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#SWAP – Show and Tell, one of my interests

#SWAP – Show and Tell, one of my interests

For those that don’t know me or don’t know me that well, I happen to have many interests and hobbies.
Within this are 3 main stages in which these hobbies and interests exist.

The first is those which are a major part of my life that I indulge in every day or as much as possible, for example, music.
The second is things that are of great interest to me but which I only indulge in now and again.
The last is those which I take a fleeting deep interest in for say a day or two and come back to it once every few years.

One of my major interests beyond music is tech and in particular computers which go away back to my childhood.
Growing up particularly in the early 90s as a young child there was always a computer of some sort in my house, my dad was into them and so an early memory is having Amiga A500 followed by a PC.

As I got a bit older I was given a semi-custom built Windows 98 PC of my own in my bedroom, albeit I was never connected to our home internet at the time, but still, I remember having so much fun playing games on it and eventually just messing with not only Windows but the hardware inside as I got curious about what made up my PC.

During my teenage years, this interest in computers grew and I eventually began to learn how computers were built through my dad who worked in a small independent computer shop. This learning was also gained through tinkering with the insides of my own computer until I eventually started college and properly built my first PC from scratch.

Ever since that first PC build, I’ve continued to take an interest in PC hardware and components while building many more of my own computers over the years and being the tech in my family.

When I get to build my own computer fully from scratch it’s very much a fun process from planning and starting it to finishing things.
As I tend to have a strict budget, not only overall, but for each part, I get to have fun looking up what components and parts I can get that not only fit within that budget but also give me the best performance.
Then again with things like the case, the fun is based on not only finding something that can fit everything in but that also looks great.

For me at least, I don’t always get everything from the same place or at the same time so I often have several parcels coming at different times and days so I get more than one excitement.
Then there’s the excitement of seeing some parts but not being able to use them until other things arrive and so I see stuff sitting around as I wait.

Once everything arrives there is then the excitement of getting to build the PC, unboxing all of my new parts, seeing everything all shiny and new for the first time IRL and not just on product photos or in YouTube videos.
I get to put everything together, ensure all the cables are, as neat and tidy as possible and then the excitement of finally powering it all on. There’s a little moment where I don’t know if it’ll work the first time, have I connected everything and if so is it fully connected all of which I find out in a second or two as I stare at a monitor looking for it to flash as the screen changes and I see something pop up.

Once everything is working there’s still the matter of installing Windows, making sure all my hardware is set up with the latest drivers and that I have all my required apps and games installed before I can call it a day and get to use my PC.

Below are several images of computers I’ve built myself over the years, not only getting better as tech progresses but also because I’ve had a lot more spare income to get better components.

Here is a computer I built around 2008

This one is from around 2010

This one is from 2012 when I reused some still useful parts from the above PC. I also ended up making some upgrades to it over the years to get a little more performance out of it

Finally, this is my most recent PC build from 2019 when the PC above started to fail and otherwise generally feel slower as the years moved on, even with upgrades I had made.

I’ve also included a picture with some of the parts I bought and one when I was in the process of building the computer in my old case before I had decided on a new one.

[5 Things] Brace for impact!

[5 Things] Brace for impact!

When I started exploring kink, Impact Play was one of those in the back of my mind that I brought forward and started to realise that it was something I liked, but for a while, that’s as far as I went with it.

It’s not until the last year or so that I’ve really gotten into playing with Impact Play solo, firstly as I am hoping to include fun play sessions into my life and including kink, while secondly I also had the option to get some kink toys for review which I did especially those for Impact Play use.

Being very submissive means I’m more likely to want to be the receiver of impact play, and if I’m being I don’t think I’d be a great giver, though if it were to be some light-hearted fun then I wouldn’t say no to giving and maybe even learning what works best based on who I am.

The two of several items I got for review as mentioned above were a paddle and a flogger, both useful for impact play and a great way to start playing with it on myself and really getting used to what I like and don’t like plus knowing roughly how much pain I can take.

For me, impact play is not something I have in my routine at the moment, it’s saved for when I’m in the mood for it and when I have the time to really play with it.
That’s not to say it couldn’t be added to my routine though that would likely be more for when I have a partner/play partner or someone I allow to indulge in impact play with me.

Marking is something I’ve found comes easy on me, with a little force several times I can start to show the first visible signs of any implements used on me, and after a while, they get even more visible until I’m fully bruised which is where a lot of the fun comes into play for me.
Yes I love the pain aspect which gives me lots of pleasure, and I’m sure when I have my first experiences in impact play with someone else that allows them control over this pain I’ll enjoy it even more, but the visual aspect during and particularly afterwards is what does it for me.

