Changes for the better.

Changes for the better.

When I started to think about creating this blog last year the one idea that kept coming back was about ME, how I had started to explore myself more and saw a change.
I decided on the name adult exploration as a way to convey how I was continually exploring myself when I hadn’t done so in the past.

An early blog post I wrote detailed all of the above when I wondered who I was, and talked about a change in me.

Ever since starting the blog and writing that post, and particularly more recently, I’ve observed some of the things I say, the things I do and the way I react to myself.
Through this observation, I realised I need to make a change, changes that might hopefully be for the better without changing who I ultimately am.

Firstly, I can’t change the past and what has or hasn’t happened, so instead of looking back and wishing things were different compared to others I have to look past it. Sure I might envy some of the things people have done and I’m fine doing so in a way, but other than that I should look at it as a goal or as inspiration for the future somewhat related to my next point below.

Secondly, like I did exploring my bi-curious side, I need to start acting more on things that I have a desire for. Not just sexually or relationship-wise, but other things I want to do but haven’t had the confidence like going on solo trips particularly further afield.
I realise that I often think about things but never act and then I feel bad, so instead of putting things off, if I can do it then I need to jump right in head first and worry later like I did/do with work sometimes.

Lastly, I feel like I need to be more positive about myself. Yes, I will always have a day where I might feel anxious or unconfident about something, and that is fine, but for the most part, I shouldn’t let things bother me.
I can be more confident in myself, yes I can do things no matter how they turn out and I should remember that what I see as not great in me or things I do is not always the same as what others see.

So what does this all mean then?

I need to be more confident in myself, knowing I can do things and see myself in a different light.
I need to start doing more of the things I want, rather than just thinking of them and then nothing ever happening.
I also need to see what others do as inspiration, just like I started this blog because I saw others participating in memes, posting pics and blogging which I realised I wanted to do, and with review writing, I had positive feedback so I felt like I could have a go and make it my own.

All these changes I do might not be big and they won’t change who I am but hopefully, they can be for the better and give me something(s) that I’ve been missing.

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