[February Photofest ’22 – Day 9] Multifaceted

[February Photofest ’22 – Day 9] Multifaceted

Multifaceted is a great word to describe me and the types of photos I take.

On the one hand, I love a lot of not vanilla things, like kink and taking photos with my kink gear as well as really going for various HDR and B&W edits on my photos, which can give them a certain look.

Today on the other hand is where I lean into my vanilla side, then part of me that has a desire sometimes for anything that isn’t kink and is much softer not only IRL but in my photos.

As it also happens to be hump day I had to go with a butt shot that I like as part of vanilla me, different from the last few days with a lot more colour in the edit I went with.

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