#SWAP – The joy of coffee and my mug(s)

#SWAP – The joy of coffee and my mug(s)

Firstly before I begin I just want to say how great it is to have a new meme to participate in, particularly one from the excellent Floss over at flossdoeslife.com

Coffee Consumption

In the past, I’ve always loved a nice hot chocolate as my hot drink of choice with a rare tea if I was feeling it and coffee once every several months again if I was feeling it.
Over the last 6 or so years though my consumption of coffee has increased dramatically from the odd one every several months.

This increase is in a small way related to the fact I got a POD style coffee machine for one of my birthdays but the main reason is down to work and the job I’m currently in.
One of the benefits to my job is the fact that coffee is free, and not just instant coffee either but a similar setup to those found in coffee shops where the beans must be ground first and so on.

So with free coffee, my consumption has increased to at least 2 cups a day and sometimes more.
Not only do I make my own coffee in the morning but during a shift, other than a super busy one, there is a good chance someone will ask me and/or the whole kitchen staff if they want coffee and so I usually accept the offer meaning I have sometimes 2 or even 3 cups throughout a workday.

Types of Coffee and how I enjoy it

My coffee of choice is either a latter or cappuccino as I like something with frothed milk, sometimes a little bit of chocolate powder and I then add in 2 small sugars just enough to give it a sweet edge but not too much.

There are several ways in which I can define coffee for me and below I’ll describe them.

At work, there have been and still are some nice people who I enjoy working with, some of these people I really like and a few who are super lovely and kind to me and make me happy when I work with them.
Where coffee comes in is when I get to stand or sit down with a cup of coffee and spend a few minutes or more socialising with these colleagues before during or after a shift.

Whether it’s talking about work, news, our lives or whatever I can often get a huge sense of happiness chatting away especially to those I really like. It may be that I’m the only one with coffee but every so often I get to sip some nice sweet coffee with frothed milk alongside the conversation where I may end up feeling super happy and content for a few minutes.

The 2nd way I enjoy coffee is the usual morning cup I get as soon as I get to work, that few minutes to relax before I start my tasks are always enjoyable, and I can stand at the bar and people-watch outside as others go by their day.

Here is a picture from the other morning where I enjoyed a coffee before starting work.

At home mugs

Unfortunately, my work is not a place where I’d have my own mug but I have two at home which I love and use on a regular basis for my coffee and other drinks hot or cold.

The first one is a skull mug.
I’m not the kind of person who loves skulls, dragons and such like but having got a coffee machine at home this was a follow-up birthday gift one year as I liked how it looked and was nice to have a specific mug.

The second mug is one that says Explore More.
I’m not sure exactly how this came to be in my home and I honestly don’t even remember it, but during 2021 when I was doing lots of exploring I came across this mug and realised it just fit me like a glove so took it as my own and prefer to use it a lot more compared to the Skull.
The fact it’s a normal mug while having the specific slogan on it appeals to me even if no one IRL will realise what it means to me beyond my trips away to new places I did in 2021.

Join in with #SWAP

2 thoughts on “#SWAP – The joy of coffee and my mug(s)

  1. I’m not working at the minute because of maternity leave, but your post made me miss the work coffees a bit, but not enough to go back early, lol. I’m in the same industry as you and my god, there’s nothing better than someone bringing me a coffee when I’m trapped in the kitchen making everyone’s eats. It’s also fab seeing the types of mugs folks have, your skull mug is very cool but I think I’d cry if my coffee came it because I’m such a mug weirdo as I explain in my own post which will be out soon I hope. Thanks so much for joining in this week and for all your #SWAP support x

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