[Sinful Sunday] Strength part 2

[Sinful Sunday] Strength part 2

I wrote about strength in last week’s Sinful Sunday post but little did I know I’d need all my strength to deal with a difficult house issue this week.

The strength to deal with the situation at hand and sort it out in the end even if it took 3 days and lots of stress. I was reminded by family how I did well with the situation and had comfort from Internet friends which gave me the feeling that I was strong enough to take charge and do what was needed, maybe not as perfect as others but for me it was good.

I had planned to do some more shots based on last week’s image and idea from that shoot but with life getting in the way I felt this image from last week’s shoot was perfect for this week rather than post nothing.

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4 thoughts on “[Sinful Sunday] Strength part 2

  1. Sorry you had challenges this week but I am glad you navigated them in a way that worked for you. Like last weeks picture I really love the unusual angle this is taken from.


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