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[KOTW] – Cuckolding – A future planned experience but current view

[KOTW] – Cuckolding – A future planned experience but current view

Cuckolding is something I’m vaguely familiar with, in that in basic terms, it’s the act of a person getting turned on by their partner having sex with someone else.

Now I wasn’t going to write anything on this topic as it’s one of many kink/fetishes I’m aware of but wasn’t likely to experience it, and it was further down on my list of things I’d want to do/previous not do.

The above was true until the last day or two of for linking up to KOTW.

You see, I have a trip to London booked for September and it initially was a solo trip that turned into meeting someone for fun, then it turned into adding a 3rd person into the mix, and then finally (For now at least) the idea of cuckolding was mentioned with details and I was definitely into doing it.

In the past I’d have not been keen on cuckolding as I know I’d have jealousy and envy as I was more monogamous than anything, but I’m now more non-monogamous and the idea of cuckolding isn’t a bad one anymore.

For me these days, the idea that I would watch a partner having sex is one that would fill me with both compersion and a little bit of jealousy. The former a happiness they were having fun, but the latter the fact it wasn’t me although if it wasn’t strictly them only having fun as I watched and that I could eventually join in, then jealousy would be less of an issue.

On the flip side, I love the idea of having my way with someone while their partner watches. Knowing their getting enjoyment and even a little jealousy is a big turn on for me. Whether the 3rd person directs proceedings or just me and their partner do as we please I think it’s a hot idea, they can’t do anything as I give and receive the pleasure..

So onto my future experience.
The 2 parties I’ll be having fun with aren’t partners but one is currently in a cage with the other as his keeper, and he’ll be the cucck watching, so the idea that he might be in his cage turns me on even more.
It’s been agreed that he’ll be tied to a chair but get to join when we release him which is again a huge turn on for me, because I love the though of our threesome and TBH he’s someone I want to have and to have me as well so.

The turn on is also knowing he’s watched us have all that fun and been a good buy waiting to join in that when he does it should be even better pleasure for us all.

As my fun isn’t till September I can only base my conclusion on what I think of Cuckolding knowing it’s to come, and in the manner we’re going to be doing it.

The thought I’m having sex while someone watches is a huge turn on, the fact that they won’t get to do anything is also a huge turn on as we have fun at their expense, but then knowing will get to join in increases that even more as it’ll become a threesome and he will all be able to do what he wants having watched us do it.

Now, If I remember and that’s a big IF, I will hopefully try to make a follow up post on this topic sharing my experience and if there was anything I learned from it. Was it as hot as I hope, how much did it turn me on and how it went.

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[Love yourself (in June)] – Strange happiness

[Love yourself (in June)] – Strange happiness

I had a huge for me mental crash several weeks ago and I was feeling super shit as it happened after a simple cold turned into dehydration, so I was barely eating, had no energy, was constantly sick and was stuck to drinking water.

A few weeks have passed now and I’ve moved on from that low point somewhat were I have a happiness with me, but this happiness feels strange.

I am taking action on the changes I wrote about in a blog post, I am getting out a lot more as the good weather is here and things are happening in life.

The strange part of this is that a lot of what I am doing isn’t me, or at least it isn’t the me that I’ve known all my life, but it’s person that I’m becoming even if it’s still me underneath.

I have an exciting situation I got into where I feel like I’m the confident one between two people, as if I am taking the lead and not feeling any nerves about it.
In the past I may not have went for it and even if I did I would have had nerves, not been as confident and certainly not felt like taking the lead.

I am finally getting a confidence to go and visit new places, travel on my own and for one of the two trips I’m taking I have meetups with a couple of people.
Again in the past I’d have thought about going away but never acting on it, and then if I did go I wouldn’t have been in a situation were I’d have anyone to meet when I was away.

Related to the above is the fact I’m having conversations with people , in ways I never would have. with anyone before.
It of course helps to know how I can be around certain people, but then I would have been more reserved in what I said, even if they were OK with certain people talking a certain way with them.

Even just with my blog, I am now beginning to be more confident with my pictures and I’m becoming a “True Exhibitionist” as someone said to me.
There’s enjoyment from getting outdoors in the good weather but also there’s the confidence to get naked and take pictures as I’m out. Along side that is just my general feeling of being so much better at taking pics, even just simple morning ones for twitter, the end results are coming out a lot better and I think people can appreciate these more.

