Month: August 2021

[KOTW] – Private Eyes

[KOTW] – Private Eyes

In the most basic of terms voyeurism is “The sexual interest in or practice of watching other people engaged in intimate behaviours”

So, am I a voyeur, do I like to watch other people, especially those engaging in intimate behaviours where I may have a sexual interest?
The answer is yes and yes in both ways of it. which for those regular to my blog and the images I post, you might know where I’m going with this.

For the most part, I am a burgeoning exhibitionist, in that, I love to get outdoors and take images of myself in all manner of poses be it semi-naked or fully nude.
I’ve yet to be watched getting and being naked by anyone, AFAIK anyway, but the thought of it happening is a huge turn on especially when the person watching is getting pleasure.

Having someone secretly have their eyes on me as I strip down to be fully nude, as they’re aware I can see them watching but don’t stop or seem to mind. The fact that they are turned in watching me play with my butt, pose for pictures and even start to masturbate while they also may play with themselves.

Maybe we’re both exhibitionists and know the other is there which gets us both turned on, the fact we’re both naked or semi-naked and whatever we may be doing with ourselves.

I’ve had one type of experience (Multiple times) of having someone voyeur on me whereby I shared my webcam and gave them a code to control a wifi masturbation toy I have called The Handy which I reviewed on my blog.
It was a turn on for me knowing they could see the results of controlling my toy, how it reacted on my cock with speed increases and how I writhed about in pleasure. Also hearing the noises I made and getting feedback as to what I wanted via my words.

Back to whether I am a voyeur or not though?
Watching someone engage in sexual/intimate behaviours is definitely a turn on, although in the context of voyeurism I wouldn’t include acts such as cuckolding and focus on the unintentional aspect, where the person engaged in the intimate acts is doing so somewhat secretly but at the same time is happy to be seen.

I have so far only had one real voyeurism moment in the way I describe above, which involved a colleague at work. The colleague in question had come into the small staff room at work to get changed before a shift.
As she came in I’m not sure she realised I was in one of the 2 toilet cubicles within the staff room, and as I opened the door she was sorting out her stuff in her bag.
At this point, most female colleagues would say “Hi” to me then proceed to the unused cubicle to get changed.

In this situation, though the colleague said the usual “Hi” before proceeding to take her top off as I reacted with a kind of “I’m not looking but secretly I am” head turn. She was without any t-shirt for at least 30 seconds to 1 minute in which she was extremely comfortable, despite the fact I was there sorting my apron out to also start work.
There was no awkward apology or a wait for me to leave and honestly, I think she enjoyed me seeing her undress her top.

As mentioned most female colleagues tend to use a cubicle to change if there is anyone male within the staff room, they may even wait outside in some cases as the room is not very big.
This therefore for me was a bit of a turn on, not because of the act itself as it is a pretty basic thing to be doing. It was more the fact it was a colleague who I had never seen in this manner before, nor since and that I think they liked me seeing.

As an exhibitionist, I often get out on walks or cycles around my local area or walks within the city where I fantasise about seeing someone, maybe even multiple people engaged in intimate/sexual acts and that I can stop to secretly watch.
It could be a couple taking naked pics, someone just naked playing or even full-on sex. Whatever it is I’m just the observer, I get turned on seeing them and knowing they’ve seen me but keep going, maybe I touch myself and get off with them, the odd look over to me with a knowing smile as they see me play.

I may not get to orgasm and I may not join in with the fun, but the fact they know I’m watching them turns me on just as much as the acts they’re engaging in.

So yes I am a voyeur that likes to see others engage in sexual and intimate behaviours but also an exhibitionist for others to watch me.

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