[Quote Quest] –  Living life finally

[Quote Quest] – Living life finally

You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.”

Mae West

My blog is titled Adult Exploration and I set it up as a way to share my exploration of all things adult, from sex to sexuallity and everything in between.
Up until starting the blog though I hadn’t quite lived, or at least not in some of the ways I wanted for a number of reasons.

My lack of confidence in myself was one reason, I was shy and awkward plus introverted, so I never was able to act on most of the thoughts in my head about living my life in the ways I wanted.

Fast forward to now, so as I’ve become more comfortable in my blog and where I’m at on the likes of twitter because of it I am able to finally start getting the confidence to live.
I’m seeing the person I was to be different to who I am now.

So how I am living life now and why is once enough if it’s right?

Well, I’m pushing myself out there with social media (Twitter) and my blog.
I’m interacting with many new people or people in general through replies and in some cases DM conversations. I’m allowing these people to see me in different ways especially through pictures I share on the blog or just twitter.
I also recently shared my voice with twitter, with my voice being something I struggle with accepting and really disliking.

This pushing has led to me becoming more of an exhibitionist, having that thrill of taking NSFW pics outdoors and sharing them online
All of this is also leading to meetups with twitter folks, having fun while exploring new things in the process, and generally enjoying life.

I’ve discovered myself to be less bi and more pansexual, also non-monogamous and rather than look along a single path my mind is open to take the side roads, explore and not just stick to that one path.

Am I doing it right though?
My mind still gets worked up, it still troubles me and I slip back into some old habbits, but I’m headed in the right direction and living life the way I want to.
So if all goes to plan and the future continues this way then living once is enough for me, although I’d certainly want to live more than that just to have all these great new experiences again.

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5 thoughts on “[Quote Quest] – Living life finally

  1. you are brilliant

    Well done for allowing yourself to really live, by taking risks and being vulnerable. I’m so glad that your confidence is growing and that you are starting to see yourself differently.

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  2. I’ve been pretty quiet the last few weeks/couple of months on Twitter but I have still been there as a lurker because I’m nosey, lol and I think the change in your tweets has been wonderful. It’s been lovely to see the kinds of pictures you’ve been sharing grow in confidence and your wordy tweets are also thoughtful and a joy to read. Long may the exploration continue x

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