[January Jumpstart 2023] – Attractions

[January Jumpstart 2023] – Attractions

Physical appearence is the first thing I notice in someone I meet in real life, it’s not something I can avoid, but for me, as much as I can be attracted to someone physically very early on it’s not an indication of my overall attraction to them.

What really attracts me to someone is personality and how they are around me and others.
This has been more evident in recent years through work and the people I work with, and who I see on a regular or semi-regular basis.

I have a love hate relationship with being social. The fact that I stuggle in social situations, not one to feel comfortable in what I say and such is why I hate it, but on the other side I love having conversations with people and feeling like they are interested in chatting to me, about whatever topics come up between two of us or a group of people, the latter not always been something I tend to do.

When I get to know someone more and more I see their personality come out and for some people I start to get attracted to them and their personality.

I wrote a post way back in 2020 about being appreciated in work, for the hard work I was doing and how much I loved it from the individual in question.
I’d known said person for a couple of years via work and I’d never initially had any attraction to her, but as the week, months and years went on I began to see her as a lovely individual especially to me and I started to develop an attraction to her.

The way she’s be so kind in talking to me, in appreciating what I did and genrally being nice.
It wasn’t just to me she was nice but she was nice in general and whenever I worked with her I always enjoyed my shift.
My physical attraction of her has never been much, she is pretty of course but it was only once I learned of her personality that I felt any major attraction even though I knew she was probably just being super
friendly with me and that I was happy with it staying like that.

There’s been others who are the same, kind and caring, loveable and who seemed liked they genuinely cared enough when asking how I was, especially since lots of people who ask that question just to be polite.

I will always notice someone physically before anything else and on ocassions I will form a physical attraction to them first and foremost, but it’s personality that will really get me attracted to someone. The way they act around me and others, the things they say and do and how they make me feel when around them.


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