[KOTW] – Cuckolding – A future planned experience but current view

[KOTW] – Cuckolding – A future planned experience but current view

Cuckolding is something I’m vaguely familiar with, in that in basic terms, it’s the act of a person getting turned on by their partner having sex with someone else.

Now I wasn’t going to write anything on this topic as it’s one of many kink/fetishes I’m aware of but wasn’t likely to experience it, and it was further down on my list of things I’d want to do/previous not do.

The above was true until the last day or two of for linking up to KOTW.

You see, I have a trip to London booked for September and it initially was a solo trip that turned into meeting someone for fun, then it turned into adding a 3rd person into the mix, and then finally (For now at least) the idea of cuckolding was mentioned with details and I was definitely into doing it.

In the past I’d have not been keen on cuckolding as I know I’d have jealousy and envy as I was more monogamous than anything, but I’m now more non-monogamous and the idea of cuckolding isn’t a bad one anymore.

For me these days, the idea that I would watch a partner having sex is one that would fill me with both compersion and a little bit of jealousy. The former a happiness they were having fun, but the latter the fact it wasn’t me although if it wasn’t strictly them only having fun as I watched and that I could eventually join in, then jealousy would be less of an issue.

On the flip side, I love the idea of having my way with someone while their partner watches. Knowing their getting enjoyment and even a little jealousy is a big turn on for me. Whether the 3rd person directs proceedings or just me and their partner do as we please I think it’s a hot idea, they can’t do anything as I give and receive the pleasure..

So onto my future experience.
The 2 parties I’ll be having fun with aren’t partners but one is currently in a cage with the other as his keeper, and he’ll be the cucck watching, so the idea that he might be in his cage turns me on even more.
It’s been agreed that he’ll be tied to a chair but get to join when we release him which is again a huge turn on for me, because I love the though of our threesome and TBH he’s someone I want to have and to have me as well so.

The turn on is also knowing he’s watched us have all that fun and been a good buy waiting to join in that when he does it should be even better pleasure for us all.

As my fun isn’t till September I can only base my conclusion on what I think of Cuckolding knowing it’s to come, and in the manner we’re going to be doing it.

The thought I’m having sex while someone watches is a huge turn on, the fact that they won’t get to do anything is also a huge turn on as we have fun at their expense, but then knowing will get to join in increases that even more as it’ll become a threesome and he will all be able to do what he wants having watched us do it.

Now, If I remember and that’s a big IF, I will hopefully try to make a follow up post on this topic sharing my experience and if there was anything I learned from it. Was it as hot as I hope, how much did it turn me on and how it went.

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3 thoughts on “[KOTW] – Cuckolding – A future planned experience but current view

    1. It is exciting thank you.

      Its not something I had excepted to do now or ever TBH. Plans just evolved adding in a 3rd person and the idea of cuckolding them came to me and well sounded hot how it was planned so why not do it.

      I do hope it plans out for you 😊😊


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