[Quote Quest] – Water and it’s magic

[Quote Quest] – Water and it’s magic

“If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water.”

Loren Eiseley

There’s a beauty and a beast aspect to water, the fact it can be wonderful at times but also destructive in how it can wreak havoc in our lives, the magic for me is in the beauty and the ways in which I love water.

From keeping us hydrated every day, keeping us clean and fresh but also allowing us to be refreshed from a nice cold shower to a long soak in the bath. There’s a visual beauty to water too, from rain to the seas and oceans all the way to the beaches overlooking the water.

Standing in a shower the water cascades down all over your naked body helping you to ease and relax from a long hard day of work or whatever has occurred. There’s also a particular sound that’s made as the water hits the floor in different ways as you move around, in my case, it’s a vivid sound that reminds me of those relaxing showers I take and how I stand there and just let the water hit off me as I get lost in thoughts.

Even post-shower I am a sucker for the wet hair look, a sucker when I see water droplets on a naked body as a particular person dries off.

I love the rain, not only the sounds of heavy rain but also how it visually looks especially when I’m somewhere dry, warm and relaxing where I can just look out the window and watch it.
Beyond that there’s something about getting soaked in the rain, coming home all wet and just getting to strip off your clothes in a warm house.

Also the thought of seeing someone all wet as they come in, their top that has gone see-through so you can catch a glimpse of boobs/nipples/the shape of their skin as it hugs them tight, and as well the fact they need to strip naked along with again that wet hair look.

I also love the rare times I get to look at the beauty of water, take in the sounds and just admire it, even if I don’t live far from some fantastic views.
The peaceful nature as you watch and listen to the ebbs and flows, looking out into the distance and depending on where you are maybe even watching a beautiful sunset or sunrise.

There’s so much magic to water in many different ways, not just in a hot and sexy way but also a beautiful awe-inspiring one too.

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