[5 Things] January’s excitement dragging

[5 Things] January’s excitement dragging

Since becoming an adult with responsibilities January has been a month that drags on far too long for my liking, or at least it seems to drag more than other months.

As 2022 kicked in there was a sense of excitement for what the year held for me. I had many ideas as to what I wanted to do and things I wanted to hopefully happen. I had rough plans for some of this and with bigger confidence in myself, I felt like I could make 2022 the year I do all the things I want or as much as possible.

With this excitement though it’s made the month of January drag on. Knowing what is possible also means knowing not everything will happen immediately, and so I may spend a day or two dreaming about all of the things and wanting them to be happening now, but since they can’t my days drag on waiting till I can start doing something about these possibilities to make them a reality.

Add on the fact that I still work during the new year means that while I run to my usual schedule there are a lot of people and places that don’t so I lose track of time and days and also don’t have the time off to relax and rest in order for the new year to go quicker and for things to get back to normal so that the rest of the month can also go quicker.

This January reminds me of lots of exciting things I do and how it initially drags on then BAM it’s all over.
For instance, I gigged back in 2020 just before the lockdowns hit and as I stood outside the venue chatting to other fans it seemed like an eternity to get in because of the excitement of the pending gig, but as soon as we got in it was over in what seemed like a flash with all but memories of a wonderful evening listening to live music.

Previous Januarys though have dragged on because I had no plans for the year, nothing exciting I was likely to do, and If I was to do anything exciting it would be panned and so I just wanted to get the year going. Again because I also worked I ended up somewhat bored and this made the month go even slower than It probably did.

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