Month: October 2022

[Sinful Sunday] Creativity

[Sinful Sunday] Creativity

I love when I get creative urges. The way an idea forms in my head and gets me excited to take photos, edit photos and ultimately share said photos for Sinful Sunday.

One such urge has been in the back of my mind for a year now. It was born from a day when I sat and drew one of my images with a pencil as shown below.

If I’m going to do it justice then it takes the right idea to pop up, planning said idea into something and taking the time to excecute said idea so that’s one reason it’s sat there along with the not having a desire to blog for a bit this year.

I’m being vague with my idea as I don’t want to spoil it, but below is the drawing which kicked it off.
Below that is also the original image this is taken from.

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Coming out

Coming out

Bisexual is a term I first associated with my sexuality back in 2015 which up until that point had never had an actual label attached to it. Sure I had always been attracted to the opposite sex, having not only my first crush but also my first love and first relationship with a girl, but for me it was less about a label and more just that’s who I liked and so if that was straight then so be it.

Any thoughts that I wasn’t straight as I grew up were always put aside though as a one-off or nothing more than a passing fancy

Eventually, I started to act on things as I wrote in this post and came to the realisation that I was bisexual.

It was a freeing moment to know myself and who I was finally, that some past events made sense and that it meant I could embrace it in myself

Coming out was not something I initially thought about, I was just happy to explore how bisexual fit around me, what it meant for me and how I could make the most out of it.
I, of course, had some fun as mentioned in my linked post above, I had new cravings for sex and I had a whole new world of potential dating amongst other things therefore I was focused on those things at first more than coming out. 

Once I had become comfortable with who I was as bisexual I began to question coming out and how would people react.

Would coming out raise more questions than I’d like, would most people be accepting of me and how that works going forward in relationships with others?

I didn’t want to be asked how I got to being bisexual, sure it makes a great topic for my blog and such but it’s not something I wanted to spend time explaining to friends or family. I’d have been happy to say “I’m bisexual, this is me and this is who I like” and leave it that for the most part.

Heck even for my blog it’s hard enough to explain everything as there are so many little things that I can’t mention all of them in my post so trying to have the answers to questions being asked would be hard.

There was also the fact that I didn’t know when to come out, there was never a conversation or situation where I could mention something without it feeling unnatural or forced assuming I was comfortable in saying something in the first place.

It’s now 2022, 7 years since I labelled myself as bisexual and for the most part, I’m finally OUT to anyone important in my life and for the first time, I feel free in being myself.

Free in knowing that others are aware of my sexuality and are very much accepted in some cases and in others, it’s a case of them knowing but not making anything of it in a good way.

I started outing myself online many years ago, it was the fact that a lot of people I followed on social media away from IRL friends/family were strangers who didn’t know me that made it easier to be out there. Also in the last 4+ years, I moved to an NSFW Twitter and started this blog which has meant I’m now following a lot of different people with various sexual orientations and such which makes them very much accepting of who I am especially the ones I interact with more.

IRL or related, and within the last 3 years I started to embrace my bisexuality in subtle ways like wearing masks with pride flags and dying my hair purple, I also added pride flags to my Instagram and eventually updated my bio to include bisexuality in it.

I had my Instagram bio updated for a little while before my sister eventually saw it, and seeing her briefly one day she mentioned it. She asked why I hadn’t said anything and that she was very much accepting of it and who I was stating that I could be an alien and she’d still not have an issue.

I’m very close to my sister in a lot of ways so it was finally great to know they she knew and how she was accepting it.

Even fairly recently I’ve mentioned in passing to a work colleague about being bisexual as they were talking about something related and I without thinking just said I liked the opposite sex too or words to that effect and they knew I was bisexual at that point.

Since my teens, I’ve grown up to just be me, like the things I like and do the things I do which have continued even as a bisexual. There are lots of things people might associate with bisexuals and while that might be true in some cases for me I don’t even think about it.

I have my own clothing style I like, Favourite genres of music…etc and that’s who I am, but we are all different at the end of the day, and if you fall into being a typical bisexual or anything else for that matter then YAY I’m so happy you do, I may not but that’s OK and doesn’t take anything away from who I am or from who you are.

