[KOTW] – The gift of visual pleasure

[KOTW] – The gift of visual pleasure

In the last year of blogging I’ve found a love for giving gifts in the form of the images I post on my blog for Sinful Sunday and in turn, I’ve received the gift of viewing wonderful images from others who have also inspired me with future images.
I’ve loved coming up with new ideas, planning them out and shooting images and then editing them. Knowing people will get to see them and hopefully enjoy the images has been fantastic.

Seeing what others have done certainly helps me appreciate how creative people, are, how hot they can be and In some cases how they can pair well-written words with images that may be hot reads or thought-provoking.

So here are just a few of my favourite Images as a small holiday gift to those who have taken the time to read this post, have visited my blog in the past and who have shared their own images to Sinful Sunday giving me visual delight.

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