I’m not 100% sure how or when I’ll get this experience with someone else or when I’ll visit something like a kink market but I do know it’s something I want to happen sooner than later as I recently had some fantastic solo impact play that cemented it as a thing I wanted to do more than just on my own..

Here are a couple of images I took for February Photofest ’22 on my blog and show the 2 states of impact play on my butt.

This first one was right in the middle of a short session while I was in the mood and wanted to take some pics for my blog at the same time.
As you can see I was somewhat red with a little bruising starting to show on one of my cheeks.

The second image was a day or more afterwards where you can see how bruised I had got even though I hadn’t gone too hard on myself nor had I used the paddle on all of my ass cheek.
After this pic was taken I started playing with the left most cheek, though I didn’t take any pics as I was having too much fun.

#SWAP/February Photofest ’22 – Day 17 – The beauty of compliments

#SWAP/February Photofest ’22 – Day 17 – The beauty of compliments

Compliments are the topic this week for #SWAP, and while it’s not something I’d think about or write about as a standalone post I have enjoyed thinking about it and getting the thoughts for a post knowing it’ll be linked to the swap meme.

The first part of the prompt post states the following:
“I was reading a post on Reddit where someone had asked what is one thing guys never tell women and one person said the fact that if you compliment him he’ll remember it forever.”

The above answer for me is 100% true and while I may not remember exact compliments I will always remember those that give them as it means a lot to me whenever I’m complimented.
Now, these compliments can come in various forms, even ways that I might consider compliments in a roundabout way even if it wasn’t intended as a straight-up compliment.

The best compliments for me are those that go deep, where someone has noticed things I’ve done, the things I do where I’m not looking for compliments but just being myself and where it may not be a typical compliment.

Since I started blogging I’m sure regulars to my blog/Twitter will have seen lots of changes with me, and I remeber last year being (complimented?) in a way about how far I’ve come by i’m sure it was Floss of all people. I don’t know if she was complimenting me as such or just being nice, but it felt good to know she was noticing me, what I was doing and how far I had come personally/blogging because it’s one thing to see it through my own eyes but another to have someone else notice it too.

At the same time this wasn’t a singular thing that you might compliment someone on or that I might look for compliments on say a blog post or photo I posted which made it all the more special.

I do also enjoy when my blog content gets complimented on especially photos and specifically on one semi-recent photo that was included in a Sinful Sunday round-up .
The photo in question was a very sexual one, and for me these are not something I feel comfortable doing a lot as I lack the confidence to really know what I’m doing (I feel my lack of expereince IRL doesn’t help) but having liked the photo enough to post it I was initally just happy to be included in the round-up but then even happier to read the compliments which ended with “Just an A+ lewd!”

Outside of blogging I love the compliments I get for just be me, for being nice and lovely, for being appreciated at work or for the time when I shaved my head and a colleauge said nice things about it.
I don’t do these things for compliments which makes it nicer when they do come because it’s always somewhat of a suprise.

On the other hand I sometimes can’t take a compliment and one example is the blog.
I started the blog because of the toy reviews I did for littleswitchbitch’s blog and I’ve always given compliments talking about how she and the toy reviews helped me get to where I am with my blog, and it’s always been countered with the argument that it was all me that did it and not her which can be true.
I always maintain that she helped me get the blog going, she was one inspiration for blogging and how grateful I was to her getting me into writing reviews which I enjoyed especially just the writing as much as the toys themseleves.

Another example is the photo below I posted where I climed up a tree and was asked “How I managed to combine taking a photo with a timer- and not just that, taking a well constructed, interestingly framed photo- with climbing up a bloody tree.”
Of course I was grateful for the compliment but rather than accept it and look at the fact I was being complimented because I had “climbed up a bloody tree” my response was something like “oh, you just have to be limber” downplaying the compliment.

[5 Things] Photography and me

[5 Things] Photography and me

Photography is something close to my heart as I grew up with my dad being into Photography, always having a camera and always going out to take photos. I’d occasionally go out with him but for many years I didn’t see the appeal until after he passed away 11+ years ago.

