Month: May 2022

[KOTW] – Self Voyeurism

[KOTW] – Self Voyeurism

Over the last year and a half, I’ve come to realise that through the images I take there is a part of me that loves others getting to see these images, getting to see me naked. There is also a love for the thought that people IRL might see me getting naked outdoors for these pics, or just seeing me naked as I walk about my house and do regular everyday tasks or even as I shoot images.

When it comes to self voyeurism though I’m somewhat mixed in my feelings for a number of reasons.
On the whole, taking the types of images I do doesn’t immediately turn me on if at all when I look back at them. I am always more turned on by the act of being naked and doing the things that I capture with my phone camera, as well as being turned on by being naked outdoors and the potential for me to be seen.

As the act of taking photos was fun and hot that was the main reason I did them and while I enjoyed the end result from an aesthetic point of view that was mostly all that I got out of things

In 2020 though I had ended up in a situation where I had someone who liked and encouraged me to shoot some outdoor videos of self-pleasure as they virtually joined me on occasions messaging. Said person would then consent to having the videos sent to them for their viewing pleasure, and it was here where I found the only bit of self voyeurism creep in.

The fact I had spent 8-10 minutes outdoors having some seriously fun self-pleasure that I shot for someone was hot as was the ending in which I orgasmed more than I ever had. When I looked back on it I thought about who I’d sent the video to, how the hot conversations between us were, and that it had turned me on badly plus how it made that orgasm in a big way, and for once I enjoyed watching the video back for all these reasons.

Apart from the above video though, there has never been another time where I’ve looked back on videos or photos I’ve taken and been turned on.
Yes, I’ve taken images and thought that I looked good, had a nice ass or appreciated a good shot (Lighting, poses…etc) but then I just see myself and know that while someone else may be turned on I know myself too well to get turned on.

If anything I’d rather be a voyeur of other people and also let them watch me or see my images and make their own minds up as to how they feel, and if they happen to like things then that makes me happy enough.

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