[January Jumpstart 2023] – A love of touch

[January Jumpstart 2023] – A love of touch

If you don’t know, and I’m not sure how much I’ve talked about the subject in the past, I love touch.

In my one and only relationship hugging was the thing we did whenever we would part ways at the end of the day, end of the night or even after we had done something together, holding hands when out and about was also something we did too.

This was the first time I had experienced a touch from someone In a way that wasn’t hugging family or whatever and I loved it.
Being in love made it all the more special as did the fact that when we hugged I got to also experience the scent of my then-girlfriend alongside goosebumps.

In the years after I always craved the touch of someone in many ways. Firstly I craved the touch like above in a romantic loving way, but also in a similar way where the other person may not be in a relationship with me but I have a love/crush/appreciation for them and would get a hug in the friendliest and most caring way possible.

The second way is not really sexual but being able to be semi or fully-naked with someone, whether it’s being touched for a massage by a professional or someone I know exploring my naked body and maybe even writing on me maybe even painting on me. Just the thought of this touch sends goosebumps all over me, that sensual feeling of being touched by the person I know especially if it involves running their hands all through my hair and head or the relaxation I’d get from a massage and knowing how that would help me de-stress.

The third and final way is obviously a sexual touch, not only on me but touching someone else.
Being naked, the feeling of someone’s hands all over me getting me turned on and hard as they get to my cock and play with all of me.

The feeling as I get to have my hands all over someone feeling their boobs or chest, their cock and butt as I go from top to bottom giving them all sorts of pleasure and in turn giving me a lot of pleasure.

In the end, no matter what form of touching it may be I love it. I love that someone wants to hug me for whatever reason that they may want to have their hands all over me and get their own pleasure from touching and the fact the same can be said for me with getting to both hug and touch someone else.

In 2023 I would love to get more touch in my life, have people who I can be with that I might hug or that might be able to be naked with a touch even if there is no sex and even be with people who can have all the mutual touching in a sexual way.

I’m not sure how this will work out but I can only hope it happens.

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