[January Jumpstart 2023] – Sex Toy Decade

[January Jumpstart 2023] – Sex Toy Decade

I realised recently that it’s either been or will be this year a decade since I dipped my toes into the world of sex toys, a very tentative dip t start with but one that I would never have inagine would go on for 10 years.

Sex toys weren’t new to me back then, as someone who’d been around adult parts of the internet for a while I had of course been aware of them. I watched porn with toys in them and saw the ocassional web ad on adult sites that promoted sex toys, but beyond that I really had no idea.

For the most part I knew of generic vibrators, didos, the Hitachi magic wand and for the penis owners like myself I was aware of the Fleshlight.

It wasn’t untill 2012/3 where I started to look into sex toys, after a evening of being turned on when I stumbled onto a sex toy retailers website, and having a small of spare cash I decided to get a few small cheap items to start.

After working up the courage I made my first purchase of some cheaper toys. Some were ok and some shit which meant I made a few more smaller purchases.
I was after all new to sex toys so I had no idea what was what and my purchases were based on what I thought looked good rather than actually knowing anything.

Eventually I stumbled on a page on the retailers webite I used which allowed people to get free toys in exchange for a review. A list would be updated with items available for review and you added to a specific wishlist on your account and then waited to see if you got picked.

I was lucky enough on a number of ocassions to be picked to review toys, this leading to getting toys I may not have otherwised purchased due to their cost. It also led me to have new experiences with different kinds of toys and finding the joy in writing reviews.
I finally got to experience a Fleshlight for the first time, experience some higher quality prostate massagers and experienced a glass tailed butt plug which led to me to realising how much I loved wearing a tail.

Having written these reviews I had gone from having to work up the courage to by a small cheap masturbator all the way to having some amazing orgasms through an anal toy and generally being so much more comfortable with toys in my life where I had a small colelction of maybe 6-10 toys or so.
Yes I hid toys away from view, but once someone in my household knew I had them I didn’t really care, I still kept them out of sight especially with visitors around but I wasn’t afraid to have one drying in view or afraid of toy parcels when they arrived.

After a while I stopped seeking out review toys, It was fun to be picked but never a guarantee that I would be let alone a guarantee that there would be stuff I was interested in or could even use.

Having review a few toys and buying a few more I had realised just how much pleasure they could provide, I found that it was something I could embrace and even though I was a single male I didn’t feel like there was anything wrong with owning toys if it meant I could get amazing orgasms.

It wasn’t untill later in 2020 though when a fellow blogger asked if I wanted to review a toy from Tenga as a guest review on their sitwe to which I agreed.
I wrote the review, took pics of the toy and sent it off to them for publishing and afterwards it seemed to go down really well, the way in which I reviewed was praised and Tenga seemed to like the finished review.

From this review I got offered more Tenga products to review which then morphed into being asked if I wanted to review for other companies, one a reatiler in which I had the chance to pick the toys I revewed.
I went from doing one review to multiple reviews at a time, from having a small collection of toys to a much bigger one and after the first few reviews I was inspired to creeate this blog. I found I loved writing said reviews and felt that after 4 years of on and off blogging Ideas I finally felt like it was the right time to take the plunge.

If you had told me back in 2012 that I’d end up with probably more thaan 30+ sex toys, have written many reviews of toys and that it would lead to a NSFW blog where I share nudes and explore kink then I would have laughed and said no way.

Forgetting my confidence levels and comfort, I was in no way someone who would have ever got this deep into toys. Maybe owning a few toys would have been something i’d have done but I never could have pictured myself with the what has happend over the years.
I’m grateful for all the pleasure toys have given me, the fact that sex toys have led me to moving back to twitter and going NSFW gaining a bunch of lovely followers throughout the years and even some who I can call friends, the fact that there is a bunch of awesome bloggers I now know as well as awesome people via 2 discord servers I’m a part of.

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