[Sinful Sunday/KOTW] – Pain for pleasure

[Sinful Sunday/KOTW] – Pain for pleasure

Tattoos are something I love in various ways, and I currently have two on myself with many more to come.

The first tattoo I ever got was a heartagram on my wrist which is the symbol from a band I really like called HIM, and for most people who don’t know them or the heartagram symbol this is what it represents.

I wasn’t thinking of it consciously, but it was this combination of heart and pentagram, the soft and the hard, the male and the female, the yin and the yang – which, for me, is important.

Ville Valo

The reason behind getting it for me was not just to show my love for a band but the fact It could represent a lot of things and that I could fit them into who I was and who I am.
It was also done as a small taster to getting tattoos to see if I liked it and wanted more which of course afterwards I immediately wanted another one as I loved the sensation of getting tattooed.

The 2nd tattoo I have as pictured was one from my tattoo artists folder of his designs he wanted to tattoo which meant he discounted them, and I just so happened to like this design.
The text reads “Let my enemies devour each other” which I’m not sure the exact artists meaning of it as it’s been that long since I got it. For me though, I relate to the enemies as not only people but as things in life that affect me likes stresses and such. The idea that I try to step away from all these things, try to let them do their own thing as I look to the positives in life and the things I do away from certain people, certain stresses or just life, in general, that isn’t fun.

With both of my tattoos and in particular my 2nd one I loved the feeling of the needles from the tattoo gun as they pierced my skin and left ink on it. The 2nd tattoo being bigger and more involved meant it took around an hour and a half to do and while not reaLL painful bar a few spots I loved the sensation I felt and even on the odd painful spots I knew the pleasure of getting tattooed and the end result was worth it.

After my 2nd I have thought about a 3rd, and I have a basic idea of what I want which I’m hoping the artist I go to next can build upon my idea and make it into something more, and fitting to me. I’m not sure when I’ll get it (was thinking 2020 but then I never managed it before you know what happened) but I crave the sensation of being tattooed again, that pain for pleasure feeling as needles hit the skin and I know ink is flowing to make art on my body.

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3 thoughts on “[Sinful Sunday/KOTW] – Pain for pleasure

  1. I keep looking at this photo and thinking you are in a lift! I love that your tattoos have special meaning for you, and I hope you get to have your third one really soon!

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  2. Thanks, I’m not confident enough just yet to be fully nude in a lift but I love that the images gives the impression.
    I like to have meaning, not just random art for no reason, my 3rd tattoo is going to be based on my username and the meaning behind it so maybe next year I will make time and save money.


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