[KOTW] – A secret love of gags??

[KOTW] – A secret love of gags??

Like many things, gags are something I’ve thought about in the past, but then they have slowly been pushed to the back of my mind in favour of other things.

This wonderful and hot post from Honey at happycomelucky happened to be the first I saw for this topic, and not only did her writring inspire me to write something for this, but it also brought back lots of thouhgts I previously had to the front of my mind.
It also reminded me about how I have expereince of gagging that I did solo.

I’ve never owned an actual gag, but I have used other items I have as improvised gags on a few ocassions, mainly knickers.

A secret love I titled this, and that’s because I haven’t done gag stuff often or with anyone outrside of myself but the more I think of it and the more I am explore kinks and fetishes like it now, it makes me think I actually might love it more than I thought.

The real life gagging I have played with is with knickers, particularly those I got from a friend online but this also ties into future pleasures IRL during fun.

The knickers I bought came from a friend who played in them before she sent them to me so when I got them a day or two later her fresh scent was all over them. The juices from her play still lingered and the scent was wonderful.

Shoving them in my mouth during play allows me to taste all of her juices and smell all of the scents together. I am able to muffle my moans and satify my cravings for something in my mouth.

With a partner I am able to imagine them here with me as I’m watching them play and getting the knickers all wet for me as they then get pleasure as I enjoy the fruits of their pleasure.

Maybe the partner has already played once before I was with them, they want me to taste and smell them before I get the real thing.
Shoving the knickers into my mouth as if to say “this is what I taste like”, “this is only a taster for the real thing later”, even teasing me into wanting to taste them even more.

How far am I prepared to go to get a taste of you without actually having you, how much teasing can I take and how much do you enjoying doing it to me knowing that when I do get it, it will be so much hotter.

So what is it that I find so appealing as I think about actual gags?
Well this isn’t from experience but what I’ve started fantasising about for writing this post beyond the above semi-real life experiences.

Firstly it starts with wearing the gag, having something in my mouth that someone has put on me for a good reason, maybe a form punishment, not strict punishment mind you but definitely for something I’ve done or not done.
I have a love for having stuff in my mouth or my mouth on stuff so the gag not only satisfies that but also adds a craving because I can’t have a cock in my mouth, I can’t put my mouth all over your cunt or I can’t suck nipples amongst other things.

With a gag in my mouth it stops my abillity to talk, it allows a partner a level of control over me, conseually able to do as they pleases without me able to say a word.
I can’t convey the fact I love what they’re doing, maybe they’ve reached a sensitive area or maybe I’m just enjoying the pleasure.
Any pleasure I get makes me moan but all that is heard is mumbles which from the outside I find hot knowing what they’re trying to do but the gag is causing it not to come out as it would without them.

I find giving someone control over what I do hot as hell, and so the gag allows a partner this control and I give in to what they do, squirming when they reach sensitive areas and just enjoying all what they want want to do to me without me saying a word as I can’t and unable to dictate what they do.

Another aspect is that any loud noise is heard through walls, and rather than be quiet during fun I am gagged, the moans are somewhat silenced but still audible between us.
I find it hot having a desire to be loud but having it supressed by the gag, and knowing that when I hear others in the next room of say a hotel or in the hallway with them unaware of what is going on in the room.

I wish I hadn’t put gags and gagging to the back of my mind as the thoughts and fantasises I got writing this post have made me quite hot and bothered.

I realise that in the right scenario with a partner, gags or improvised gags are something I want to experience as I am finding that I maybe love them more than I thought. That bringing the thoughts to the front of my mind for this post has made think I secretly had a love for gags I never knew. I will be adding it to the things I explore, and not as a maybe I’ll like or want to try situation but as in a “I love it and want to do it more.”

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