[KOTW] – Fucked by a machine – Fantasies and basic realities.

Fucking machines!
Outside of real life and fantasies

The first time I ever came across a fucking machine was in some porn video I watched in my teens.
I was fascinated by how utilitarian it looked and how you could see it at work thrusting in and out of the girl in the video.

The idea that the girl in question was tied up and not in control turned me on, she was at the mercy of someone else using the controller, unable to alter her body to adjust for each thrust especially as it got faster and faster.
Her moans grew louder as the machione got faster, you could see it spinning and then watching the dildo thrust in and out at a speed I hadn’t witnessed before, then her moands turned into screams untill she couldn’t take it anymore.

I was hooked on the video, hooked on seeing others fucked by a machine especally when tied down and having no control over what happened to them.

It was untill I got into anal play that I found myslef fantasising about fucking machines, how I could be fucked with a machine, the dildo of my choosing on the end and someone else in control of what happened.
Being tied up and restrained was something I began to think about too, how I would be limited in what I could do, how I could move and coupled with being in no control of the machine I would be at the mercy of the person with the controller as they slowed down to tease me, sped up to edge me and and took me through a whole range of pleasure that only a machine can bring.
I also had fantasies of spit roasting as the machine fucked me and I sucked a cock.

I imagine the person with control could set it and forget it, sitting there watching me get fucked, get up and stand there in front of me playing with themselves as I watched unable to do anything, they may even fuck or just play with someone else in front of me

All these fantasies have stayed in my head for years and I oftenm come back to them when I’m in the right mood.

Fucking Machines!
A limited IRL experience of not a fucking machine

As much as I’ve fantasied about fucking machines I have no real life experience with them yet, I see them as big, bulky and pricey to have in the home andi’ve not known or been anywhere with one.

Despie the above I do have a toy that works on a vary similar level to a fucking machine if it is more basic.
That toy is a thrusting anal vibe, a simple USB rechargeable toy that is not big, bulky nor does it cost as much as a machine.

I am currently going solo, but I wanted this thrusting toy as a way to satify my fucking machine fantasies and the idea that I could be fucked when I wasn’t getting it IRL.

Using the toy on me I set it to the low speed to start, get into a position for it to work well and let it thust away. I set it and forget it as it fucks me, thinking of it being someone as I moan and groan with pleasure.

I stop to turn it up to the highest setting and get even more pleasure, I am also playing with my cock and have a smart masturbation toy that’s also like a machine at the ready just in case fancy having the felling of being fucked and fucking at the same time.

As both toys go I lose all thoughts, my moans get louder and I feel the intense pleasure flow through me.
I am stopping myself from adjusting the toys other than to increase or decrease the speed depending on my pleasure, I let them thrust away and get lost in my thoughts and forgetting about anything going on around me. The noises from outside, the time and even my surroundings just get blurred and silenced as I get all the pleasure.

When I finally do orgasms I’m weak at the knees, my legs like jelly as I try to stand up and get back to reality. I’m sure this pleasure is tame in comparison to a proper sex machine and someone or several people to control it but having never experienced one this is the best I have.

I read a post on this topic that talked about humiliation and that’s one aspect I’ve never thought about too much. If I was to be fucked by a fucking machine and with others involved I’d likely love it but until then I have no reason to really think about it.

Final thoughts on fucking machines.

Do I want to be part of someone getting fucked by a fucking machine….Hell yes.
Being part of someone elses pleasure, controlling what happens and being able to see and hear their reaction is a big turn for me even if I didn’t get pleasure myself.
The act of them not having control and being teased by me before I up the ante and edge them, how I make them cum multiple times and watch as they do knowing I had exact control.

Do I want to get fucked by a fucking machine? As above hell yes I do.
This isn’t like previous KOTW posts of mine, where I explore a kink at the back of my mind that I may or may not love
Ever since I got comfortable with anal play I’ve always loved the thought of a fucking machine being used on me and it may not be in my mind always but when it is I love it

I want to have no control over what happens, be tied up or otherwise unable to move as I am fucked, Maybe I even be involved in a spit roast, being fucked by a machine as I suck cock.

I’m not sure currently if I’ll ever get to use a fucking machine but it’s a fantasy I hope could become a reality.

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