[Quote Quest] – Erotic photos for all to see.

“Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever… it remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.”

Aaron Siskind

This is a re-write of a post I made on the topic and eneded up not liking so started a fresh with all my thoughts in one

Prior to starting this blog I was not someone into taking pictures of myself too often. I wouldn’t say I was self-consious as such but I never felt happy with taking pictures of myself let alone sharing them with an audicence no matter how small or big it was.

I didn’t have a camera other than the one on my smartphone, and as much as my dad was a photographer I didn’t get to learn how to properly use one from him when he was here as I didn’t realise it would be some I liked to do, though now I want to learn the basics and maybe get a standalone camera to play with (Maybe a cheap but useable old DSLR to start with).

It wasn’t untill I started going NSFW on twitter that I followed some people that were sharing images be it on their timeline or via posts on their blog for the likes of SinfulSunday or LingerieIsForEveryone.
What started out as an appreciation for these images and how good they were soon developed into a desire to follow suit that at first didn’t happen although I did post the odd picture previously but not to the same level and only randomly on twitter.

It was only after I started reviewing for littleswitchbitch did the idea that I could make a blog and participate in this whole community of bloggers start.
So I set about creating the blog and what you see now was the result.

My first image on my blog was one I’m proud of. It was a picture I took on a whim to show off a toy I had won in a twitter comp a few years ago and through sheer luck more than skill it turned out really well so I had to post it again as a blog post (see end of post).

As I began to start taking more images for posts I started to feel more comfortable with this, not strictly from the result image as I was as a benginner at photography and only using a smartphone with zero extra tools like a tripod..etc I was more comfortable in putting them out there and showing me in any light no matter what.

Most of my images to date happened on a whim, more or less I wanted to link up to a meme but needed an image so did little planning but had a basic idea. They are good/ok images for how I took them and what they are, but for me I’d say sharing myself for others to see was more what made me happy rather than how good they were.

While 64mp and 4 cameras is nice to have it’s still only on a smartphone camera, but even so I am always inspired by other peoples images and how I can improve on what I do with what I have.
I see closeup, far away, unedited, basic edits and highly edited amongst other shots from people and I’m always in awe of not only the beauty of the person in the shot but the shot itself.

The more I’ve posted images the more I’ve been comfortable with showing off me, warts and all (I have no warts thankfully). Whether it’s the butt I have and like to the (Lockdown??) belly I happened to have there is lots I’d have hated in the past but it’s been fun to share and see some feedback on these images.
Like I said, I was never self-conscious before but I have become more happy to photograph myself in ertoic ways and find the beauty in it like I did viewing those images of others. Maybe in the future i’ll share my face fully but for now that’s the only off limits aspect I have when taking pics.

As of more recently, I’ve started to find my feet with images I am taking. I’m not more experienced yet with manual camera controls of my phones camera not have I bought a standalone camera but I am finding new angles, new spots to prop up my phone for the right shot and even new apps for editing my pictures.
Some images I’ve seen and thought they were good RAW but then I’ve played around with the editing and then immediately seeing how the edit took them to the next level, IMO of course.

I’ve went from someone not keen to take pics of himself, to being OK with it but not really putting in the effort all the way upto making an effort to actually take good images and share them on a blog or twitter for all to see.

I have much more to learn, many more experiences in which to capture images of, and I hope many more years of sharing myself to whoever wants to see them.

Some images I like

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