With the advent and evolution of smartphones and smartphone cameras, I’ve begun to start taking pictures more and more and it’s only in the last few years that I’ve started to really enjoy it plus the blog has helped in the last year too.
The enjoyment for me is that of an amateur, I take everyday shots just for the fun of it and to capture something I see while my blog photos are just fun to take and share on here while feeling good about myself.

I’m going to try and answer some of the questions put forward on the 5 things prompt page below.

Do you enjoy photography and what do you take photos of?

As mentioned above I do enjoy photography (Smartphone for now) and for the everyday shots, I usually capture nature and the great outdoors especially when I go out on walks in the summer whether it be local to home or somewhere I go after work.

I also like to capture various images of myself, my body and a lot based on NSFW themes.

Do you share them to your blog, on Twitter, Facebook or elsewhere?

I often share my everyday images to Twitter with some on Instagram stories but then my NSFW images are often shared on Twitter or my blog for a post which then gets shared onto Twitter.

What tips do you have about photography that you might want to share with others, either as the photographer or subject?

I currently use a smartphone, for now, shoot solo and I mostly take NSFW blog images so the tips I have will be related to that.

A remote shutter and some sort of tripod may be obvious but are essentials as is making sure you have a good camera app. Even if your stock phone camera app is good a 3rd party one can be useful for taking certain shots as it may have features the other doesn’t or in some cases you might just find it easier/better to use.

Shoot, shoot, shoot! If you have to take a billion images using slightly different poses, camera angles and such then please do.
I remember one shoot where I set my phone up and blindly took as many shots as possible and then afterwards I reviewed my results. Within the photos I’d taken was one I really loved, everything about it was perfect from the lighting to the angle, to the picture being framed without the need to crop anything out.

Editing is also good, and I’m a fan of Snapseed on Android.
I don’t edit all my images as some work well on their own, but there are times when a simple edit can make an image more true to life, it may add colour or make it just make it better without really adding anything to an image that wasn’t there.
On the other hand, I sometimes like to edit my images with HDR filters, use grain or film effects and really make them stand out compared to the original. Some of this editing can bring out the dark parts of a scene, enhance the shadows and lighter parts plus can add details to my body that weren’t there in the original shot and really just make it visually appealing to what might otherwise be a plain flat image.

Share one of your favourite images with us (make sure you took the photo or you have the right to share it).

Below are a few of my favourite images that contrast the types of photos I take.
I feel like they show off the times when I can take a good picture, one that is great without any editing applied.

Here is a view not too far from home I took when out on a walk one evening.

This photo was taken nearby the one above, again during a walk last summer where I wore a small pink bunny tailed butt plug and decided to take some shots with this being the best of the bunch

#SWAP – Addicted To Love

#SWAP – Addicted To Love

Scrolling Twitter one day I happen to see a tweet that asked about peoples addiction, and as I began to think about it I started to subconsciously write this post in my head.
Addictions can take on many forms and for me, I sat there and thought about how I’ve never drunk a lot, smoked beyond trying it in my teens nor have I taken drugs but if there was one thing I was addicted to then it was definitely love.

Back between the ages of say 8-10 I had my first ever crush on someone, a girl in my class at school and the feelings I had where was started me off. I had had feelings for anyone before and so when it came I just enjoyed the happiness It gave me even if I did nothing about it.
Even though the feelings for this particular girl faded as I moved to high school I still craved the feelings in general and knew I wanted to have them again.

My 2nd year of high school was when things happened in a big way when I fell in love for the first time again with a girl from my class.
One day walking home from school on my own I was unexpectedly hit with a huge wave of butterflies in my stomach, a girl in my class I had seen across the road as I walked home suddenly and expectedly filled my mind and I didn’t know what to do about it all.

Everything I was feeling was new to me but I figured this must be love. I had no prior feelings for this girl, and even in the weeks leading up to falling in love I hadn’t even thought about anything close and so it was definitely out of the blue. Regardless I enjoyed the magical feeling for all it was worth and didn’t want it to go.

Fast forward a couple of years and after everything from my first love had faded (I did nothing about it sadly) I ended up falling in love again which led to something even bigger.
It all started when I was introduced to a friend of a friend from my school and we started hanging out with other friends which led us to get close to each other.
On one particular day as I waited for a friend so was she. This was the first time we’d seen each other outside of our group of friends and so as we awkwardly waited I looked over at her and Immediately felt weak at the knees as I was overcome with happy feelings.
I’d heard the phrase to go weak at the knees before but this was the first and so far only time I’d ever experienced it and that was the start of something between us.

