[Sinful Sunday – triptych] A Scotsmans journey

[Sinful Sunday – triptych] A Scotsmans journey

*As this kilt no longer fits me I had to improvise, these shots were the result*

There are many reason why I choose this particular set of images for the triptych prompt of Sinful Sunday but there is a main reason I will explain below.

As Bon Jovi song goes “I just want to live while I’m alive” and it seems to fit me right now.
With my recent change in confidence/attitude to try and get out there and do more that I never did before (Travel, meet people, have fun..etc) it has also spilled out in my images.

Firstly these images signify a change in me where I want to take new types of images, do things differently and try to mix it up from time to time when I can.

More importantly though, it signifies a change in me where I’m more confident which allows me to get out there and take these kinds of images.
I don’t have to constantly take images at home, if there is good weather I can get out there and shoot, or even just scout places and plan future images.

Finally I feel for me like it signifies that I am doing more that I now want to and love doing, it is helping me keep this confidence up, that when I go meet people I can be myself and I can just enjoy the company no matter what happens.

I am more free, and I am less intorverted and most importantly more ME.

See Sinful Sunday here

14 thoughts on “[Sinful Sunday – triptych] A Scotsmans journey

  1. This post has made me squeal with joy and want to spin you round in a dance. I’m so happy that your confidence is blossoming and I am loving the proof in your images. Looking forwards to all that comes next.

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  2. The words in your post made me smile and made me happy for you. I hope you have fun exploring and spreading your wings.

    As for these images, they are what I would refer to as… phwoar!


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