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Monday Musings #9 Writing/posts other than memes

I realise my blog has changed or the posts I make have. I’m constantly participating in memes, posting photos and apart from a single toy review and a new QuoteQuest post I’ve not been making genral blog posts filled with writing about a particular topic.

That’s not to say I haven’t drafted some posts, worked on previously written drafts or just thought about ideas for posts. I’ve done all of those and more, but for some reason while my desire to write has been there somewhat high the act of writing my ideas down into words hasn’t happened well.

Some posts I like being involved, semi-lengthy and covering all bases which is great, but others I want to condense down into some short and sharp with little filler and just getting to the point but for these posts I find myself writing a huge novel when I don’t want to.

I’ve even started a post I am hoping to make into erotica or just exploring a fantasy I have, but this has been for me difficult to get right for similar reasons as above.
I want to start with an short introduction where I set the scene and explain things that lead to the main part of my story but I could never keep it short and simple.
As I moved on I couldn’t get my ideas down into the right sentences, what were the right prhases to use when trying to be erotic and various other stuff.

I know I created my Monday Musings page as a way to write shorter posts without needing much planning, but a lot of very short form stuff I just end up tweeting or I post stuff into a meme instead.

So, going forward I will still be participating in memes but where I have the time I will maybe try to work on my posts ideas and writing in general.
I know it’s not important or necessary to have lots of general blog posts published or in the works but I do want to make sure that when I do have an idea I can be confident in being able to write and publish it in a manner that I’m happy with.
Of course I also want people reading to emjoy my posts but if I’m happy with a peice of writing then and only then will I hit publish.

Monday Musings #8 The reasoning behind sex toys I review

In the past I only ever reviewed the occasional sex toys and during this time I got toys without really having much reason for them, other than than I liked getting free toys, and I found pleasure in taking the time and effort to write my reviews.

As I’ve moved on to becoming a reviewer more regularly the way I review toys has changed. Most of the more recent reviews I’ve done HERE have been toys I was able to pick for review and when doing so I’ve tried to have a reason behind every choice and I try not to pick toys just to review and that’s it.

It may be that I had my eye on a certain type of toy for a while so that gives me a good reason to pick it and write a review, knowing it was a toy I wanted prior to doing reviews. Whether the toy is good or bad I know I can be honest with a review because of wanting rather than being sent it or picking it randomly.

I also may pick a toy or toys because they have certain features that appeal to me whether it’s a warming feature, or in the case of this Tenga toy it was because of the spinning function that was something I’d thought about in toys but had never experienced before.

Some toys might be similar to those I already own or toys I’ve owned in the past and it’s always nice to see how a different brand of toy stacks up. Some of these toys I own/owned might not have been great so trying a different brand may yield better results or it may just be a toy is cheaper and I’m curious to see how good or bad it is.

Finally there is the occasional toy I got that may be very simple and easy to review but the beauty of these is that I know 99.9% that I’ll like and I know the review will be positive.
I just like the fact with these toys I can share my thoughts on a toy that doesn’t vibrate, isn’t big or isn’t for the more experienced user but despite all of this I find it one of my favourites.


I try to have a reason for every toy I review and for the most part I want to use these toys once I’m done with a review.
Some reviews toys might be great but I just don’t like and some but just be flat-out bad for any number of reasons but I know at the end of the day I’m not just writing a review simply because I was sent a toy for free when I had no interest in it or very little to warrant a review normally.

Yes other toy reviewers might work differently and that’s fair enough but for me I like to know why I’m reviewing a toy, what’s the reason and in the end the writing will be fun.

Monday musings #7 – Sex Toys 101 part 2: What are my go to Butt toys

For part 2 of my Sex Toys 101 post I shall as the title suggest be looking at my go to anal toys. If you’ve not see part 1 you can find it HERE where I look at my go to penis/masturbation toys.

It’s no secret that I love butt toys, and while I don’t do it nearly as much as regular masturbation or as my love would suggest, I still like to own a number of butt toys for when the desire/craving does come up.

Lovehoney Booty Buddy Silicone Butt Plug

The Booty Buddy from Lovehoney was one of the first anal toys I owned and while it’s not a favourite I still have one because it’s small and easy to use, and for me I like to use it as a way to build up to my bigger toys as a sort of warm up.

