[January Jumpstart 2023] – Dear Diary… Open Honest and Raw

[January Jumpstart 2023] – Dear Diary… Open Honest and Raw

Dear Diary…. Please for the love of God make this year my year.

I’ve talked about the year ahead and all my plans and goals but in 2023 I want to achieve as many of these as possible, I want to make this my best year ever.

I always have plans and ideas for what I want in the new year but for many reasons I never ever make these ideas a reality. I always put things off and then by the time I revisit them its usually at a time when I can’t do anything.

It’s a mental block that I must overcome, I showed myself in 2021 that I can do things but I also shower myself that I can fuck it up.

Not only is it a mental block but its more than that. Firstly a lack of confidence in myself, not in actually doing things as I know I can but just being confident in making ideas a reality which I can then plan out and achieve. Once I have ideas out there and I have no reasons that I can’t do them it’s getting easier for me to plan.

Secondly it’s not knowing how to go about doing certain things, where do I look and what do I do? What do I do without coming across as awkward and even how do I not fuck things up.

For example I’m booking a trip away with my mum with multiple trains, a couple of hotels and at least 2 cities visited over 5 days. In the past this wouldn’t have been something I’d have done, but having got through one of my mental barriers it’s been a little easier to do and this is the sort of thing I want for all aspects of life.

No I’m not perfect and I will fuck things up, I’ll have many grand ideas that never happen and there will be things that only I can try to make reality but will not get the confidence to do and that’s on me.

But please can I just make this year my best ever, one filled with joyous memories and good times. A year filled with love and a bigger confidence that I can do things, that I’m comfortable with more and more.

I no longer want to put things off, I not longer want to feel bad when I do and know that it’s all because of I rather than anyone else.

Not everything is possible in the year but for what is let’s have a great 2023

One thought on “[January Jumpstart 2023] – Dear Diary… Open Honest and Raw

  1. Oh I can definitely relate to some of this. I definitely stop myself doing things. I am the one in my own way if that makes sense

    I hope you find a better balance in 2023


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