[KOTW/QuoteQuest] -The art of fellatio or lack thereof

[KOTW/QuoteQuest] -The art of fellatio or lack thereof

*Edited the last paragraph after the fact*
Fellatio or whatever term you use for it is not something I’m intimately familiar with, whether that be giving or receiving.

I have a penis/cock/dick but my sexual experiences with anyone are rather lacking, I’m also bi/pan but again my experiences are in the single digits.
This means I’ve not had a lot of fellatio performed on me nor have I giving a lot of fellatio.

My first ever experience with it was back in 2015, I had realised I was bi and began to explore that in which I met a guy online and eventually we met up for some fun on two occasions.

As an owner of a dick, I am intimately familiar with them or at least my own and so I knew what were my pleasure spots and what I liked.
Then again I had never had a mouth wrapped around mine so not only did I not what a good blowjob felt like on me, I didn’t quite know what a good blowjob would be like with a hard dick in my mouth.

From my first experience, I loved the feeling of lips around the head of my dick, his tongue working away. I’m not one for spit but feeling my dick wet in his mouth was a huge turn on too. This was part of a handjob and blowjob session so being able to have my wet dick come out of his mouth then stroked without the need for lube was also a turn on.
I can’t tell if his skills were any good as it was my first experience, but I got pleasure out of it so that was the main thing.

The same as above can be said once I started sucking his dick. Feeling it hard and throbbing away as I started to work his head which was a little sensitive at first made it even better.
Making his dick wet from my mouth was a turn on and again using it as lube to then perform a handjob added to it.
TBH I’m not one for gagging, but I enjoyed being able to see how much of his hard dick I could take before it became uncomfortable.
Another aspect I found rather hot was allowing him to thrust his dick in and out of my mouth as I was on my knees.
He seemed to have fun making all the right moans and groans as I sucked.

For myself in particular I refrained him cumming in my mouth, it was not something I was keen on trying then and still not now. I like cum especially all over me but not in my mouth

Our second session was more involved as I fucked him, a first for me.
We used blowjobs as part of foreplay along with handjobs before I slid a condom on and had fun with my fucking.
All the same reasons to love a blowjob were there as mentioned above but this time it was shorter, and there was less of an emphasis on it since it wasn’t the main event.

As I came away from the two sessions I realised several things.

Firstly was just how much I enjoyed giving the blowjob, It can’t have been all that great for him as I was a newbie but for me, it was hella fun.

Secondly, as we only had 2 sessions I feel like I didn’t get enough practise nor did I think to ask in the moment how he thought I was doing, what he liked and disliked so I’m still going to have to learn more in future if I ever do it again.

From my perspective when receiving a blowjob, I realised I like him working my head for a bit including using his tongue, before taking my hard dick deeper into his mouth and working the shaft. Being able to feel all wet inside his mouth was a huge turn on and surprising since I mentioned not liking spit.

Overall it was a great experience in giving fellatio and the though of me sucking a dick still lingers in my mind.
Do I want to suck more dick…yes I do but that depends on whether or not I hook up with a guy which means finding a guy when I’m ready for it.

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2 thoughts on “[KOTW/QuoteQuest] -The art of fellatio or lack thereof

  1. I love that you are reflecting so carefully on your own experiences, it’s great to know what you like and dislike! I don’t think it matters that you are in the single digits either because every person is different, so you have to learn another persons preferences each time anyway. I hope that you are able to continue your exploration and enjoy it!

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