Month: August 2022

[KOTW] – Amongst the trees.

[KOTW] – Amongst the trees.

If you’ve followed my blog or are a follower on Twitter then you will know how much I love getting out into nature, especially when the weather is good and this usually means I am amongst the trees.

For the most part, being surrounded by trees is not only a way for me to enjoy the nice weather but also de-stress and get away from whatever is happening in my life.
The birds chirping away, the sun shining through, and the sounds of a light breeze passing through. These all help calm me down and be at peace for a while.

On the other hand, I love getting to be naked and surrounded by trees. The warm sun is on my naked skin as I embrace trees of all shapes and sizes.
Most trees are great for just feeling the texture of bark against my skin as I lean or sit on them and just take in their beauty,

Naturally, when I get naked I am usually accompanied by the horn and this leads to lots and lots of picture taking. I have a few places I like to go to and each one is different from the others as is each tree within these places which inspires my creativity.
Some trees are small enough that I can climb up, others are big and imposing and some are just uniquely shaped giving me the options to pose in different ways or get various angles for my photos.

Being naked within the trees also adds a fun element of exhibitionism and the idea that at any moment I can be seen by someone. I don’t usually get naked in the more public areas for obvious reasons nor do I seek out the most hidden areas so it’s always on my mind that someone might be walking by just as I did.

It helps that there are places near me and also somewhere in town, where I can get out into the trees for a relaxing walk and to help my mental health or because I want to get naked and take pics.

Below are some pics I’ve taken previously.

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