[January Jumpstart 2023] – Touched all over

[January Jumpstart 2023] – Touched all over

So for the final day of January Jumpstart 2023 I end the month, the blog and for me personally on a high note.

I wrote about my love of touch here and said in it “In 2023 I would love to get more touch in my life”.
I also said “I’m not sure how this will work out but I can only hope it happens.”

When I wrote that post I really wasn’t sure when or how I’d get to satisfy my craving for touch, I wasn’t sure if I ever would any time soon but at the time of writing this post (31/01) I made this a reality.

I won’t go into details relating to the trials and tribulations of making it happen, but lets just say I got through my anxiety and confidence to try and make things happen, to keeping going when there was setbacks and to eventually make it a reality.

When it was time I stood outside her flat/appartment, sent a message to say I had arrived to get the exact door number so I could be buzzed in and make my way there.
As I go to the 4th floor I headed right as instructed and reached her door giving it a quick knock.

I was greeted with a hello at the door, let in and given a kiss.
She was wearing a sexy light nightwear piece covering most of her body but not leaving much to the imgaination.

She offered me a drink, the use of her shower and we exchanged some light conversation.
We then both undressed as I got her her figure that was under the nightweat she had on, I had seen various pictures of her but in the flesh she was even more gorgeous.

I lay face down on her bed a towel under me and two custions for my face, she explained what she was doing working on my legs first and then moving on from there.
As I lay there barely able to see what was happening I heard the sound from the bottle of oil being squeezed and then felt her relaxing hands work on the back of my legs.

She slowly worked from the bottom of my right leg upwards reaching my ass and working it too, then after a while she switched legs again working her way to my ass before working on that.
As she got more into it I got lost in the moment, I had no external thoughts or than what she was doing, what I could feel and the sounds I could hear and she massaged me.

She then reach my back and shoulders working on them before going all over down my back, massaging my ass and legs apply fresh oil every so often. Each touch, each stroke of her hands and each word she said to me gave me goosebumps, it relaxed me and made me feel at ease.
Then she whispered “This is the best bit of the massage” as I titled my head to just about see her using her whole body against mine.

When she was done she then asked if I’d like to massage her which I promptly agreed and she lay face down giving me free reign over her smooth body massaging her from the legs, up to her peachy ass and back making sure everything was good to which she replied “It’s just about the touch” and less about my massage skills.

Once I was done she flipped over and allowed me to work on her front and getting my first hands on expereince with her smaller but nicely formed breasts alongh with the rest of her within reason (No fingering or such which I obeyed). I was able to compliment her belly button peircing and tattoo which gave us a nice conversation on the subject of tattoos.

Her body was extra smooth, breasts nice and squeezable and all round she was perfectly formed as I explored all of her with my limited massage skills but a desire to make sure I gave her as much pleasure as she was giving me.

She then sat up, made me lay down as she then massaged all of my front, again starting from the legs upwards.
Her soft hands and the feel of the oil was evern more relaxing since I could now see all of her beauty and what she was doing.
I’m not sure how qualified at massaging she is, nor have I really had many massages but whatever she was doing was wonderful.

Things then progressed as she worked my cock a little before she sat on me and my hands couldn’t help but wander to her breasts and ass before out bodys became one. Her naked body on mine set me to the most relaxed confortable state I’ve ever been in for a while, I enjoyed touching all of her as she touch me and we both made lots of sounds to show our enjoyment.

Her working of my cock was termporary, a tease to get me hard, but then in what seemed like no time afterwards she began to stroke it, I could feel it getting harder as she got faster and slower moaning with pleasure every so often.

If I was worried about prematurely coming (I wasn’t) I certainly needn’t be, because I was able to enjoy and extended period of pleasure as she lubed me up and let her hands do all the work.
My moans eventually got louder the faster she went as I twiched at every pleausre sensation riding through me untill I couldn’t take it anymore.

Her final stoke sent me into a forceful orgasm, literally shooting a thick load the length of my body to my shoulder area. I had held of masturbation for the 2 days leading upto this, and the day prior I had go tso horny and teased myself with porn, but knowing I wanted to save myself for the happy ending to my massage I stopped myself from even having any play whatsoever.

As I orgasmsed, she played with me a little longer where I sometimes can be sensitive but because it was so good I ended up not feeling anything but pleasure.

Once I was done I showered to clean of the oil and from my orgasm while she stayed naked as I did and then as I got dressed giving me extra visual pleasre right until I got a goodbye kiss then left.

It arrived slowly but went by so qucikly, I had spent 7 years without getting any touch and when I finally did it was over in a flash but well worth it.

Looking back I am happy that I made it happen, I’m happy I got over my anxiousness and worked through all the trials and tribulations to make it happen.
I’m happy I took the time to do something relaxing and fun for myself having worked a lot, many months in fact having only my usual 2 days off each week and not spending any of them doing something like this.

I feel like it has set me up to make this happen again, maybe with the same lady if she’s ever in town when we are both available or if not with someone else.
Maybe I can work up to doing more, seeking out new pleasures and doing things that will bring me joy, that will help me forget about life, about work or about anything bad for an hour or more.
Maybe it’ll be helpful to meet new people, have these experiences and know that I can do even more.

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