[Sinful Sunday] Self-worth

[Sinful Sunday] Self-worth

For a little while now I’ve been part of a Discord community, one I joined simply because a lovely twitter follower created and then shared it for people join.

I wasn’t sure what to expect when joining, but over time I’ve come to love being on there, chatting others bloggers or otherwise.
But more than that it’s given me a lot of self-worth, the people over there have made me feel like I fit in to a little community, that I can be myself and that I feel loved by them all.

I am able to share my new years goals, share my blog stuff and share all the things I would otherwise keep to myself.
They understand the things I share both good and bad, they push me and support me to do the things I talk about validating some of the things I’d otherwise feel anxious about doing or even sharing.

I can enjoy other peoples happiness, try to pick them up when they are down and just have fun socialising with others.
I’ve even been inspired by fellow bloggers for my blog posts, whether it’s just seeing them post for a meme and gettig my own thoughts to join in, seeing their thoughts on a particukar subject and maybe going back to an idea I had started to write about but never finished or just in the case of January Jumpstart just finding a reason to write on my blog.

I’m out of the loop when it comes to taking pictures and wasn’t intending to share this one as I thought it was too simple, but was motivated from someone the above comminuty to edit an image and share so here you go.

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