I also think it’s a nice toy for beginners to anal as like I said it’s not too big making it easy to insert and explore anal play.

Colourful Joy – Bunny Tail Butt Plug

I’m a sucker for tailed butt plugs and the bright pink Colourful Joy – Bunny Tail Butt Plug is a lovely example of why I love them. It’s a smaller plug so it makes it super easy to just jump in and I really like the look of it when I’m wearing it which makes up for the fact that being a smaller toy means there is less pleasure from the actual plug.

Rebel rechargeable prostate stimulator

Whilst a general butt plug can be nice to use not all of them provide much pleasure, beyond being inside you which is why I like this toy from Rebel. It not too big so fits in easily, has a bulge which provided pleasure and then it had the added bonus of vibrations.

Vibrations on a butt plug take pleasure to a whole other level and those found on the Rebel are really nice when combined with the bulged part. Having the feeling of the toy in you is filling then the rumbling from the vibe against your insides as you maybe then masturbate is something I love.

Bondara – Glass Tail Butt Plug

Finally we have a Glass Tail Butt Plug from Bondara.
Not only does it have a fantastic looking tail, but the glass material makes for a nice and smooth pleasurable experience especially when it’s a bigger plug than say the bunny tail I mentioned above.
I’m not always one for big toys, but this isn’t too big and so you get a nice filling feeling with it in you and the smoothness from the glass plus the added benefit of having visual pleasure from the tail.

I don’t have pics of the toy on it’s own so here’s my favourite pic of when I wore it for the first time.

Monday musings #6 – Sex Toys 101 part 1: What are my go to penis/ masturbation toys?

My sex toy collection has increased in the last 3 months due to more frequent reviews, and while I’m not going to do a full-on beginners guide right now as some have done recently, I did want to share my go to sex toys.

Part 1 is as the title says about my go to penis/masturbation toys.

As a penis owner that’s where the bulk of my fun comes from, and a good penis masturbator is a mast for me. Whether it’s a basic sleeved kind or one with vibration that I use depends on my mood and whether or not I’m going for a quickie or longer session of fun.

Tenga FlipOrb Strong

I pick Tenga toys when I want non vibrating fun as I currently don’t have any vibrating model, and the FlipOrb Strong definitely fits the bill. I like the fact that you can use it normally or press down and get more suction plus the internal texture is pleasurable and overall it’s just nice to use.

Tenga Spinner Brick

Another go to Tenga product is the Spinner brick. It’s smaller than the Flip mentioned above and has the novel feature of spinning as you masturbate.
The reason I like the spinner is because of it’s size and the fact i’m not using such a big toy when I don’t want to. It also helps that the pleasure you get from it is really good.
I have the brick textured version and while I haven’t tried any of the other textures I can imagine them being just as good.

Rebel – Ultra soft vibrating silicone masturbator

I never found vibrating masturbartors to do much for me or at the ones I had tried in the past but the Rebel – Ultra soft vibrating silicone masturbator has been one of 2 toys that changed that and I love it.
Post review it’s a toy I’ve used on many occasions when I want a masturbatior with vibrations simply because the vibrations it provide are really good, and when I hit the right spot with this I get so much pleasure.

Sweet Smile – Warming Masturbator

The 2nd vibrating masturbartor in this list is the Sweet Smile – Warming Masturbator.
I originally got it to test out a toy that warms and on my first use I wasn’t 100% sold on the overall toy, but as I’ve used it more and more I began to realise I liked it a lot.
Again like the Rebel, it’s a toy I use when I’m in the mood for vibrations and I love that it has awesome suction once your fully inside with pleasurable vibration patterns and it’s just overall a toy I love.

So, these are 4 of my go to toys for penis play. I do use other toys on occasion as I like to mix it up or get different pleasures, but for the most part these are the toys I will grab more often that not.

Part 2 coming the week after this goes live will be on Anal toys 🙂

Monday Musings #6 – It’s not all hardcore porn and sex, sex, sex (Appreciating the opposite, and body confidence)

I won’t lie, I consume a lot of porn each week and love it, I also love sex even if I can count the amount of times I’ve done it on less than half a hand. Watching others engage in sex or sexual activities can get me going, with it now and again helping me when I masturbate and in 2020 there is plenty of porn going to keep me busy.