[Sinful Sunday] Rapier in hand

[Sinful Sunday] Rapier in hand

Whenever I’m shooting photos I often take a good few of them.
A lot of these are to ensure I get the shot I want especially when it comes to being framed right and in focus.
Other times I often play with angles I shoot at, various poses I do and in some cases switch out what I’m wearing or swap props to see what’s what at the end of my shoot.

When I’m done I tend to bin a lot of stuff for good reason (Blurry, bad lighthing, off angles…etc) but do end up with one I use for say the blog and a few extras that just sit there for another time.

The below is such a photo from a shoot I did just under a year ago where I posted one of the images here.

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[Sinful Sunday] Week 600 and an ass grab to celebrate

[Sinful Sunday] Week 600 and an ass grab to celebrate

Huge congrats to Molly for reaching 600 weeks of Sinful Sunday, what a milestone that is and definitely one to proud of and celebrate.

My first ever post for Sinful Sunday on the blog just so happened to be for week 500, and 50+ photos later I find week 600 coincides with a belated 2 year anniversary of my blog. So what better way to mark both occasions by taking some photos.

The below photo combines a few out of many aspects Sinful Sunday has brought to me since I started posting for it on the blog. I’ve certainly come a long way in 2 years with the photos I take and they are now much better shot than when I first started, with editing and filters used where needed to enhance some of my shots.

Here’s to many more weeks of Sinful Sunday and hopefully I’ll still be around to celebrate week 700.

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Further kink explorations and a belated blog anniversary.

Further kink explorations and a belated blog anniversary.

I was reminded of the fact that my blog is now just over 2 years old and it’s something I’m extremely proud about.
When I started the blog I had no real idea what I was doing, my intention was to explore myself whether that was sharing past explorations, diving deep into new things in the present and whatever I may have in the future.

The adult in the title was twofold. Firstly because I am an adult and can look at things from the past with a slightly more mature mind where I understand things better, but also because my content would be of a more NSFW adult nature.

To think I’ve lasted two years, that I’m still blogging to some degree and to see how it has helped me in some ways is an acheievement, considering the account on which my blog is hosted was started 6 years ago meaning it took me 4 years to finally get the courage to start a blog

One area which I’ve explored a lot more since starting the blog has been kinks and related topics.
This has been brought about through reading other bloggers stuff, seeing a lot more through new people I follow on Twitter and through blog memes like Kink Of The Week where I’ve as I say above “dived deep” and made written posts detailing my throughts.

Some of my thoughts and feelings on kink and related topics haven’t made it into posts on my blog but all these along with any that lI did write about led me to jump at the chance I had to possibly review a number of BDSM type items of my choosing.
I ended up with a flogger, paddle, ball gag, restraints and a nipple clamp collar for review and some of these would allow me to explore kinks more IRL than just what I had thought about or written about, while other items would allow me to further explore kinks I knew I liked but hadn’t experienced outside oif improvised toys/impliments or the like.

The paddle was one such impliment I was keen to use because I was aware of being interested in some levels of pain and the bruising I had particularly from the last Tattoo I had done. I ended up feeling good with the on and off pain while loving some nice bruising I noticed afterwards in a pic my artist took immediately once he was done inking me.

The restraints where an item I had loved in my thoughts but didn’t know if i’d be excited IRL with the idea of being restarined so having them to use on myself before I let anyone else restrain me. It was the perfect way to explore and get a feel for things and it turns out I loved not only the restraints I got but the feeling of being restrained IRL has been hot the multiple times I added it in to a play session.

I won’t go into details on all the things, but it’s safe to say I am finding out just what I love 100%, what I love in the right situations and what I may not like.

I’m way more confident and comfortable in myself that the next step in this exploration is to hopefully add someone or many people in the mix, start to look at ways I can play with others and not just play solo.
Things like my flogger are not something I can really use on myself to any great degree so I’d love to have someone else give me a flogging and also experience from my sub side. Consensually giving someone control over how they proceed going from a slow start and building up once I’m know what I like and how far they can take things.

It may not happen right away and I don’t expect it too but for now it’s something to work towards and honestly I’m just excited that I’ve made it to 2 years of blogging and that It’s led to wanting to explore more IRL so happy anniversay to me and here’s to hopefully many more years of blogging.