[Quote Quest] – life goes on

[Quote Quest] – life goes on

“In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on.”

Robert Frost

There have been many times of sadness in my life, one of which was losing a parent at 48 years old 11 years ago. I don’t like to talk much about it as even to this day it holds vivid raw memories from first-hand experiences of what happened but it fits the quote rather well and I can talk about the good.

A lot of changes in my life occurred from this loss and the first few years weren’t easy, but as in the quote “Life goes on” and it certainly holds true 11 years later from that fateful morning in 2010.
Yes, there are still hard times in life, but things are a lot more settled now than ever. The days are not always filled with sadness as much as they were and with work, there’s lots more to focus on even if I still think of my dad now and again.
Looking after my mum is always a challenge, she’s independent to a certain extent which makes it even harder but I stepped up and accepted that it was something I had to do and always remind myself of how life was before and how it is now.

Away from my own personal life, I have a friend who became my best friend in the wake of losing my dad, and who lost her own dad just two years after my own.
Not only was she kind and caring when I needed it the most but she became someone I appreciated having in my life and someone who I talk to regularly no matter whether its early morning or late in the AM, I will always make time for her and be there whenever needed.
I’ve seen her find a partner, have a child and get her own house which makes me so happy because I know losing her father was tough but life goes on and she has found someone she’s happy with and is a great mother to her child.

In the hours, days, weeks and months after my dad passed, it was always tough dealing with things, understanding what life would be like and still being in shock at events.
Things became normal after a while, the constant sadness disappeared and being able to take focus away from that into other things
A friend became a best friend, I got more comfortable in looking after my mum and eventually I
was able to have a lot of new experiences in life that may have occurred regardless of what happened but I will never know.

Just like losing my father albeit it in a different manner, I feel like I can equate life going on to a lot of situations in life both recent and past.
Things don’t always go the right way, we may miss out on a job, lose friendships/relationships and have bad days but that doesn’t mean our lives stop, it just means we have to move on and keep going into new parts of like like the next job opportunity, a new relationship and focusing on current/new friendships we may have and get.
It may mean we get new opportunities in life to make new and better memories, also as sad as it may seem we could find ourselves happier and more content when we put things in the past and move on from them.

Whatever happens in life just remember that life goes on and it’s better to think of the future than dwell on the past. At the same time, it’s also worth thinking about the past remembering those we lost and how much we may miss them while remembering that we’re still here with lives to live and people who care about us.

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