Funnily enough though, as much as I watch a lot of hardcore and very sexual porn I actually love the exact opposite even more and to an extent things which aren’t classed as porn.
Seeing someone naked, semi-naked or wearing any kind of sexy attire from lingerie to full on clothing provides me with the greatest pleasure, especially when little or no sexual activity is taking place and when I view most of this with zero intention of masturbation.

If it’s someone say on twitter showing their ass, boobs or any party of their body I always appreciate that they took the time to share, and for some theu may not be or have been body confident and it makes me happy to see, as someone who isn’t always body confident myself. I wouldn’t use the word for any part of me, but I just don’t always like a lot of it.

I took a picture of my butt with a pink bunny tail for week 500 of Sinful Sunday, and it wasn’t until I uploaded the image that I saw some imperfections on my skin that I’ve never noticed before (I don’t often take pics of my ass) and for a second it bummed me out. I then realised I loved the overall pic and I got to see myself in one my favourite types of toy. Also I thought, that if i’ve never noticed these imperfections before when I may have had for some time, then why should I worry about them now.

[CW: A bit on Suicide]Monday Musings #5 – The story behind my username.

[CW: A bit on Suicide]Monday Musings #5 – The story behind my username.

My current username and the story behind it.

I originally used my everyday username on twitter, but as my account changed from a vanilla one, into something more NSFW and locked for a while, I then went through various name changes while also setting up a vanilla twitter that I rarely use.

Some of the name changes I used reflected my account and the way it had gone, but it wasn’t until I settled on my current username that I felt it was a good fit, and the story behind it really made sense for me.

My current username on my blog which came from my Twitter account is We_Fear_Nothing. This comes from the lyrics to a song by Italian metal band Lacuna Coil the song being called Nothing Stands In Our Way see video and lyrics below.
Not only do I love this song but I love this band and got to see them live almost a year ago (1 year next week from this post) where they performed this song, and it’s how I fell more in love with it leading to me deciding to use part of it as my username.

I related the lyrics to my own life particularly the lyrics I use for my username.
Yes I have stresses, feel anxious at times, feel shit related to work and I sometimes I get a low mental health day.
Even with all those things above the username to me is conveying how I try to look past them, how they are part of my life but I don’t fear them in anyway.
They happen, and most of it is it’s shit when it does but sometimes it turns out well and I’ve survived.

In my youth I contemplated suicide, I was so low that I couldn’t take it anymore, which is the simple answer to why. I’ve muddled my mind on the topic over the years so the exact details are a blur these days.
In my height of feeling low I knew of an array of pills I could get and I thought about taking them all and ending it.
I’m still here though.
I got through it, I dont know how, other than partly a future girlfriend who was a text away and helped me massively get through it all.

My suicidal thoughts are not easy to think about but it’s what made me realise that
It won’t always be a pleasant journey through life, but I know that in the end, things will work out. As the song says “Life long, road blocks High walls, teardrops, Nothing stands in our way” where I often feel like there’s high walls, road blocks in my way and I know there is teardrops at times but by getting through it all not matter how good or bad each situation may be shows that “Nothing stands in our way” or in this case my way.

So yeah I don’t take the meaning of the lyrics literally but I do apply them to my way of getting through life.

We’re still struggling
Halfway through this journey
Our eyes are burning but we’re not slowing down
I wish we could have all the time in the world
But we have come too far to give up who we are

We fear nothing, we fear nothing

Life long, road blocks
High walls, teardrops
Nothing, stands in our way
Blood stained, stock crash
Mistakes, heart breaks
Nothing stands in our way

We’re still running
We are not afraid the thrill is on
Speed up without any brakes, oh no
‘Cause sometimes we still have to hit the wall
To see things that are right before our eyes

We fear nothing, we fear nothing

Life long, road blocks
High walls, teardrops
Nothing, stands in our way
Blood stained, stock crash
Mistakes, heart breaks
Nothing stands in our way

We fear nothing, we fear nothing
Now that we’ve come so far
Do you still remember our dreams
The need to have it all?
Don’t give up, I feel we are almost there

Life long, road blocks
High walls, teardrops
Nothing, stands in our way
Blood stained, stock crash
Mistakes, heart breaks
Nothing stands in our way

Life long, road blocks
High walls, teardrops
Nothing, stands in our way
Blood stained, stock crash
Mistakes, heart breaks
Nothing stands in our way
That’s our way, that’s our way, that’s our way, that’s our way

Jay Baumgardner / Marco Biazzi / Andrea Ferro / Cristiano Migliore / Cristiano Mozzati / Cristina Scabbia / Marco Coti Zelati

Monday Musings #4 – A desire for more pretties and more photos.