Finally and for me quite a nice one is the fact I’m starting to make time for my pansexual side IRL. I’m bringing it more to the front, trying to get it into my daily life subtly and just make it so that should the right time come I can be confident in telling people who I am but I also know I don’t need to do anything.

All these things are giving me happiness but It feels weird, strange and odd knowing that it’s ME. Is this really the same introverted, shy, reserved guy, yes it is the same guy but all of that is slowly fading away and being replaced by the person I always wanted to be but never was.

There is still moments when I feel bad/shit and I’m not going to say that low point has suddenly just vanished never to come back, but I’m enjoying the happiness, sharing the love and making the most of it.

[Quote Quest] –  Embracing the pleasure of masturbation

[Quote Quest] – Embracing the pleasure of masturbation

The only shame in masturbation is the shame of not doing it well.

Sigmund Freud 

As I saw this weeks quote was about masturbation it got me thinking.
In 2021 I realised I will have spent the best part of over 20 years engaging in masturbation, that’s a long time, and with being a semi-regular toy reviewer over the last 8 or so month the amount of masturbation I do has increased for good reason.

For me, masturbation is a natural part of life, it’s something I do to relax, relieve stress and get a release when my mood calls for it.
Whether I use toys or my trusty hands to get off I never think of masturbation as anything other than normal, and in fact it’s so normal I don’t even think about it at all, I just do it when I want and enjoy.

The quote says ” The only shame in masturbation is the shame of not doing it well” but I honestly don’t think there is any shame to be had in masturbation no matter what.

As an experienced masturbator I have come to learn what I like and how I like to play with myself but it doesn’t always go right, then again that’s part of masturbation.

Everyone has to start somewhere, learn what they like, how their body likes to experience pleasure and in what ways. Learning is one part and this means you might not have the best time, but there’s no shame in experimenting and finding what’s ultimately best for you.

Even if like me you know what you like, and have masturbated for years, there can be times were it doesn’t go the way you wanted, you maybe just don’t feel it in the moment and there’s no shame in that either.
Sometimes it’s understanding that it won’t always be great and knowing when to change things up or stop alltogether and leave it for another day.

“not doing it well” doesn’t mean there is a perfect way to masturbate. We are all different, and what works for some might now work for others, so I feel like as long as we get pleasure from it then that means we are doing it well and if that leads to orgasms then even better, but if not it’s still OK as long as it was fun.

I think in society we should be looking at masturbation as something to celebrate, see it as a good thing and not have any shame in doing so.
Do I think that everyone should be exposed to how good masturbatuion is? No, it’s perfectly fine to not want to be exposed to masturbation in anyway, but I think we should all be seeing it as a natural and pleasurable thing to do whether on your own or with a partner or someone consensually engaged in it with you.

Alot of people masturbate, and according to a 2018 article from
“78 percent of adults in the world masturbate, including: 96 percent of British men, 93 percent of German men, and 92 percent of American men; 78 percent of British women, 76 percent of German women, and 76 percent of American women.”

Looking at the above stats and from my own experience, it’s no secret that lots masturbate, it’s something people do and we shouldn’t be making it out in any other way than good. We should be encourging it more, making it less shameful and sharing the benefits of masturbation ouwith just pleasure.

I scream, you scream, we all scream for orgams I say, although if for whatever reason you can’t or just don’t want to masturbate then that’s perfectly fine, and maybe if you have no issue with it then just join in and share the good masturbation can bring to others. .

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[Sinful Sunday] A true exhibitionist.

[Sinful Sunday] A true exhibitionist.

“You’re a true exhibitionist.”

The above quote was said to me on twitter as I mentioned getting turned on by being outside and getting naked for images.

That’s why I go on so many walks when the weather is nice.

“It’s my new favourite thing” I said. I find the thrill of being outside, in a semi-secluded area, and getting naked, with the possibility of being caught just so pleasurable.

There is also the thought of seeing someone with the same idea, the moment we lock eyes, a knowing smile and it leading to something mutual. I know it’s not likely to happen, but it’s a hot image to have as I walk in the sun.

