[Love yourself (in Oct)] – Past, present and future.

[Love yourself (in Oct)] – Past, present and future.

As my blog turned 1 I have looked back on that plus my own 2021 up till now and what it means for me. I think about the present and where I am plus I think about the future and what my plans might involve

The Past

2021 has been a roller coaster of a ride for me with many ups and downs although it has ended up being lots of fun at times.
Firstly it has been fun exploring my exhibitionist side with a little encouragement, the images I got from that and all the conversations that came during these times.
I took numerous trips going to Manchester, Nottingham and twice to London all of which were great for different reasons but the common theme is that it has been great to finally take trips away, spend time away from home and all the responsibilities I have there.

I also look back and feel glad I’ve continued the blog for a whole year, that I took the time to build/make a site up and learn as I went while posting as much as I have.
It’s been oddly enjoyable trying to figure out how WordPress works, how I make it work in the ways I want and how I do things based on that.

The Present

At this present time, I am starting to feel content with myself and relaxed as we enter the final parts of 2021.
I’ve completed all my major trips this year and have settled into work so I can focus not only on work but things closer to home and everything day by day when I am not working including what I can do make me happy and relaxed.

There’s my birthday coming up soon (Nov 2nd), Christmas and such like but beyond that, I am free to hopefully relax my mind of all stresses and strains that have plagued it in the past year on occasions.

The Future

I know 2022 is a few months off and yes I’m not going to make plans for it just yet but I do want to have some idea of what I might want to do with it.
In previous years I never had plans or goals for what I wanted my year to be like but continuing on from the good work I did in 2021 I feel like I need to do more again.

I want to travel more especially abroad, at least once in the year but not just to explore a new country and city which is fun but to also do something while I’m there (Theme parks and Roller coasters for my adventurous side?)
There is one event I know of that I might want to attend depending on how it goes ahead, this will satisfy my continued urge to be social and come out of my shell more than ever.

Of course, I also want to continue with the blog, work on my images and do more with the shots I take where possible.
I’d love to do more written posts even before this year is done, and work on maybe some erotica which I’ve started in the past but never finished or trashed as I didn’t like.

I have some personal goals I want to work on, those I can’t/don’t want to share here for obvious reason but by typing them out on here I hopefully can remind myself of them and work towards making things happen.

Finally, I want to continue to be myself, be the best I can be not only with myself but with others too.
I’ve made some awesome friends on Twitter and follow lots of wonderful people who may not call me a friend exactly but who I love interacting with and want to continue to do so be it appreciating their pics, being kind or joining in with threads of theirs.

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