We eventually dated and I had a strong attraction to her but it wasn’t until one night/morning that I truly knew I was in love again even more than ever before.
During one night’s sleep, I had a dream that she was in and all I remember was it involved us kissing, but during that dream and subsequently, after waking up I was filled with the biggest feeling of happiness and emotion I’ve ever had. I can’t explain it all that well but I had butterflies in my stomach times a trillion and wanted to just sit there and cry with happiness in my bed over the fact that not only was I in love with her but that she and I were dating.
The overall amazing feeling I had stayed with me, though the intensity died down after the morning has passed and I was left replaying it over and over in my head as much as I could.

Since the relationship above ended I’ve never fallen in love again, but as you can imagine I still crave those feelings despite knowing love will happen when it happens. There’s just something magical and wonderful that it’s hard not to want it again
I’m still going to have relationships of all kinds though whether it’s romantic, sexual or whatever, and falling in love is not a priority but damn is it ever good when It happens.

[5 Things] January’s excitement dragging

[5 Things] January’s excitement dragging

Since becoming an adult with responsibilities January has been a month that drags on far too long for my liking, or at least it seems to drag more than other months.

As 2022 kicked in there was a sense of excitement for what the year held for me. I had many ideas as to what I wanted to do and things I wanted to hopefully happen. I had rough plans for some of this and with bigger confidence in myself, I felt like I could make 2022 the year I do all the things I want or as much as possible.

With this excitement though it’s made the month of January drag on. Knowing what is possible also means knowing not everything will happen immediately, and so I may spend a day or two dreaming about all of the things and wanting them to be happening now, but since they can’t my days drag on waiting till I can start doing something about these possibilities to make them a reality.

Add on the fact that I still work during the new year means that while I run to my usual schedule there are a lot of people and places that don’t so I lose track of time and days and also don’t have the time off to relax and rest in order for the new year to go quicker and for things to get back to normal so that the rest of the month can also go quicker.

This January reminds me of lots of exciting things I do and how it initially drags on then BAM it’s all over.
For instance, I gigged back in 2020 just before the lockdowns hit and as I stood outside the venue chatting to other fans it seemed like an eternity to get in because of the excitement of the pending gig, but as soon as we got in it was over in what seemed like a flash with all but memories of a wonderful evening listening to live music.

Previous Januarys though have dragged on because I had no plans for the year, nothing exciting I was likely to do, and If I was to do anything exciting it would be panned and so I just wanted to get the year going. Again because I also worked I ended up somewhat bored and this made the month go even slower than It probably did.

[5 Things] Being kinky

[5 Things] Being kinky

Firstly before I start and as I like to do, it’s fantastic to see a newer meme pop up and to be able to participate in it. Unfortunately, I missed the first 2 weeks, the first as I couldn’t write in time and the 2nd because I just forgot but I’m glad to get a post written.

Having been around the world of sex via porn and all things adult since the early-mid 00s kink has been something I came across very early on but for the most part, I took my time to really explore them and figure out what was what.

Below is a photo I took with my first collection of BDSM related toys in which at this point I really knew I was kinky but read on to find out more about how I got to be kinky answer the 5 questions from the 5 things page.

When did you first realise you were kinky?

There were a few kinks that appealed to me as I explored sex in my teens but it wasn’t until the late 00s and early 2010s that I really started to consider myself in some way kinky. Up until that point, I’d often just thought of myself as plain, vanilla if you like.

How did it manifest itself?

Back in the early 2010s, I started to explore sex toys for the first time as well as exploring my sexuality and other things. This exploration of myself led to being exposed more to kinks and instead of putting them to the back of my mind or thinking it wasn’t for me, I brought them a little more to the forefront of my mind so that when desired I could explore them more.

What did you do about it?

I initially didn’t do much other than enjoy some more porn with kink related content, but in the last few years, I’ve not only begun to explore kinks in-depth to see what I like, dislike or may want to try but I’ve also gained various toys which have helped me solo, for now, play with various kinks IRL and understand that I enjoy some I had an idea I’d like and really enjoy others I’d put to the back of my mind.

I’ve been able to have more kink solo play, take more kink related images and know that with potential partners I am able to express things I like, don’t like and things I’m willing to try when it comes to sex and playing.

How is your life different now than it was before?

I feel like having never been sexually active in the past I’m able to be more confident in doing so going forward especially with kinks that I now know I like and that I don’t have to think of myself as just plain or vanilla.

