[5 Things] Photography and me

[5 Things] Photography and me

Photography is something close to my heart as I grew up with my dad being into Photography, always having a camera and always going out to take photos. I’d occasionally go out with him but for many years I didn’t see the appeal until after he passed away 11+ years ago.

With the advent and evolution of smartphones and smartphone cameras, I’ve begun to start taking pictures more and more and it’s only in the last few years that I’ve started to really enjoy it plus the blog has helped in the last year too.
The enjoyment for me is that of an amateur, I take everyday shots just for the fun of it and to capture something I see while my blog photos are just fun to take and share on here while feeling good about myself.

I’m going to try and answer some of the questions put forward on the 5 things prompt page below.

Do you enjoy photography and what do you take photos of?

As mentioned above I do enjoy photography (Smartphone for now) and for the everyday shots, I usually capture nature and the great outdoors especially when I go out on walks in the summer whether it be local to home or somewhere I go after work.

I also like to capture various images of myself, my body and a lot based on NSFW themes.

Do you share them to your blog, on Twitter, Facebook or elsewhere?

I often share my everyday images to Twitter with some on Instagram stories but then my NSFW images are often shared on Twitter or my blog for a post which then gets shared onto Twitter.

What tips do you have about photography that you might want to share with others, either as the photographer or subject?

I currently use a smartphone, for now, shoot solo and I mostly take NSFW blog images so the tips I have will be related to that.

A remote shutter and some sort of tripod may be obvious but are essentials as is making sure you have a good camera app. Even if your stock phone camera app is good a 3rd party one can be useful for taking certain shots as it may have features the other doesn’t or in some cases you might just find it easier/better to use.

Shoot, shoot, shoot! If you have to take a billion images using slightly different poses, camera angles and such then please do.
I remember one shoot where I set my phone up and blindly took as many shots as possible and then afterwards I reviewed my results. Within the photos I’d taken was one I really loved, everything about it was perfect from the lighting to the angle, to the picture being framed without the need to crop anything out.

Editing is also good, and I’m a fan of Snapseed on Android.
I don’t edit all my images as some work well on their own, but there are times when a simple edit can make an image more true to life, it may add colour or make it just make it better without really adding anything to an image that wasn’t there.
On the other hand, I sometimes like to edit my images with HDR filters, use grain or film effects and really make them stand out compared to the original. Some of this editing can bring out the dark parts of a scene, enhance the shadows and lighter parts plus can add details to my body that weren’t there in the original shot and really just make it visually appealing to what might otherwise be a plain flat image.

Share one of your favourite images with us (make sure you took the photo or you have the right to share it).

Below are a few of my favourite images that contrast the types of photos I take.
I feel like they show off the times when I can take a good picture, one that is great without any editing applied.

Here is a view not too far from home I took when out on a walk one evening.

This photo was taken nearby the one above, again during a walk last summer where I wore a small pink bunny tailed butt plug and decided to take some shots with this being the best of the bunch

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