#SWAP – The home office revitalised

#SWAP – The home office revitalised

In 2020 as we were locked down for the first time due to COVID I was constantly sitting in the spare bedroom which I called my home office where I’d game and relax since I was off work for an unknown period and couldn’t do WFH.
To enhance my experience I invested in a multi-monitor arm which I loved but eventually, the IKEA desktop I was using since 2012 couldn’t handle it and initially, I fixed it but using a bit of an old coffee table top as reinforcement.

Eventually though, I decided to look at buying a new desk for myself and it led me on a path to revitalising my office space and making it my own, a pace I could come and relax in the evenings, game on my days off and what I didn’t know back then was a place I can blog in somewhat comfort.


The office before was OK, but it didn’t feel like a proper place of my own.
In this pic, you can see the coffee table top I used to fix the IKEA desktop and overall it wasn’t the most appealing space but at least it was mine with some framed posters on the wall and such to try and make it better.


Between 2020 and 2021 I upgraded the desk, re-painted one of the walls so far and added an extra monitor and got a better chair plus moved things around in the room and moved things from the office to my bedroom and things like the TV from my bedroom to the office.

As you can see it’s definitely a much better space than it was before, way better
Sure I could re-carpet the room, and yes I still have some white walls/a ceiling to paint but it’s now my own perfect space to do all the things I do.

I can be more relaxed when watching online stuff, more relaxed when gaming and generally enjoy a much nicer space when I keep it clean.
It’s a better place to write and blog, the desk provides ample space for all my screens to maximise productivity and I’m able to use the spare desk space for other things like messing with laptops I get from family or just having the space for a coffee.

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