[February PhotoFest 2023] – Kink munch and directions in life

[February PhotoFest 2023] – Kink munch and directions in life

So I went to my first ever munch last night, on the recommendtion of some lovely folks from Discord one of whom notified me of a local munch happened the day before.

This year in 2023 I’m realising I need to do more, I need to take opportunities when I can or when they come up and I need to find direction in my life.
My blog was started on the idea of exploration and having already had my awesome massage last week a munch event is another good way to contine this exploring.

It was nice to get to meet new people, to socialise and to feel comfortable in doing those two things so that if possible I can go to future events and who knows what will happen.
I have no expectations as to what might happen in the future but I would like to think that through meeting these new people and going to meetups that I can gte more confortable and comfident. I’d also hope maybe I can be guided and helped into knowing more about whats out there locally and hopefully join in with events more than meetups.

I’m still new to the scene, I’ve only ever played solo at home with a few kink items I have, and I am going into things like this solo so I’m not expecting to jump in at the deep-end, but I have to start somewhere and going to a casual munch was a great way to begin.

What will it lead to is anyone’s guess and maybe not all of the below photo in one, but if it were to involved any of those items then it would be so much fun and be another goal I reached in 2023


One thought on “[February PhotoFest 2023] – Kink munch and directions in life

  1. I am so glad that you are grabbing opportunities like this and going for it. I am sure that it will be very worthwhile! Also – you look awesome in this.


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