#SWAP – Celebrations of a personal nature

#SWAP – Celebrations of a personal nature

In my family, we celebrate together, from birthdays to Christmas and beyond.
I love spending time with them for a day to celebrate whether it’s eating Chinese takeaway or going bowling for a birthday all the way to spending Christmas with the extended family and seeing friends.

For this post, though I am re-visiting a topic I cover/think about a lot and that’s the year I had in 2021 because it went from a big for me breakdown to doing so much more and I want to keep the good going while celebrating what I did.

In the last year, a huge boost in confidence after my breakdown allowed me to do more in 2021 than I ever have considering I was/am introverted and was super unconfident in myself. The idea of travelling to new places alone, meeting new people and even getting drunk two nights in a row in London plus once in Nottingham would have been a million miles away from ever likely to happen.

Both first London and Nottingham trips were last-minute things, as they were based on plans outwith my control and so I went through a do and don’t wrestle in my mind as to go for it or not.

To actually do those two trips last-minute while also going to London again in between and Manchester earlier in the year was big for me even if others may see travelling to places within the UK as no problem.
I have to celebrate pushing through and going ahead with these when my usual tactic is to have these ideas in my mind but put them off and not do anything about it until it’s too late and therefore I have excuses (Last-minute so the cost is too much and I can’t take time off work).

I am celebrating because while not everything went as planned I still had a great time, I met some wonderful people and in the case of London I managed to navigate the tube on my first visit to meet someone, and on my 2nd visit, I had 5 days where I was able to navigate the tube again, jump on buses and explore this new city on my own without getting lost.

These things I did add to the confidence in myself, they showed that I could go and do things I want, and get close to some things that I’m sure will come plus they have set me up for 2022 to hopefully be the year I do even more, whether it’s more travelling or gain other forms of excitement in my life.
I’m not going to say this year won’t have ups and downs and that I won’t have periods of low confidence in doing things or trying to do things but that’s just me and for all that I’m in a better place than I’ve ever been in many many years.

So I’m celebrating how far I’ve come and how far I may go and looking forward to what may come in the year ahead.

Join in with #SWAP

One thought on “#SWAP – Celebrations of a personal nature

  1. Celebrations like birthdays and Christmas are all well and good but I actually think the celebrations you’ve written about can often be the most memorable and certainly the ones that change our life from time to time. I hope your confidence continues to grow and as covid eases (fingers crossed) I hope you find yourself on many more adventures x

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