back as best I could, there it was, a tail hanging out of me, and that along with the feeling of the plug in me just made me fall in love with this tailed plug.

The more I used it the more I loved it, I am not one for pet play but just seeing the tail as I wore the plug really did something for me, even if I couldn’t always see it as well as I’d like, and photographing it not being the easiest.
Whenever I wanted to wear a plug the tail was always the one I’d go for, it became the only tail I had for a while but I didn’t care because it was my favourite untill the tail wore off likely due to lube constantly getting onto it.

I then eventually got a 2nd tail when I won a comp hosted by a sex blogger in which one of the prizes was a glass tailed plug. I’ve shared the image I took when I first tried it on a lot, but more recently in post on Valentines about love.
When I got my prize and came to wear the tail for the first time I didn’t reaslise just how much I’d love it. Sure I knew how much I loved my previous one but as soon as I put in the new plug and saw/felt the tail I couldn’t help but smile and enjoy everything about it.

It wasn’t a hugely different plug or tail to my first, of course different colour and material for the tail but it was again a glass plug around the same size so I felt the same filling nature of the plug in me and the same soft feeling of the tail against my skin.

I used this new plug a lot, again whenever I had a desire to wear a plug, I still wasn’t into pet play but there was something wonderful about wearing a tail, seeing it on me and feeling it as I played or just enjoyed wearing it when I wasn’t playing.

Since then I’ve aquired a few more tailed plugs, and while there is one I have yet to enjoy (A pony tail) I am still firmly of the opinion that out of all my toys I’ve ever own tailed butt plugs are my favourite.
I love the fact that I can wear them just for the pleasure of wearing them, but then if I am looking for fun too they can certainly enhance that and make that fun even better.

Below is one of my favourite plugs, a simple pink bunny tail. It’s small so easy to wear whenever I want and I enjoy both how it feels in me and how it looks in pictures. Being small it’s also good as a warm up for when I want to go with something a bit bigger, I get comfortable and work up from this.

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[Revelations/February PhotoFest 2023] – Loving myself, loving others and being loved

[Revelations/February PhotoFest 2023] – Loving myself, loving others and being loved

β€œOne is loved because one is loved. No reason is needed for loving.”

~ Paulo Coelho

Instead of a usual prompt there is a quote this week for revelations coinciding with Valentines. I’ve already gone into detail about being addicted to love over a year ago but this year is different and for this post I am looking love from a different persepctive.

I am by nature a lover of all kinds whether it’s family, real life friendships, online friendshsips or even relationships I have.
Some people will be aware of this love I have if they and I chat more often, they will see me for who I am and just how much love I can give no matter who they are to me.

The one thing missing from this observation is the love I have for myself, in fact that’s the one area I have neglected over the years.
I often see myself as being flawed in many ways, I often see some of these flaws on a daily basis and I often associate them with many things wrong in my life and therefore I don’t find love within myself.

It’s funy that I am addicted to being in love and how good that is, but that I don’t give it to myself.

In 2023 I am realising that if I can love others no matter what then I can surely love myself, it’s no good to be filled with love for them, giving them all the nice words of love and support but then neglect to do the same for myself.
There is also the fact that if the love I give to others is reciprocated back to myself then surely there is lots to love about myself.

I am doing more for myself this year, trying to make all the things happen and so hopefully I will end up with more love for myself come the end of the year.
I also hope that this may lead to being love in more wasy than one.

The below image is an old one (Edited for this post) that has always been a favourite of mine simply because you can easily see the shape of a heart in my butt and I have to remind myself that it can show me that there ois love within myself and I must see it.

[Sinful Sunday/Feburary PhotoFest 2023] Restrained thoughts

[Sinful Sunday/Feburary PhotoFest 2023] Restrained thoughts

I’m using a pair of restraints, both my thighs and wrists gripped tightly with very little movement possible. I’m also in a pair of black lingerie while I kneel on my bed.

My thoughts are stuck on the restraints, wishing there was someone there to use me as I’m unable to do much. Maybe give me some bruises, some good hits and generally play with me as they see fit.

There is a flogger, a paddle or even a ball gag just ready and waiting there to be used on me.

[February PhotoFest 2023] – New Flexability

[February PhotoFest 2023] – New Flexability

Last week I posted a throwback image that I then re-edited and compared the two coming to the conclusion that I liked the newer edit I did.

This week I decided to take a slightly newer version of that image, wearing lingerie in the process and grabbing my butt because as I mentioned the other day, who doesn’t love wearing lingerie and grabbing their butt for an image?

[February PhotoFest 2023] – Kink munch and directions in life

[February PhotoFest 2023] – Kink munch and directions in life

So I went to my first ever munch last night, on the recommendtion of some lovely folks from Discord one of whom notified me of a local munch happened the day before.

This year in 2023 I’m realising I need to do more, I need to take opportunities when I can or when they come up and I need to find direction in my life.
My blog was started on the idea of exploration and having already had my awesome massage last week a munch event is another good way to contine this exploring.

It was nice to get to meet new people, to socialise and to feel comfortable in doing those two things so that if possible I can go to future events and who knows what will happen.
I have no expectations as to what might happen in the future but I would like to think that through meeting these new people and going to meetups that I can gte more confortable and comfident. I’d also hope maybe I can be guided and helped into knowing more about whats out there locally and hopefully join in with events more than meetups.

I’m still new to the scene, I’ve only ever played solo at home with a few kink items I have, and I am going into things like this solo so I’m not expecting to jump in at the deep-end, but I have to start somewhere and going to a casual munch was a great way to begin.

What will it lead to is anyone’s guess and maybe not all of the below photo in one, but if it were to involved any of those items then it would be so much fun and be another goal I reached in 2023