Living life Part 2 – Behind the scenes and the not so good.

I wrote this post for the most recent Quote Quest on how I’m finally living life.

There are many things in that post which were good for me recently and also are good for me in the future which I love and look forward to.
Behind the scenes and what people don’t see is somewhat of a different story though.

I have a life outside of twitter including a job but also adult responsibillities beyond just paying the bills.
This life is not so easy sometimes, the responsibillities I have can be stressful and combied with my job it can be full on some days/weeks.

Unfortunately the good things in my post don’t always extend to the real life which is something I’m trying to work on but things aren’t quite working out the way I’d like.
I’m very appreciative for all the wonderful people on twitter I interact with and for the ones I will meet soonish IRL, but in my real life it’s just me (Outwith family and the one I care for at home).
Sure I have people at work I’m friendly with, but I don’t really for now have many options for people I can go out and meet up with, have a coffee or just chat and be company.

My new found confidence and all of what I’m doing on here and twitter have made me want to find like minded people IRL, not just someone for having fun with but to be able to be friends, talk about kinks, NSFW stuff and anything else in general on similar topics.

I know I’m confident enough to get what I’d like but it’s knowing how do I do it, can I do it (Finding people, places…etc) and then just actually doing it.

It’s tough having all the good in my life from blogging, twitter and when I get out and take pics, but then on the flip side not have some of this in my real life away from all of that.

I have lots of good to look forward to so I should be happy about that and try to focus on that as a way to kick my mind away from the bad or look to use it in a good way to get more stuff in my real life.

One thought on “Living life Part 2 – Behind the scenes and the not so good.

  1. It’s hard sometimes holding two different realities (or feelings) at the same time. It’s true for so many of us though. It’s good that you wrote about it and I hope that you found it a helpful process. And also – πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ

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