[Quote Quest] – Future memories

[Quote Quest] – Future memories

“Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment, until it becomes a memory.”

Dr. Seuss

Although I’ve lived in my current house for 16 years, it’s never truly felt like home for a number of reasons.
It’s had some good memories, some good times but also a lot of bad or just generally been at a time in my life where there was nothing good happening.

In those 16 years I’ve never really had many good moments to value, the way I was in myself impacted on what I did or didn’t do and so the moments I wish I had never came.
I can think of many moments that were in my head, they kept me going even if I never acted on them and I guess it was the hope that kept me coming back to them.

Thankfully in 2021 I’ve found myself acting more on my thoughts, doing more for myself and trying to create all these momemts while pushing aside the old me.

I don’t want to live of of past memories alone, what came before, but I also want to look forward to what comes next.
I am exploring more, making new friendships and now have a moment to come which I am looking forward to that I know will give me the biggest smile ever.

I want these moments to come more often, to have all these fun times whether it be meeting up with friends for drinks, traveling and exploring new cities, enjoying some fun times with people that put a big smile on my face and make me giddy with excitement or just being adventurous like I have done a few times in the past.

Far too long has my life been dull and without much excitement in the way I’d like, but 2021 is the start.
The start of pushing myself to new heights (I hate heights lol) taking all of who I’m finding myself out to be and living out the life of that person I’ve become whilst having big grins on my face, naughty messages on my phone, blog posts and images about my fun and tweets sharing my utter joy and excitement of whatever I’ve done.

The memories of my past make me who I am, they remind me of times gones by and the people sadly lost in my life, but going forward I hope to rely on them less and less as the new moments take over and brighten my life in more ways than I’d ever imagine.

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