A blogging anniversary – 1-year-old today

A blogging anniversary – 1-year-old today

September is nearly over and this months theme for the Love Yourself meme was try something new which happens to coincide with the 1-year anniversary of the first post on my blog.
To think I’ve been blogging for a whole year is so crazy to me, I mean I first started thinking about blogging in 2016 but didn’t take it anywhere (I have a published post from 2016).

Starting the blog came about after some initial guest sex toy reviews I did got well-received, and where I enjoyed the writing so much. From that, I felt like I could have a go at blogging and so I logged into my dormant WP account and set about creating the blog you see today.
There was also the small matter of also wanting to participate in various memes that I was seeing on Twitter where I liked to look at other bloggers entries and enjoy.

I didn’t have all the experiences or knowledge to become a sex blogger and I never wanted to, but that angle of exploring myself in these new experiences past, present and future were ones I settled on pretty quickly hence the name.

A year on and I’ve certainly grown into the blog, figured out things along the way and in the case of my pictures I have definitely improved on that side of things greatly.
Sure there is still lots I can learn and I can still grow, but for now, I am happy with where things are.
There is lots of content on the blog which can and will be added to with more as the days, weeks and months roll on so I look forward to adding new things like posts and pictures.

Blogging has certainly been something new for me but I have had a great time thus far, and if you have ever read a post, viewed my pictures and interacted with a like and commented either on here or via Twitter then thank you so so much.
I didn’t know what to expect starting the blog in terms of who would visit but I really appreciate each and every one of you who have, and those who come back week after week to view my content.

Here’s to many more posts and pictures to come x

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