In my new state of wanting to live my life, explore more and just have fun, kink I hope can play a part in that and allow me to enjoy all the pleasure there is to have

I do notice that I get excited when I see kink stuff online, I can feel happy calling myself kinky and I can join in with anything kink related should it come up whether it be a post for a meme like this one, something IRL……etc

TBH not really being one to have experienced kink things beyond solo play I just want to experience all the kink things with someone, and I don’t mean literally them all but the ones I know I like or know I want to try that a partner or whoever I’m with is also happy to engage in these kinks.

Regrets and why I have none.

Regrets and why I have none.

If the question was asked of me “Do you have any regrets in life” then my answer would be an easy NO without any thought beforehand, but it’s more complicated than just saying NO and in writing this post I put out a poll on Twitter asking whether anyone had regrets with a simple Yes or No answer.
The response to that poll was an overwhelming yes with someone kindly replying to me and saying that it was more complex and went into some details as to why.

I think of myself as someone who can never be more than themselves, will do the best they can in life and be the best they can. I’ve been somewhat the same person since I was a teen, and that doesn’t mean I haven’t grown up or that I haven’t learned from past mistakes but I still try to be myself every day.

When I look at regret I think of all the times in my life from relationships I had that ended, the things I didn’t do but could have, the things I did but maybe shouldn’t have and everything in between that may have resulted in some form of regret after the fact.

Now If I’ve done anything bad, like things I really shouldn’t have done then I will always hold my hands up and say it was wrong I’m sorry and in those instances, I may have regret but for the most part, I’m not one to feel like I do anything that bad so never have I had any regret to that degree
Each regret worthy moment has a story behind it, a reason why I did certain things and both the good and the bad that came with them

For example, ending a relationship because I was putting in all the effort, getting not much back and it just not feeling right after 7 months was the right thing to do even if I still loved the girl and had a thought of “maybe I shouldn’t have initiated the ending”. If I didn’t do anything though I may have been happy for a lot longer, at the same time though, I would have been in a relationship that just wasn’t right for me just because I was in love with someone.

At each particular regretful moment in time, I was doing things that were right for me, I was just being myself and for anything I didn’t do, it was likely because I didn’t have the confidence or didn’t feel comfortable with it so naturally, I missed out but for good reason.

Saying I had regrets takes away from these things, it makes me feel like I am being negative towards myself in what I did and saying “Is being myself wrong”. or “I was stupid”.
No neither of these things or others are correct.

I may not have done something that was right in the end but at the same time, it wasn’t wrong to do.
I may have missed out on experiences but then again if I didn’t feel comfortable then I was right not to force myself to go ahead even if I wish I had and even wish it may have turned out well.

I’m not going to have regrets where there’s nothing I did to really regret, and if anything I may wish I had done things differently or that they had gone differently but I won’t sit here thinking negatively about all the things that have happened in my life.

For me, the best thing to do is learn from everything and look forward, put the past in the past and focus my mind on the current or new things in life, what can make me happy now or in the future.

Try and make me!

Try and make me!

Submission and I

I’m very much submissive, it’s something I’ve always known about myself from day 1 when I began to know what being submissive was. Over the years though I’ve rarely acted specifically on this submissive side of me when with partners or potential partners.

Recently though and in a solo capacity, I had been leaning into my submissive side some more with images on my blog coming from the thoughts in my head.
With that in mind little did I know then that one Thursday evening I would lean heavily into it with someone else, and even at that, I would do so subconsciously without any prior planning to be submissive.

Being submissive

“Give me a minute,” I said as I grabbed four masturbation sleeves from my toy chest and unboxed the newest one I had recently received, putting them out on display where one would be picked and used on me.

As a sleeve was picked and lube at the ready the excitement building but I still had very little idea what lay in store until I was asked a simple question.
“You happy for me to decide when you cum and be fully in control?”
I paused for a second, thought about giving complete control to someone before I gave an affirmative reply trying to restrain the excitement.

Not only was I letting someone control me but I allowed them to use a remote toy called The Handy in which they would have the tools to control me without touching,
From slow and long strokes to short hard and fast ones and everything in-between, they could have infinite adjustment with more finite control than what they could get with just their hands.

As I was just about ready I heard “Watch some porn while I edge you”.
I love the idea that during this edging I could be focused on porn and how hot it was only to then feel a huge rush of pleasure to bring my mind back to the reality of the real-life pleasure I was being subjected to. The porn would hopefully take my focus away and make me last as long as possible.

