Up close with what’s hiden underneath

Up close with what’s hiden underneath

I’m a lover of lingerie, not only lingerie on others but also wearing lingerie myself.
There is a small sexual element to this but for the most part I often just love the way it feels to wear and the way it looks when I do.

In everyday life though I usually don’t wear lingerie out and about instead wearing boxers, though I did wear lingerie the other day when out food shopping but that’s an exception.

Just like most people I see or know, I don’t tend to share what kind of underwear i’m wearing whether it’s lingerie or just an average pair of boxers and they don’t share it with me.
But the thing here is that if I happened to mention I had a funky a pair of boxers on or I had just bought them it wouldn’t be much of a thing. Maybe an “Oh cool” or whatever would be the response, and if it was a new purchase maybe someone would want to see them in the packagaing but they wouldn’t think twice.

If I on the other hand mentioned wearing some nice lingerie, maybe a bright pink or red pair with little details then I can imagine some people might be taken back, they might have certain views on I as a male wearing lingerie and the views certainly wouldn’t be the same as with me in boxers.

Of course some might be understanding more than others but even in 2023 I still hide the fact I have lingerie and wear it.
There is at least one person in my family that knows about my lingrie and maybe another who might know too but even at this I still keep my collection hidden away from my everyday boxers.

I try not to leave pieces out, I tend not to wear pieces when I’m going certain places and for now I don’t often get any new stuff because as much as I am comfortable in lingerie and I am of the option it’s OK for anyone to wear lingerie I still don’t feel comfortable in being open with it outside of blogging and related social media, where I can be open about it, and infact I’ve shared pics recently on my blog and with people on Discord.

I wish I didn’t have to hide wearing lingerie, I wish I knew that people in my life would be OK with the fact and that it’s not a sexual thing for me.

Sometimes I love being comfy in a nice new pair of boxers but other times I prefer to wear something like a colourful bit of lingerie that definitely looks so much nicer than boxers.
Wearing lingerie even makes taking pictures that much more fun and I find that some lingerie can do a good job at showing off my ass or other parts of me well,

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