[February PhotoFest 2023] – Throwback Flexability

[February PhotoFest 2023] – Throwback Flexability

I had planned to re-shoot an image I posted on my blog way back in July of 2021, seeing what I could come up with that kept the original idea but adding to it, and while I still plan to do that, I wanted to take the chance to re-edit the original as sort of throwback since it is Thursday afterall.

This was the orignal image, shot in a Manchester hotel during a few days off work in 2021. I loved the B&W edit I did for this, as although what I captured was a unique pose the actual unedited image was very plain and flat that really needed to be edited.

When re-editing it I decided to keep the colour of the unedited version but make it pop a bit more, I liked the idea of adding a bit of HDR to show off my back but most of all I loved the idea of using a lens blur and vignette
I wanted to focus the viewers attenton onto me, to have the surrounding areas blurred gaining a certain perspective while also using the vignette to further push the focus onto me and my flexibile pose while also hiding parts of the photo that don’t need to be visible.

If anything I do actually like this edit compared to my original edit and honestly I’m excited to try and improve on this shot when I get to taking a new version, assuming I can still be this flexible.


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