I was asked how long I could last, clearly planning how exactly they would take control and edge me.

As the fun started my sleeve has its vibe turned on giving me extra pleasure but also an extra reason to try and last as long as possible, and one more thing my mind could focus on when I was trying not to.
I was already hard before anything had started so there was no need to work up and they could start right away, each initial stroke giving me an idea of what was to come.

I could feel the contrast between the slow and sensual strokes to the hard and fast ones, my moans increased then decreased as the play went on

As the vibe was then turned up to medium I was told “I think u can cum without it”.
They knew I was enjoying the buzz of the vibe and were denying me the pleasure it brought, but I obeyed and turned it off. At least now I had one less pleasure to worry about.

“These strokes are getting me closer,” I said, I wasn’t in control but and even without those words, it was pretty clear from how I writhed about that I was clearly on the edge and the edging kept on coming. Moments of intense stroking followed by a slowdown just as I could feel the build-up in me.
By this point as the end was near and they wanted me to orgasm but I had a sudden urge to become a brat knowing I didn’t want to orgasm

“You wanna cum?” I was asked clearly sensing that an orgasm wasn’t far off.
“Try and make me” was my immediate reply, my mind wasn’t in the real world, I was lost in the pleasure being given to me, the ecstasy of it all while not being in control and not quite ready for it to be all over.

Having given my reply I was asked “You ready?” which set me up for what was likely to be some full-on intense pleasure and a desire to make me orgasm when I was trying to resist as long as possible.
By this point, I had paused the porn I was watching and put all my focus into the real world physical pleasure knowing I had set myself up for what was indeed an intense pleasure filled few minutes where it would take all I had to resist the urge to orgasm.

After a few minutes, I couldn’t take it anymore, my restraint weakened until I let out a huge moan and let myself go with a big orgasm. The look on my face gave away just how much I had held out and how the pleasure had built up in me for the release.

As I was sat there in post-orgasm bliss I was given a smile and a look as if to say I had done good, no words were needed to be said, and that look alone was enough to tell me all I needed.
One look at me and there was a satisfying look on my face, one that was feeling the last few bits of orgasm still going before I was finally done.

I slipped back into a relaxed position for a moment, to catch my breath and come back to reality.

A craving for cock

A craving for cock


Lately, I’ve had a huge craving for cock, not any specific one but just some nice hard cock in general.

Having you

I want it to be hard before I even get to it, the thoughts of what I will do turning you on, making you twitch with excitement.
Undressing you to your underwear/lingerie I want to see the bugle of your cock as I put my hand down and have a feel, the feel of it nice and hard in my hand throbbing away.
I have yet to see your cock in the flesh but that feel turns me on and sets my mind racing as I visualise what I’m going to see.

Further undressing reveals the hard cock as you stand there, I step back and admire it for all but the briefest of seconds owing to the fact my craving is huge and I just want to have your cock right there and then

Without any waiting or hesitation, I drop to my knees salivating as I take your hard cock into my mouth and get it immediately wet.
As I move up and down your shaft I see just how much of you I can take comfortably, allowing myself to zone out on your moans and groans as I go.

In between having you in my mouth, I allow my hands to get a good grip on you so I can feel your nice hard cock as I slowly stroke it savouring the moment and teasing you.
I am more submissive than dominant, but I want to have some control over you and what happens which is why for now I am in control of your pleasure.

I take you into my mouth again to blow you, even more, we then switch positions, allowing my control to be given over to you.
I rest my head back as you then facefuck me, starting slow then getting faster and seeing how much of you I can take in my mouth.
You make me gag now and again knowing my limit and how much pleasure that gives us both.

You continue to facefuck me good and hard as your wet cock drips all over before you finally stop.
This stop is so I can grab onto your hard wet cock one final time and stroke you to orgasm, but like before I go slow at first to tease then as your moans and groans get louder I start to speed up.

The moans get even louder as I stroke you fast and hard, my hands tightly gripped around your cock. As I make that last stroke I witness you shooting out all over me rather hard and multiple times.
I am covered in your hot thick cum, a sensitive twitching cock in my hand and the sounds you make having just orgasmed.

Just a huge craving to fulfill

So yeah, as you can hopefully tell, I crave cock quite a bit right now.
I am turned on so much by it that it’s in my mind a lot, and I get the thoughts as I wrote above.

I have no idea when I will actually get any cock but I can tell it will be so good when I eventually do and I will have to actively seek out a willing partner to make it happen.