[Quote Quest] –  Embracing the pleasure of masturbation

[Quote Quest] – Embracing the pleasure of masturbation

The only shame in masturbation is the shame of not doing it well.

Sigmund Freud 

As I saw this weeks quote was about masturbation it got me thinking.
In 2021 I realised I will have spent the best part of over 20 years engaging in masturbation, that’s a long time, and with being a semi-regular toy reviewer over the last 8 or so month the amount of masturbation I do has increased for good reason.

For me, masturbation is a natural part of life, it’s something I do to relax, relieve stress and get a release when my mood calls for it.
Whether I use toys or my trusty hands to get off I never think of masturbation as anything other than normal, and in fact it’s so normal I don’t even think about it at all, I just do it when I want and enjoy.

The quote says ” The only shame in masturbation is the shame of not doing it well” but I honestly don’t think there is any shame to be had in masturbation no matter what.

As an experienced masturbator I have come to learn what I like and how I like to play with myself but it doesn’t always go right, then again that’s part of masturbation.

Everyone has to start somewhere, learn what they like, how their body likes to experience pleasure and in what ways. Learning is one part and this means you might not have the best time, but there’s no shame in experimenting and finding what’s ultimately best for you.

Even if like me you know what you like, and have masturbated for years, there can be times were it doesn’t go the way you wanted, you maybe just don’t feel it in the moment and there’s no shame in that either.
Sometimes it’s understanding that it won’t always be great and knowing when to change things up or stop alltogether and leave it for another day.

“not doing it well” doesn’t mean there is a perfect way to masturbate. We are all different, and what works for some might now work for others, so I feel like as long as we get pleasure from it then that means we are doing it well and if that leads to orgasms then even better, but if not it’s still OK as long as it was fun.

I think in society we should be looking at masturbation as something to celebrate, see it as a good thing and not have any shame in doing so.
Do I think that everyone should be exposed to how good masturbatuion is? No, it’s perfectly fine to not want to be exposed to masturbation in anyway, but I think we should all be seeing it as a natural and pleasurable thing to do whether on your own or with a partner or someone consensually engaged in it with you.

Alot of people masturbate, and according to a 2018 article from prnewswire.com
“78 percent of adults in the world masturbate, including: 96 percent of British men, 93 percent of German men, and 92 percent of American men; 78 percent of British women, 76 percent of German women, and 76 percent of American women.”

Looking at the above stats and from my own experience, it’s no secret that lots masturbate, it’s something people do and we shouldn’t be making it out in any other way than good. We should be encourging it more, making it less shameful and sharing the benefits of masturbation ouwith just pleasure.

I scream, you scream, we all scream for orgams I say, although if for whatever reason you can’t or just don’t want to masturbate then that’s perfectly fine, and maybe if you have no issue with it then just join in and share the good masturbation can bring to others. .

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