[January Jumpstart 2023] – Exploration goals

[January Jumpstart 2023] – Exploration goals

Exploration is a big part of of my blog and in 2023 is something I want to have more of, exploring not just for my own benefit and my own fun but to end up as part of my blog.

January Jumpstart is helping me have a good start to the year on my blog, in which I can build upon it for the months to come, I also want to use it as way to help me start my year with some exploration through what I write, what others write and generally being around bloggers/NSFW social media who can inspire me to do exploration.

Of course I want to explore more outdoors and the images I can take since I did a lot in 21 but few in 22.
It’s also just fun to be outdoors, as getting naked and taking images just makes it even better with getting to share some of these images to my blog for all to see and appreciate.

I wrote about touch in my last post and one of the first things I am maybe planning is touch related in a massage, something more than just a reguar massage though. Not only will I get a nice relaxing massage to help me de-stress but I’ll get the added fun of touch and depending on what I book it might also incluced fun extras where I can be mutually naked with someone and maybe even have thge excitement of being able to touch too.

One major exploration goal is also kink related, I would love to be able to explore more kink and not just on my own. I have no idea how this will work out if at all but in wiriting it down here I hope I can come back to the goal as the year progresses an,d maybe I can seek out advice from others who have maybe explored kink in the way I may do.

Another goal of mine is in travelling more and doing some personal exploration which may or may not be part of the blog.
Further on in the year I am looking to take some holiday time and hopefully travel somewhere new, and assuming I can get the confidence to apply for a passport and have the money I may want to travek abroad, explore a totally new country, city and culture to one I am used to.
I’m big on adventure too so any travel may include doing something adventurous like theme/amusement parks and riding roller coasters, no I’m not a coaster nerd as such, but I do love the adrenaline you get from going on them and I do like to know somewhat about the different parks out there abd what coasters they have.

I’d also love to explore the world of dating and seeing where that goes, I often miss having someone and I feel like now is a good time to get back into the dating scene and seeing whos out there.
Hoping my confidence in myself, beyond sharing stuff on this blog/social media, can get to a level where I’m comfortable enough in putting myself out there but then if I don’t try I’ll get nowhere.

So in 2023 there is lots of exploration I’d love to do, not all of it will be a reality as I know you can’t always do everything in life you want, but having these all as goals means I can do as much as possible.


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