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[Sinful Sunday – triptych] A Scotsmans journey

[Sinful Sunday – triptych] A Scotsmans journey

*As this kilt no longer fits me I had to improvise, these shots were the result*

There are many reason why I choose this particular set of images for the triptych prompt of Sinful Sunday but there is a main reason I will explain below.

As Bon Jovi song goes “I just want to live while I’m alive” and it seems to fit me right now.
With my recent change in confidence/attitude to try and get out there and do more that I never did before (Travel, meet people, have fun..etc) it has also spilled out in my images.

Firstly these images signify a change in me where I want to take new types of images, do things differently and try to mix it up from time to time when I can.

More importantly though, it signifies a change in me where I’m more confident which allows me to get out there and take these kinds of images.
I don’t have to constantly take images at home, if there is good weather I can get out there and shoot, or even just scout places and plan future images.

Finally I feel for me like it signifies that I am doing more that I now want to and love doing, it is helping me keep this confidence up, that when I go meet people I can be myself and I can just enjoy the company no matter what happens.

I am more free, and I am less intorverted and most importantly more ME.

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[KOTW/QuoteQuest] -The art of fellatio or lack thereof

[KOTW/QuoteQuest] -The art of fellatio or lack thereof

*Edited the last paragraph after the fact*
Fellatio or whatever term you use for it is not something I’m intimately familiar with, whether that be giving or receiving.

I have a penis/cock/dick but my sexual experiences with anyone are rather lacking, I’m also bi/pan but again my experiences are in the single digits.
This means I’ve not had a lot of fellatio performed on me nor have I giving a lot of fellatio.

My first ever experience with it was back in 2015, I had realised I was bi and began to explore that in which I met a guy online and eventually we met up for some fun on two occasions.

As an owner of a dick, I am intimately familiar with them or at least my own and so I knew what were my pleasure spots and what I liked.
Then again I had never had a mouth wrapped around mine so not only did I not what a good blowjob felt like on me, I didn’t quite know what a good blowjob would be like with a hard dick in my mouth.

From my first experience, I loved the feeling of lips around the head of my dick, his tongue working away. I’m not one for spit but feeling my dick wet in his mouth was a huge turn on too. This was part of a handjob and blowjob session so being able to have my wet dick come out of his mouth then stroked without the need for lube was also a turn on.
I can’t tell if his skills were any good as it was my first experience, but I got pleasure out of it so that was the main thing.

The same as above can be said once I started sucking his dick. Feeling it hard and throbbing away as I started to work his head which was a little sensitive at first made it even better.
Making his dick wet from my mouth was a turn on and again using it as lube to then perform a handjob added to it.
TBH I’m not one for gagging, but I enjoyed being able to see how much of his hard dick I could take before it became uncomfortable.
Another aspect I found rather hot was allowing him to thrust his dick in and out of my mouth as I was on my knees.
He seemed to have fun making all the right moans and groans as I sucked.

For myself in particular I refrained him cumming in my mouth, it was not something I was keen on trying then and still not now. I like cum especially all over me but not in my mouth

Our second session was more involved as I fucked him, a first for me.
We used blowjobs as part of foreplay along with handjobs before I slid a condom on and had fun with my fucking.
All the same reasons to love a blowjob were there as mentioned above but this time it was shorter, and there was less of an emphasis on it since it wasn’t the main event.

As I came away from the two sessions I realised several things.

Firstly was just how much I enjoyed giving the blowjob, It can’t have been all that great for him as I was a newbie but for me, it was hella fun.

Secondly, as we only had 2 sessions I feel like I didn’t get enough practise nor did I think to ask in the moment how he thought I was doing, what he liked and disliked so I’m still going to have to learn more in future if I ever do it again.

From my perspective when receiving a blowjob, I realised I like him working my head for a bit including using his tongue, before taking my hard dick deeper into his mouth and working the shaft. Being able to feel all wet inside his mouth was a huge turn on and surprising since I mentioned not liking spit.

Overall it was a great experience in giving fellatio and the though of me sucking a dick still lingers in my mind.
Do I want to suck more dick…yes I do but that depends on whether or not I hook up with a guy which means finding a guy when I’m ready for it.

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