A personal and blogging look back at 2022

A personal and blogging look back at 2022

Looking Back

As we’ve reached 2023 I feel like it’s a good time to take a look back at the previous year, explore it not only from a personal side but also blogging side
My year started with excitement for all I could achieve going forward, the ideas I had and plans I wanted to make.
Not only would I be doing lots of fun things for myself but some of these I hoped would also end up being part of the blog as either full posts on their own or as part of a post.
I’d hoped to continue my theme of exploration whether it was simple traveling and fun personal stuff to more blog related NSFW explorations like continuing my love of outdoor photos and the creativity I had in taking lots of different kinds of photos.

January and Feburary went well for the blog, I wrote a good few posts and shared a bunch of images which should have set me up to kick on and have a good blogging year but come March it all faded.

Life got in the way and my desire to blog suffered witth sporadic posts after that. Work began to take over more than it had, leaving me with little time to do much and on my days off blogging was the last thing I had in mind. I wanted to blog and be active but since I was tired, had no energy and little mood my days off needed to be for me to relax and do what made me happy be it doing nothing or in rare cases doing a blog post/image if I was in the mood.

As the year progreessed I failed to act on my plans and ideas, loosing conficence in doing thing which then turned into more life struggles.
These struggles affected close family and with everything going on there and with work I lost all desire to do anything and didn’t feel like it was best to just up and leave for a trip which would leave someone on their own even if it was for a few days/a week.

Things got better with family, not 100% but much better and slowly I eased somewhat back into my blog. I’ve not written as much as I wanted nor posted as much but I got to the stage where I felt like blogging was back on my mind and I’d do as much as I could working around life.

Although I’ve not published much written content I have worked on writing, started various posts and just planned things to do when the time comes. Writing something has helped me stay motivated, it gives me a base for posts whether it’s to have a start to a post that I continue with, a whole post that I go over, grammar check/edit and finish up or just some ideas written down to help me.

I also have a number of image plans, ideas that have come from viewing other peoples photos, reading comments on my photos that have inspired me to have some ideas and just generally feel like I should continue to be creative with images I do.

Looking forward.

We are now in 2023 and already I have work holidays booked off till March to use up my remaining time left before it resets. One of these times off has already got plans in progress, a gig in Manchester I booked months back will be part of a holiday I do with my mum, so even before the new year came I was booking a hotel, train tickets and planning the rest of the trip. That mean I’ve already done more acting on plans by the 1st of January than I had done in the whole of last year.

I also have time of at the end of January and beginning of February, and while that is more for relaxtion since I’m already going away I still have one plan for possible fun if I can get the confidence to make it happen.

Beyond the above though is still unknown, I will naturally head back to work and start to accrue the next year of holidays and save up during which I can work out what is possible next as a solo adventure and put into place plans to make sure I do something rather than my usual putting it off.

Hopefully some of the things I do can help form blog posts or part of blog posts, I am hopefull that I can be more active with the blog and just enjoy being part of the sex/NSFW blogger community.
I’m hopeful I can have a more fun year in 2023 by doing all this stuff and more.

There is plenty things I’ve carried over from 2021/22 and even prior years that I didn’t do or didn’t work out but rather than listing every little thing I want to do this year I’ll take things as they come so as not to be dissapointed by what I didn’t get to do and rather feel happy with all I did.

Happy New Year to all who read this, I really hope you have a fantastic year and it is the best year ever xx

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