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Try and make me!

Try and make me!

Submission and I

I’m very much submissive, it’s something I’ve always known about myself from day 1 when I began to know what being submissive was. Over the years though I’ve rarely acted specifically on this submissive side of me when with partners or potential partners.

Recently though and in a solo capacity, I had been leaning into my submissive side some more with images on my blog coming from the thoughts in my head.
With that in mind little did I know then that one Thursday evening I would lean heavily into it with someone else, and even at that, I would do so subconsciously without any prior planning to be submissive.

Being submissive

“Give me a minute,” I said as I grabbed four masturbation sleeves from my toy chest and unboxed the newest one I had recently received, putting them out on display where one would be picked and used on me.

As a sleeve was picked and lube at the ready the excitement building but I still had very little idea what lay in store until I was asked a simple question.
“You happy for me to decide when you cum and be fully in control?”
I paused for a second, thought about giving complete control to someone before I gave an affirmative reply trying to restrain the excitement.

Not only was I letting someone control me but I allowed them to use a remote toy called The Handy in which they would have the tools to control me without touching,
From slow and long strokes to short hard and fast ones and everything in-between, they could have infinite adjustment with more finite control than what they could get with just their hands.

As I was just about ready I heard “Watch some porn while I edge you”.
I love the idea that during this edging I could be focused on porn and how hot it was only to then feel a huge rush of pleasure to bring my mind back to the reality of the real-life pleasure I was being subjected to. The porn would hopefully take my focus away and make me last as long as possible.

I was asked how long I could last, clearly planning how exactly they would take control and edge me.

As the fun started my sleeve has its vibe turned on giving me extra pleasure but also an extra reason to try and last as long as possible, and one more thing my mind could focus on when I was trying not to.
I was already hard before anything had started so there was no need to work up and they could start right away, each initial stroke giving me an idea of what was to come.

I could feel the contrast between the slow and sensual strokes to the hard and fast ones, my moans increased then decreased as the play went on

As the vibe was then turned up to medium I was told “I think u can cum without it”.
They knew I was enjoying the buzz of the vibe and were denying me the pleasure it brought, but I obeyed and turned it off. At least now I had one less pleasure to worry about.

“These strokes are getting me closer,” I said, I wasn’t in control but and even without those words, it was pretty clear from how I writhed about that I was clearly on the edge and the edging kept on coming. Moments of intense stroking followed by a slowdown just as I could feel the build-up in me.
By this point as the end was near and they wanted me to orgasm but I had a sudden urge to become a brat knowing I didn’t want to orgasm

“You wanna cum?” I was asked clearly sensing that an orgasm wasn’t far off.
“Try and make me” was my immediate reply, my mind wasn’t in the real world, I was lost in the pleasure being given to me, the ecstasy of it all while not being in control and not quite ready for it to be all over.

Having given my reply I was asked “You ready?” which set me up for what was likely to be some full-on intense pleasure and a desire to make me orgasm when I was trying to resist as long as possible.
By this point, I had paused the porn I was watching and put all my focus into the real world physical pleasure knowing I had set myself up for what was indeed an intense pleasure filled few minutes where it would take all I had to resist the urge to orgasm.

After a few minutes, I couldn’t take it anymore, my restraint weakened until I let out a huge moan and let myself go with a big orgasm. The look on my face gave away just how much I had held out and how the pleasure had built up in me for the release.

As I was sat there in post-orgasm bliss I was given a smile and a look as if to say I had done good, no words were needed to be said, and that look alone was enough to tell me all I needed.
One look at me and there was a satisfying look on my face, one that was feeling the last few bits of orgasm still going before I was finally done.

I slipped back into a relaxed position for a moment, to catch my breath and come back to reality.

A craving for cock

A craving for cock


Lately, I’ve had a huge craving for cock, not any specific one but just some nice hard cock in general.

Having you

I want it to be hard before I even get to it, the thoughts of what I will do turning you on, making you twitch with excitement.
Undressing you to your underwear/lingerie I want to see the bugle of your cock as I put my hand down and have a feel, the feel of it nice and hard in my hand throbbing away.
I have yet to see your cock in the flesh but that feel turns me on and sets my mind racing as I visualise what I’m going to see.

Further undressing reveals the hard cock as you stand there, I step back and admire it for all but the briefest of seconds owing to the fact my craving is huge and I just want to have your cock right there and then

Without any waiting or hesitation, I drop to my knees salivating as I take your hard cock into my mouth and get it immediately wet.
As I move up and down your shaft I see just how much of you I can take comfortably, allowing myself to zone out on your moans and groans as I go.

In between having you in my mouth, I allow my hands to get a good grip on you so I can feel your nice hard cock as I slowly stroke it savouring the moment and teasing you.
I am more submissive than dominant, but I want to have some control over you and what happens which is why for now I am in control of your pleasure.

I take you into my mouth again to blow you, even more, we then switch positions, allowing my control to be given over to you.
I rest my head back as you then facefuck me, starting slow then getting faster and seeing how much of you I can take in my mouth.
You make me gag now and again knowing my limit and how much pleasure that gives us both.

You continue to facefuck me good and hard as your wet cock drips all over before you finally stop.
This stop is so I can grab onto your hard wet cock one final time and stroke you to orgasm, but like before I go slow at first to tease then as your moans and groans get louder I start to speed up.

The moans get even louder as I stroke you fast and hard, my hands tightly gripped around your cock. As I make that last stroke I witness you shooting out all over me rather hard and multiple times.
I am covered in your hot thick cum, a sensitive twitching cock in my hand and the sounds you make having just orgasmed.

Just a huge craving to fulfill

So yeah, as you can hopefully tell, I crave cock quite a bit right now.
I am turned on so much by it that it’s in my mind a lot, and I get the thoughts as I wrote above.

I have no idea when I will actually get any cock but I can tell it will be so good when I eventually do and I will have to actively seek out a willing partner to make it happen.