Monday Musings #4 – A desire for more pretties and more photos.

About two weeks ago I took some photos and make a post for the meme Lingerie Is For Everyone which I really enjoyed doing, and then the other day I was conversing on twitter about it and how I liked it.
From this I saw an image on instagram which wasn’t related but could have easily been and it got me thinking somewhat.

In the past I’ve never been one to like taking many pictures of myself, and while there is the odd pics i’ve taken that I like, I have shied away from being trigger happy with my phone camera.
Part of the reason is that I don’t have a lot of pretty clothing or even just nice casual clothing that suits being photographed, and well I don’t always have a positive view of my physical appearance either.

Having said that, my recent Lingerie Is For Everyone post and the instagram post I saw got me thinking that maybe I should invest in not only pretty clothing like more lingerie and related pretties, but also when I am buying casual things like undies and such that I go for the prettier variations where possible (I had some red rose boxers I liked in the past).

To add to this, I have a few tailed butt plugs which can make for good images, see my 1st Monday Musings HERE for a photo I took with a tail that came out really well when I wasn’t expecting it.

At the end of the day, even if I invest in more pretty things but don’t post, at least I can get enjoyment just by myself, and when I’m happy to post I can post.
I don’t want to sat I’m not confident to post images, as I have clearly done it in the past it’s more just being comfortable in saying “I like these pictures” and then posting.

Even as I write this my mind comes up with ideas of what I can do regarding this.

I don’t need to start right away, but I can plan in advanced the images I have or want to take, items I can buy to photo with and just have enough content to decide whether it’s a daily post, every other day or even weekly. Also I can decide whether I make it a blog thing, twitter thing or both.

Monday Musings #3 – [Photos] What treasures are hidden in my large wooden chest?

Monday Musings #3 – [Photos] What treasures are hidden in my large wooden chest?

As I’ve started reviewing a lot of toys over the last 2 months, my collection has increased greatly, and after receiving another batch of review toys this week it was perfect time to finally get to my post listing what is currently in my collection.

And yes I have a large wooden chest where I keep all my toys. I used to use a smaller IKEA white box but it got too small so I repurposed my chest from crap storage to toy storage. I have now as of may 21 moved some of the bigger toys to small cupoards under a side board unit in my office, and as many smaller toys into reuable food bags within my chest to make space for future items

So here is list of my current toys as of 25/10/2020. I’ve omitted lube and did a basic A-Z sorting with categories
In the future when I get more toys and expand my lube collection I will update this as and when.

*Update 1* 27/12/20 – Added couple toys
*Update 2* 19/01/21 – Added 3 toys
*Update 3* 01/03/21 – Added 3 toys
*Update 4* 07/05/21 – Added 6 toys and new category


Arcwave Ion
Bathmate – Power Rings (Barbarian, Gladiator, Spartan)
Bathmate – Penis ring x4 different kinds with vibes
Bathmate – Hydromax x30
Fuck me – Twerking style masturbator
Nature Skin – Pussy & Ass Masturbator
Rebel – Ultra soft vibrating silicone masturbator
Rebel – Masturbator with 2 functions
Rebel – Masturbator with 2 functions (F-spot stimulation and warming)
Rebel – Automatic Penis Pump
Rebel – The Surge (Rocks Off Ltd Edition)
Rebel – Cock and Ball ring
Satisfyer – Men One
Sweet Smile – Warming Masturbator
Tenga Cups x16
Tenga – FlipOrb Strong (Orange Crash)
Tenga – Flip ZERO EV (Black Strong Edition)
Tenga – Geo Aqua
Tenga – Spinner Brick
Tenga – Crysta Ball
The Handy
Vibrating Glans Sucker
You2Toys Power Rotation
You2Toys remote controlled cock ring
You2Toys vibrating multi pump and masturbator


Bad Kitty – Pet Play Plug & Ears (Cat tail)
Bathmate – Douche
Black velvets – Ring & Plug
Black Velvets – Vibrating Plug Medium
Colourful Joy – Bunny Tail Butt Plug
Bondara – Glass Tail Butt Plug
Dr Joel Kaplan – Power Probe Vibrating Prostate Massager
Frisky – Faux Fur Fox Tail Glass Butt Plug (Minus Tail)
Horny Pony – Pony Tail Butt Plug
Lelo – Hugo
Lelo – Loki
Lovehoney – Douche
Lovehoney – Booty Buddy Butt Plug
Lovehoney – Curve Bruiser
Rebel – Rechargeable Prostate Stimulator
Rebel – The Surge (Rocks Off Ltd Edition)
You2Toys – Push It
You2Toys – Silicone Butt Plug (Heart shaped gem on bottom)


Lovehoney – Lifelike Realistic 6 Inch Dildo
Xou xou vibrating cumshot rabbit vibe
You2Toys cumshot

BDSM Stuff

Bad Kitty collar and cuffs

Meo flogger

Meo ankle or wrist and thigh restraint

Meo gag

Meo paddle


You2Toys Rechargable Power Wand
Shake Magic – Magic Wand


Accessoire Bizarre – Vinyl Sheet

Monday Musings #2 – 2 day staycation, which toy(s) do I take?

Monday Musings #2 – 2 day staycation, which toy(s) do I take?

Getting away.

Having taken 2 non-consecutive weeks off from work I decided to book a 2 day staycation for myself. I wanted to get away from home and try to relax as much as I could while also de-stressing where possible.

Now, as masturbation with or without toys can be relaxing for me, I decided I should take a toy or two away with me just in case wanted to indulge in a bit of relaxing fun.

A question of what?

Knowing I want to take toy(s) with me is the easy part. The question and hard part is, what do I take with me, what would I want to take and would I want to leave behind?


with the above question I came up with a criteria for what I wanted based on the trip i’m taking and detailed this criteria below.

As I’m only away for 2 nights I don’t want to take a bunch of toys, and as I’m only taking my backpack I don’t want to shove anything too big into it. I also don’t want to take anything that noisey or makes any kind of noise that people in other rooms might hear as I don’t know what the hotel I’m staying in is like.

Finally, I would like to take a mix of penis and butt toys just in in case I want to use one, the other or even both.

What am I choosing and why?

With the above criteria I looked through my toy-chest trying to get an idea of what fits, and what I want to take and in the end, I settled on taking the following toys:

  1. Pink bunny tailed butt plug – I love tails and this is lovely looking a small toy plus being a small anal toy means I don’t need to spend loots of time warming up and getting ready for using it like some bigger toys I have.
  2. Tenga FlipOrb Strong – It’s a slightly bigger masturbator, but I can get all kinds of fun from it and it’s easy to clean and store away in my bag
  3. Just Glide lube – I have a few sample sizes of this lube which I really enjoy, and being sample sizes mean they’re small and easy to fit in my bag, more so than the larger bottles of lube. Plus the larger bottles are pump action and may or may not leak in my particular bag once it’s full.
Monday Musings #1 – [Photo] My favourite toy and favourite photo.

Monday Musings #1 – [Photo] My favourite toy and favourite photo.

Welcome to the first Monday Musings post on the blog, for those interested in what Monday Musings is all about, please see the introduction post.
Now onto you’re regularly scheduled post.


I started owning and using sex-toys way back in around 2013, and in the 7 years since I’ve had the pleasure of owning a decent number and variety of different kinds.

With the above in mind, I asked myself, what is my favourite toy? What out of everything I own currently or have owned in the past would I put at #1 on my list, if I ever made a list and ranked toys on it.


The answer to the above question needed no thinking on my part, and I instantly knew what it was.

So what is my favourite then, well it’s not a singular toy but….Tailed plugs to be exact.
It’s no secret that I love anal toys, and there is something about having a plug with a tail that really excites me. A tail doesn’t provide any physical pleasure like the actual plug it’s attached to, but It does provide a very visual stimulant and for me even if I’m not that interested in animal/pet-play I just love seeing a tail coming from out my butt.


Now I’m not one for taking lots of photos of myself, but having won a tail plug in a competition a couple of years ago I decided I’d take a picture of it in me.

The result was one of my favourite pictures ever, and something I was kind of proud of and showed just why I love wearing tails.

So take a look and judge for yourself.